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  1. Nice poetry i hope to see more here
  2. I want to read chapter two when is it going to be out?
  3. aislingyngaio; umm well- this is a hard qustion!!! nocturnal-dance; yea i like KTC idea so i"ll do taht one thanks
  4. KTC; *blows* oh good well she'll be sleeping so i dont think so hopefully thanks KTC
  5. KTC:yea the same joise speaking of witch maybe i should not have posted here O_o and maybe thats a good idea
  6. oh and i'll hust tell you the girl its...joise
  7. Wow i might do all of ur ideas thank u so much and maybe not the Edward cullens one she woud dump me for him lol! Thanks again oh and i'll hust tell you the girl its...joise
  8. basketball,track,figure skateing vampire books and love
  9. ok shes between 13-15 and we have know each other for 6th months. um she likes twilight, vampires,books, music,cats
  10. Ok iv been dateing this girl that happens not have an AM im not tell u her name and yes i know her in real life but our anniversary is comeing out im clueless on this stuff so i wnat it took be something nice van you help me out? ~ eric
  11. oh yea chapter two! i like it its great but for help i think u gave alitte to much away i think you should have lefted the mom and dad death till someone ask you or something. i would have felt empthy i still do but yea... anyway i still love it and cant wait till u write more!!!
  12. i love ur poems keep ir up and write more for ur number one fan!!!
  13. i am form dum dum dum new york
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