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  1. I still miss you ❤️

  2. every couple of months i wander by this site. cool to see you back.
  3. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    @Scrivener of the Gods "This looks like peasant food," Alicia said, wrinkling her nose. "It is," Talia said, between bites. "And it's delicious." "I remember my mum making this..." Devin said, looking at the pieces frying in the pan Jack was overseeing, wistful. "Well, I guess I can try it," Alicia said, with a sniff. Talia didn't roll her eyes. She would have nudged Devin, to exchange a glance of understanding about how ridiculous Alicia could sometimes be. But lately he'd been more uncomfortable with that, so she didn't. It was good chicken, anyway.
  4. I want to give this story an actual summary on ao3, anyone wanna help me come up with one? Incentive: I'll provide an omake of your choice, just ask me a question about the future of a specific character.
  5. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    thanks everyone for prompts. I am still taking-- feel free to add more-- but I'm probably not going to fill any until after nanowrimo is over.
  6. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    @Scrivener of the Gods thank you, can you just also specify characters?
  7. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    Thanks everyone. Still accepting prompts.
  8. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    @Ishti Gyendal was in the girls' bathroom again, smoking. "Ugh, seriously, go back to the boys' room," Lydia said. He hadn't even opened the window. Now she was going to smell of smoke. "It's more interesting in here," Gyendal said, blowing a smoke ring at her. "You're a gross pervert," Lydia said. He sniggered, but she decided to ignore him. Some people were hopeless. She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to decide if her hair needed fixing. No, she looked perfect. She should probably head back to Trig soon, before Mr. Mathers started to get suspicious. He was so boring, it was like his superpower. But as long as she played up the dumb ditz act he was always willing to give her plenty of extra credit. Lydia didn't like studying-- she wasn't a nerd-- but she did need a good enough GPA to get into an Ivy so she could choose a really rich husband. It was at times like these she wished her parents were rich enough to have donated a swimming pool somewhere or something but no, life was perpetually unfair. "Say, Lydia," Gyendal said, too casually. "What." Lydia said, not bothering to look at him. God, she couldn't pee while he was here. She'd just go back to class. "If I said I had the answer key to Mrs. Green's final, what would you do?" "Report you to the principal, you cheater," Lydia said. "What if I was willing to share?" Gyendal said. "And get caught? No thanks," Lydia said. She wasn't an idiot. "Fine, if that's not the right incentive, let's try this-- I can help you get revenge on Edward Pendragon." That got her interest. Edward Pendragon, super rich, captain of the football team, and a total loser who had dumped Lydia-- publicly!-- after they'd been going out for only two weeks. "...Let's hear your plan, first," she said, slowly. --- The plan was long, convoluted, and terrible, but Gyendal insisted it would work. Lydia's part in the plan was giving Mel a makeover. Mel was... Mel hung out with the absolute bottom of the social ladder, the total pariahs. June was a ten year old in high school, which sort of spoke for itself, and Yvette was known by all as the "Bird Girl" after the incident in tenth grade from which she'd never recovered. It was a bit surprising because Mel herself could probably have gotten along fine with several other cliques around the school. She had a certain weird charisma. She had agreed to go along with Lydia's offer of a makeover only after Lydia had half-lied that it was for a bet. She'd insisted on checking a mirror every five minutes, too, which would have been hurtfully suspicious if Lydia was inclined to feel hurt. She suspected it was actually an under-handed dig, not just an appropriate level of caution. Mel's hair, which she'd cut into an unflattering short haircut there was very little to be done to salvage (and she'd refused to let Lydia try), was, at least, very thick and smooth and soft. Lydia tucked a loose strand back behind the headband and stepped back to admire her work. She was, clearly, a genius. "Unfortunately no amount of good looks can overcome serious personality flaws," she mused out loud, thinking of Mel's horrible taste in friends. "Tell me about it," Mel said. --- ...Somehow Gyendal's brilliant plan ended with Mel becoming prom queen and Edward making a public declaration of love for her, which she threw back in his face. Lydia found the loss of a title that was rightfully hers infuriating, and the satisfaction of Edward's humiliation was completely erased when he came in the next day holding Mel's hand, the two of them blushing furiously. "Wait, wait! There's a stage two to the plan!" Gyendal said, raising his arms protectively when she marched over to find him. "I promise, it's brilliant--" Lydia considered the likelihood that it was worth hearing Gyendal out and finding out what he had planned next. Then she kicked him in the balls.
