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  1. luminous-feather

    ahh..Will rpg xp work on windows 7?

    ah ok thanks by the way I'll tell her 'bout this...but I'm kind of late xD
  2. Well my friend just got a new computer from her father she wanted me to help her make a game err but her operating system was windows 7 well before I help her I need anybody's help in answering this question please help If your forgetting what's the question here: This is my Question:Will rmxp work on windows 7?
  3. luminous-feather

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    I :loving: your avvie kirroha!! it's so cute :3 @Elemental whoaahh it looks good! but I can't read some of it it's really fast Dx (mistaken elemental as eternal ) @M.C here's what I think your sigggie sets are cool! together with the banana I just love your banana siggie :3
  4. luminous-feather

    I have a Question....

    hmm ye I've read it but still wondering...well ok I'll try...i hope...screen resolution deoesn't include like rmxp T^T (cause can't change my SR idk my comp is newly fixed and it..they reformated it )
  5. luminous-feather

    I have a Question....

    em...but the requirments.. Does it includes your screen resolution? cause I need to download it now to help me stay up all night ('till 1 maybe...)
  6. luminous-feather

    I have a Question....

    ermm...well I wanna download Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine so I want to ask two questions.. I know it's a simple question but please answer it... "Do you need to draw?" for the characters of the story your sharing? and.. "Is there any requirements?"
  7. luminous-feather

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    hiya there new set for dan-chan!! hope u like it!! oh yea i like ur new set dattie-chan the same as luthie-chan
  8. luminous-feather

    Rebrith - by:joise30

    I enjoyed reading it, even if it takes a long time I`m waiting for chapter 2
  9. luminous-feather

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    nice ryo i don`t know when would i make those sets..
  10. luminous-feather

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    n_n my goal is to find someone who can help me through the difficulties i had now....
  11. luminous-feather

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    @natalie wee!!!!nice sig n_n @theone wohoo!!nice siggie and avvie it`s pet society right?!?
  12. luminous-feather

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    how did u like my siggie :evil: no just joking >_> @rena ur sets was cool 8) i loved the seventh set ;)dey-a------> daneira flames n_n i love the enchanter set too @thha_luth hmmm.....its cute that is amu but in ikuto wearing cute style ...ahahaha.... i think the name should be....cute amuto...suggestion only ....
  13. luminous-feather

    Where are you from?

    LOL XD IM from philippines its really hot here but know its cold haha BORACAY YO! IM THERE! CANT SWIM IL DIE!!
  14. luminous-feather

    What is this world turning into??

    so bored.... and the news is in the time that the ozone layer will be vanished we will all die.
  15. luminous-feather

    Tell your stories! (remade)

