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  1. I finally finished.I loved the ending.It would be neat if they all had a kid .they could be in Aveyond 5!
  2. It is number 5,on BFG today.
  3. I played the freebie,and loved it.I am going to put the money in the bank,and buy it.
  4. Just dont pay any attention to those so called friends.Be happy that you have parents who love you,and protect you.Just be the best you can be,in life.
  5. Looks like it came right off Adult Swim.Ilove watching Adult Swim,so imay give it a try,when i finish the other games i am playing.
  6. WOW!That is a super cool car.
  7. The death scroll worked for me.It killed himright away.
  8. We gave oue kids a dollar for every A they made.That was back in the 60s.All 4 of the kids made a lot of As.I think the money motivated them.They all have good paying jobs.
  9. Finished the game,and loved it.I knew it would be great.
  10. I buy milk in gallon jugs.When i was a child my mother bought it from farmers in gallon glass bottles.
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