  9. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    (still working on your prompt, Ishti, it's just trying really hard to turn into a giant story)
  10. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    "So..." Edward said, "is this the end?" "You've asked that twenty times already," Mel said, through gritted teeth. "And the answer is still no". "Twenty-three", June said. "Twenty-three what?" Mel snapped. "He's asked twenty-three times. I've been keeping count," June said. "Why have you been keeping count," Mel said. "Because I'm boooored," June said. They all were. There was only so many times you could cycle through this damn basement, which kept resetting into new but somehow identical formations, none of which brought them any closer to the exit, before you started to go out of your mind. Actually, that was probably what had happened to the former owner, who was apparently now threatening to unleash a magical bomb, destroying the castle and the three neighboring villages. Mel and Edward had been on their way to a honeymoon by the beach. Mel was going to sip pina coladas and watch Edward flail around in the water like an idiot, and Edward was going to drag her to petting zoos and talk her into bringing home an animal she didn't want while Mel complained about him being an idiot who never thought through the long term implications of thinks that shedded scales and pooped everywhere. It was a good plan, Mel had been looking forward, so of course on the way they ran into June, who'd been sent to deal with the rogue magician. Why couldn't Mel ever catch a break, seriously. And now there were ten minutes left on the giant, ticking, glowing, spectral red clock that had been following them around cackling evilly to itself ever since they'd entered the castle, and soon they were probably all going to be dead. "Edward," Mel said. Her throat felt dry, suddenly, and she swallowed. But she wanted to force the words out anyway. "Edward, whatever happens, you know that I--" "FOUND it!" Edward crowed triumphantly, and pulled back a hanging tapestry they must have walked past twenty-- twenty three-- times already. The glowing red clock hissed in dismay and transformed into a glowing red man. "What were you saying, Mel?' Edward said, even as he was drawing his sword and she had both daggers out. "Nothing important," Mel said. He didn't need to know that near death experiences made her almost waver on the question of pets. There was no knowing what he would do with that knowledge.
  11. Blurble

    Prompt me!

    Give me a prompt and I'll write you a ficlet for it. Please specify characters. Particular fondness for AU prompts.
  12. Rhen swallowed, unable to believe her bad luck. "The R-Royal Healer?" She repeated, as if maybe she'd just misheard. "I know, I'm way too young for it, but, I was apprenticing the old healer, and she up and left, and the royal family liked me, so.." "Do you... see them often?" Rhen asked. It probabaly wasn't so bad, right, how often could they be getting sick and needing a healer anyway. "I live on the palace grounds," Stella said. Rhen had a dizzying sense of vertigo. "Um," she said, mind momentarily blank with panic. With great effort she composed herself. "Stella?" She said. "Can I ask you for a small favor? Could you, uh, could you not call me Rhen? It's, uh, it's a very visibly Thaian name." Stella's eyes widened in understanding. "Ok, what should I call you?" "How about..." Rhen cast about desperately for a suitable generic name. "Peta? Peta Darzon." --- A/n: I know, it's tiny, but I've realized I either post tiny snippets or I don't end up posting at all. Sorry. Also, the continuity error introduced in this snippet has been edited out of the previous snippet)
  13. Just finished playing. Gripes: 1. Some areas were very annoying to navigate because the tile graphics did not make clear whether an area was impassable or not. for example the ginger woods 2. i hated how the characters had a catch phrase after battle 3. i killed every ghast in the boppity woods 4 times (ie left, came back) and still only got 1 extract for preserves Traps: 1. ooh, how i regret buying boyle the totally useless skill sacrifice life, if i hadn't i could have afforded the final staff upgrade Good stuff: 1. Lots of different skill systems and battle styles, really enjoyed that. Had difficulty choosing characters for final battle, which i consider a good thing. (my final team was boyle, ingrid, hiberu, rowen. ingrid's lfie curse was too useful to miss, hiberu's healign was better than all the healing alternatives, imo rowen with full skills is strongest character. boyle, because minion bonus is significant.) 2. loooved the cheekis 3. LOVED robin. ALL CAPS. 4. the backstories were intriguing Meh: 1. Was totally uninvested in all the romantic options. loved the boyle redeemed by the unconditional love of a priestess, though, that was great. 2. what was up with some of those cutscenes at the end? buncha characters i couldn't care less about and not enough meat to the ones i did. Removed profanity, even acronyms aren't allowed. Please look at the forum rules if you need a refresher. ~Mopiece
