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  1. Hello and Welcome to Aveyond High, a collaboration between Blurble and Daeva_agas. An AU set in a modern highschool in a universe more similar to ours than to Aveyond's, consider it an "illustrated story". Also, it is crack. Very crack. Think romantic-comedy reverse-harem is-that-Ahriman-hitting-on-Rhen-dear-lord-my-EYES crack. (Not to spoil anything...) Sit back and enjoy (or, um, run away screaming in terror. both work) Links (regular=text, italicized=picture) Title Page Prologue A Looming Man in Black Some random sketches: (may contain spoilers, hi.) 1 2
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    It Wasn't Her (TDP-ish drabble...)

    ouches... but in its succinctness its quite powerful
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    Exactly the Same (ficlet, M/E, post TLO)

    it made no sense
  4. A ficlet (which then morphed into being more than a ficlet) that tragically will never ever ever be canon. (or even fanon. Just saying. My fanon for this game will be very different from canon, but it will, unforgivably, not include this scene for reasons of plot necessity.) Nonetheless, it begged, beseeched, cried on its knees to be written. This fic, needless to say, entirely ignores TDP canon. Nonetheless, because reading it after having played the game might be disorienting, I will explain what exactly is going on, setting-wise. Ed and Mel get to the Arishta Isles, leaving immediately post TLO, together. (i.e. Mel does not run off). When they get there, Mel enrolls in the school with minimum nudging and Edward probably gets goaded into joining as well, but in addition to that he plays a complex political game to get supporters for his bid for power back home (I was so mad that part was Deus-ex-machina'd out of the game, I was so excited for political machinations). They stay in Veldarah for quite some time, until eventually being, as usual, triggered off on adventure. Onwards to story. --- When they got to the Arishta isles-- which was a whole adventure in itself, involving, among other things, mermaids and gigantic purple sea elephants-- they spent most of the first month just settling in and trying to get their bearings in a strange, unfamiliar place and a strange, unfamiliar culture. Mel was mostly busy trying to get the hang of the Academy's schedule, not to mention navigating the complex Academy social scene-- No, really, not to mention it. She was committed to ignoring it as steadfastly as possible, in the hopes that it would then go away. Nonetheless, her days were so full that she was a bit shocked that Edward, who had to deal with political alliances and meetings with the Empress on top of everything else, had managed to find the time to track down a chapel. On second thought... No really, she shouldn't have been surprised. "No, Edward," she said, when she found him, for the millionth time (fourteenth, actually, but who's counting? Definitely not her. She didn't find this latest stunt of his cute in the slightest. Not at all. No. He should get over himself, he of the cute easily ruffled hair. Argh). "I'm not marrying you!" "Why not?" He said. Sulked. Pouted. Stared up at her with-- dammit, not the puppy eyes, she was in a really bad angle to be receiving the puppy eyes, they look huge and hurt and innocent (DAMMIT. Edward was the furthest possible thing from thing from innocent the universe could possibly think up. He knew full well he was manipulating her. He was doing it shamelessly, the conniving little naive open-minded overly eager way too enthusiastic-- stupid. boy. AGH. Mel was going crazy. Clinically. She knew it.) She closed her eyes, to cut off the puppy eyes (if she looked at them for a second longer, her heart would melt. She knew this. Worse, Edward knew this. It was a problem). She refused to answer. "Why not?" He pressed. "You already did, once!" "That," she said, "was then. This is now." "What changed?" He protested, standing up. "I'm still the same, you're still the same, we still love--" She slammed her hand over his mouth just to stop him from ever finishing that highly embarrassing sentence. "Did you forget the part where our wedding ceremony never actually happened?" She asked. "We've never been married, Edward, and that's the way it's supposed to be. We're completely not suited for each other." "C-comple-" He spluttered. "What? Why? And don't give me your 'you're a noble, I'm a commoner' speech again, Mel, you know full well it's ridiculous." "It happens to be true!" "It's completely irrelevant! But look, if you actually care this much... Mordred Darkthrop helped build Hapsburg, didn't he? As far as the universe is concerned that probably makes him a noble, too. So now you have absolutely no excuses, let's go get married, c'mon." He grabbed her by the wrist. She pulled away. "And what about the part where you married someone else? Did you forget that?" "Lydia annulled our marriage ages ago, Mel!" "That's not the point!" "None of this is the point, Mel! I don't get why you're being so ridiculous!" "Because I don't want to get married to you, Edward! Why is this so hard for you to get into your thick skull!? Is it absolutely impossible for you to believe that there's a single girl out there in the world who might not want to swoon over winning charms?" "...You think I have winning charms?" Edward said, incredulously. Mel bit back a scream. She closed her eyes. She breathed deeply. "I just don't understand why you're so eager for us to get married, Edward. What's wrong with what we have now? Why can't we just be friends? It's worked so far. Why should we mess with it, why should we mess it up?" "Ah." He said. "What 'ah'?" "Ah, I get it." He said, a look of absolute smugness plastered across his face. "Get what? Stop looking at me like that!" "Mel, Mel, Mel," he said, and hugged her. "I promise you, nothing is going to change when we get married. I'm not going to stop being friends with you. I promise, everything will be exactly the same. Trust me." "...If everything's going to be exactly the same, why even bother?" She said, muffled against his chest. He laughed. --- He lied. The wedding in Veldarah was frankly weird-- it involved passing roses around in a circle, and then skipping in tandem, but okay, totally different continent, new culture, whatever. The problem was afterwards. The problem was when they left the chapel and Edward, grinning ear to ear like a gigantic freak, stopped literally everyone in the street and said: "Do you see this girl? Her name's Mel. And she's my wife! We're married!" (To which most of the townspeople responded with "congratulations" or some such thing, although one or two of them backed away slowly (a far more sane reaction, in Mel's opinion)) The problem was when she grabbed him by the sleeve and said, sharply, "Edward." And he turned around and-- and-- kissed her full on the lips right in the middle of the street. She was pretty sure she heard cheering, but it was hard to tell because she felt like she was about to pass out from pure shock. She pulled away as forcefully as she could (the minute or two where she... definitely did not push him away... could be chalked up to madness) Her face was flaming. She wanted to crawl into a hole and never be seen again. "Are you okay?" Edward asked, suddenly concerned. Arm around her waist. "No," she snapped, trying to pull away. He felt her forehead. "You seem flushed." "That's because I'm humiliated," she hissed back. "...What? Why?" He asked. "You- You don't- You didn't need to announce it to everyone!" She said. He glanced around, and finally seemed to notice the slightly amused crowd that had gathered. "Alright," he said. "I'm sorry, I got carried away." He kissed her on the forehead. "But Mel," he whispered. "We're finally married! For real! You're not Lydia! I'm not Belf's older brother! It's amazing!" "Yeah, yeah," she said, grumpily, but allowed herself to soften against him. "...Wait. Belf's what?" --- "And this is my wife, Mel!" Edward announced. For around the fiftieth time that evening. For around the fiftieth time that evening, Mel flushed and looked away. Edward had taken real delight in introducing her like that-- well, pretty much everywhere. Still, tonight, with some three hundred nobles gathered at some gala dinner, there was a bit too much introducing going on for Mel's taste. She knew she had to bear with it, for Edward's sake. She was really proud of him, trying to get his throne back (the irony of this vis-a-vis her personal thing against nobles was waved away as this being different, because this was Edward, taking responsibility, not just some random rich fathead pursuing power). She knew he needed support. Nonetheless... "Do you have to phrase it like that?" she asked him. "What do you mean?" He said, too innocently. "Calling me your... wife." she said. Coughed at the last word. "It's true, isn't it?" "I don't go around to everyone calling you my husband!" She protested. "Well, why don't you?" He asked. "It's too embarrassing," she muttered, and wriggled her toes, and wished this evening was over. --- But no. No, the horrors didn't end there. The news reached them that Stella had been kidnapped. And so they left, together with Yvette (who had delivered the news) and Te'ijal and Galahad, who had finally come on a long-promised visit from Sedona. Te'ijal was busy getting Galahad to pamper her-- it was clear she had gotten used to this as her sole source of comfort over the horrible tragedy of being turned into a human. Yvette had turned into a bird and flown up to nest in a tree/keep guard. So it was Mel and Edward left to make camp, and it was Mel who discovered that Edward had packed only one tent. ...and only one extra-large sleeping bag. She lifted it up and stared at him accusingly. He shrugged. She stared at him accusingly. He whistled innocently. She groaned. She should never have agreed to marry him. And he was so getting kicked out of the tent tonight. --- (a/n: I have this thing, where I'm writing a story. As I start out it happens in present tense, since i'm writing present-tense the images playing my mind... then as the story progresses I shift back into my comfortable past tense. Then I have to go back and change everything. Agh.) (This somewhat changed from what I had in mind but whatever. The point was, having Mel and Edward adventuring together while married would be kickass. Even if I write like crud and totally don't express sufficient awesome. Look, hey, if I get another plotbunny of their married adventuring life I am so writing it.)
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    Shiptime (Mel/Ed)