    @julie i liked ure stowy:) well i think this is my last post to amaranthia well this is my last story please read it i never had a chance to be with all of u so pls read ~~~~Rhen`s peaceful life after adventures~~~~~~ Note: eheh… this might not be nice but I hope u like this... and one more thing this is Rhen`s peaceful with his husband. I just don’t know who the perfect pair OF THIS but I’ve prepared for that I prepare the story for LARS and DAMEON  Well I supposed it still the same story so please just imagine its Dameon  I know it’s a peaceful life but before Rhen could have the wish she want to be granted she need first to Rhen and Lars Rhen and Lars lived together with almost 5 years, they had two children which has named as Mika and Alice, Mika was all stubborn and didn’t have many friends but only his sister Alice was, she loved her parents very much, Alice was beautiful, nice, and intelligent she all had the acts that a parent could love but she had never received a very special gift that a parent should give her, one day at the forest were they had lived. A old women came to there home and told Alice that, here receive this, its a special gift for you, there were no people around but Alice and the old women, when the old women banished Alice had opened the box. Inside was a turtle, it was a very beautiful turtle that Alice had seen in her whole life. She directly told her sister about the gift, when mika had seen the turtle she was amazed with it, we-where did you get this! Mika shouted. Well an old women gave it to me, Alice answered. Let’s put this in the water immediately! Mika shouted excitedly. So that exactly what happened they had put the cute turtle in the small fish tank. One night Rhen has forgotten that she was a queen she had never taught of coming back in the castle, she also never taught that Ahriman would destroy the land of Thais again. In the castle of Thaïs Rhen`s father Devin had visited the castle there were no guards at the front door, so Devin got in. what kind of castle is this! No guards everywhere! This is terrifically horrible! You shut up! Old man! Priestess Talia replied. Oh it’s you! Devin how are you! I’m very sorry for that, we haven’t done the spell for the castle yet so we don’t put any guards, come and have a sit Devin. Ummm ok… so what do you want and you’ve come so far to get here?? Well Rhen is lost I think? She has been not going home since she and Lars got married! I’m so worried! Devin replied. Well, don’t worry she’s fine. Are you sure?? Yes of course! She had been living for 5 years with Lars and I supposed there really fine now because I had seen it in my crystal ball! Talia exclaimed. Well, ok then. But one more thing why do you cast a spell in this castle?? Well, you see some parts of the castle are being broken, that’s why. Hmmm I wonder why it’s getting broken I lived here in the castle for 33 years before Ahriman destroyed Thais! And I’ve never seen the parts of the building getting broken; these parts are so strong even a very strong storm and a wind can’t blow it! So if that’s the case why does the part of the castle keep on being broken?? Priestess Talia replied. Hmmm. Devin was thinking... oh yes I remember now! When or before Ahriman destroyed Thaïs the parts of the castle are being broken and the king said that if that’s the case it must be the sign that Ahriman is coming back and will destroy Thais again! Is that true, Devin! Maybe you’re just making that up! Priestess Talia replied with frightens in her face. Of course not! I had never joked! Since I am old! Uh *priestess Talia had opened her mouth* Emmm ok… so what are we going to do now! Don’t just stand there Devin! Let us call you’re at child once! But I don’t know where she is?? Are you ok?? I know where she lives! Common! Let’s hurry! While in the demons castle, Ahriman….. Ahriman: Zarich! Hurry on to Thais! There is no time for us to waste! We need to destroy Thais! And defeat that stupid chosen one, Rhen! She has two children who will help her defeat us! Go on Zarich! Tell me if they had not yet gone! If they aren’t! Let us destroy! Thais! Before the two children does!!!!!! Zarich: yes my lord. *chicken sound* ********morning rise********** Hey mama! Mika replied. What is it dearie?? Ummm where’s my dress?? Oh dear, oh dear! Why should you wear that were just going to you’re grandfather. I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mika shouted. Hah. *Rhen inhales and exhales* yes mika! Thanks mom!! Mika replied. How about you my sweet Alice what are going to wear??? Rhen asked. Well I think ill just wear my casual wearing clothes. Emmm ok... Hey, sweetie!! Wake up!! The kids are ready!!! Rhen told Lars. Uhhh!!! It’s so early!! How can you be visiting you’re grandfather at this early kids?? You know daddy its important to be early! Mika told her dad bravely, with hands in her stomach. Yeah, yeah I’m coming?! So they had got inside the couch and go on for there grandfather. Immediately, priestess Talia used her magical orb to find Rhen and Lars, when they finally saw them with there two kids Rhen says that… Ah-ah-ah hey priestess Talia what are you doing here together with papa?? Rhen we need to talk immediately with Lars! This is very important so common! Bring you’re two kids with you! Let us be on our way to Thais! But why?? Rhen asked. You see we have been suspicious of the castle and we had found out that Ahriman was back! Ahriman will destroy Thais with you’re two children! And Lars! Priestess Talia exclaimed. I can’t let that demon touch my family! Lars said angrily. So be it! You will fight Ahriman will full strength and power together with you’re family! Only you’re family can defeat Ahriman! And together with the other members of the team! You will fight against Ahriman! You, the children, Rhen, Galahad, Elini, Tei`jal, Pirate john, Madmarge and so be it! Wait a minute there! You’re forgetting something priestess Talia! How about Dameon you’re son! I’m very sorry to say this but Dameon was turned into a human and have a family! He can’t use magical powers anymore! And why is he turned into a human?? Lars asked. Well he had accidentally drunk the sun human potion he suddenly forgot that he didn’t throw that potion so that’s why, oh and please lets don’t talk about it! I’m very sad about what happened to my son but lets hurry on! ===Rhen and Lars immediately goes to priestess Talia`s magical couch so they had got to Thais easily and fast ==== So what are we going to talk about now?? Rhen asked. You know that already! Were going to talk about Ahriman off course! Yes, yes calm down priestess. :[ This isn’t a game Rhen it’s not like the last time! This is new! This is future! If you won’t defeat Ahriman you will sacrifice to death and Lars and you’re children will go to death!! This is not a joke! Yes, I know! I won’t let Ahriman do that! I need peace in this! I will not let Ahriman hurt my family! If I need to sacrifice myself to death for my family, I will! Ok, then if you’re really sure of you’re decision I will call the other members and you’re children will be on this fight! Why! Is it ok if only me and Lars! Rhen replied. No! We need more and more members of this group to defeat Ahriman! If you don’t want, its either you’re children will die together with Lars or join them in the fight! Don’t worry Rhen they will not know what are they doing and perhaps there memory of this fight will be gone! Im very sorry this is the last one