  14. NOTE: there was a change of plan, fairly major, regarding Stella's role in the story. The original version of this post has been updated for the new plan. (FUN FACT: Dameon's role has changed six times in my head thus far and not necessarily settled down yet.) this post is still very much not done, but I'm busy with a lot right now and haven't had the chance to write the rest yet. It's coming, I promise, and there will probably be Lars --- “Rhen?” The sound of her name startled Rhen out of the miserable reverie into which she’d drifted. “Rhen Darzon?” She was suddenly being embraced, by a dark-skinned woman with light purple hair. She looked vaguely familiar, but it took Rhen a few befuddled moments to place her. “S-Stella?” She said, tentatively. When Rhen had been younger—much younger, before the full extent of her powers had become manifest and before her parents had given up on producing a male heir—her father had insisted that she be given an “ordinary childhood”, which had translated into being sent to a summer camp under a false name (but with six bodyguards posing as camp staff) while her parents gallivanted about the world like a honeymooning newlywed couple. It had been a great experience, complete with mud races and rotations at the petting zoo feeding the chickens. It was one of the things Rhen had missed, after she spoke to the sword and everything changed. Then winced, as Stella’s hug caused the rope on her wrists to bite into her skin painfully. Only then did Stella seem to notice Rhen’s situation. Her eyes widened, her dainty hand rising to cover her open mouth. “What’s happened to you, Rhen?” She said, her voice soft with sympathy. Rhen shrugged, uncomfortable. She was in enemy territory and she hadn’t decided yet on her cover story. She didn’t know how much she could trust Stella, who she’d only known for a few brief weeks over a decade ago. “Bad luck,” she mumbled. “We must get you out of here at once,” Stella declared, and marched over to the slave trader. The trader, clearly sensing blood in the water, gave a ludicrous asking price, and then looked like he regretted not aiming higher when Stella immediately agreed without bothering to haggle. But the deal was done, and Rhen felt shaky with relief and weepy with gratitude as Stella furiously removed the rope from her wrists, shooting the trader dirty glances as she saw the raw red marks rubbed into Rhen’s skin. “I’m here to buy salve ingredients,” Stella said, “I’ve run low on a few of the more exotic components and the ships bring better stock. But I’ve already gotten the most crucial supplies, so if you want to leave at once, we can.” Rhen suspected Stella was overstating her readiness to leave, but she wasn’t prepared to attempt polite insistence on staying, not when she was fighting back tears for the second time that day, swaying on her feet, desperately aware she was surrounded by enemies. The ground seemed to be rocking under her feet, nauseatingly. “I’d like to leave,” she said, managing to keep her voice away from actual sobs. And then she swayed, almost falling onto Stella. She added, a bit embarrassed “…Also, I don’t know when I last ate.” --- Stella brought her to a restaurant immediately located on the edge of the markteplace. But then she ordered a plain vegetable broth. Even as Rhen was staring mournfully at the bowl, in which a few small lumps of vegetable floated in an almost clear broth, Stella was frowning at the small roll of bread that accompanied it-- “Eat slowly,” she warned, “or you will make yourself very sick”. It was hard, but Rhen managed it, interspersing small bites with drinks of water. Only after Stella was satisfied that Rhen wasn’t going to throw up the bread/broth did she ask the waiter to bring a bowl of fruit salad, which had familiar pear and apples and also something light-blue and lumpy with a pleasantly mild flavor that Rhen had never had before. It was incredible to Rhen how much better she felt with even a little bit of food inside her, like her entire body was coming back to life. The initial impulse to desperately gorge herself had passed, and she found that she was able to focus on something other than food. “So what are you doing in Veldarah? You’re not from here originally, right?” She asked. She didn’t remember where Stella was from but she was sure she wasn’t originally from Veldarah—matters had been less dire between the empire and Thais before Rhen had killed their crown prince, but they’d always been tense enough she couldn’t imagine a Veldaran attending camp on Thaian soil. "I'm... Well, I'm actually the Royal Healer," Stella said, blushing.
  15. (prologue post was edited as I went, since I was writing bits on my phone. Is now fully up.)
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