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    Character Drabblets

    thanks everyone =)
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    Character Drabblets

    Spoiler Warning: The end of GoN and the very beginning of TLO. I'm interested in hearing which one you liked best. (I know which one I like least... urgh. somehow the images in my head always look prettier there than on paper *pout*) Others: Talia Galahad Galahad (after the beginning of LOT, before the end of GON) The problem was that once it was brought to his attention he couldn’t stop noticing it. It was everywhere. It was like the time someone had mentioned to him that the roads in Sedona were all named so that they had a prime number of vowels. He’d never noticed it before, had never even thought of it- and suddenly there it was. Every time he saw a road sign it popped into his head. He couldn’t help but count. It drove him crazy, until eventually he ended up knowing every road sign in Sedona by heart and finally it faded. Every time he saw her it popped into his head, that stupid conversation he’d had in that stupid tavern that stupid night that she’d been captured. Every time. For 300 years he had never noticed a single good thing about her and suddenly they were everywhere he turned. Her courage. Her bizarre, inexplicable integrity. Her smile. Her legsandher hairand her voice… and the way she looked at him when she thought he wasn’t looking. And the way she kept guard quietly when all the others were asleep. Everywhere, every moment of the day, there they were- the things that made her special and incredible and the things that made him lo- li- not utterly hate her after all. And he didn’t know what to do with this strange, bizarre new way of seeing her. It grew in his chest daily, this feeling of… this feeling of… He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, somehow. She had become something strange and new and it was all the more incredible, this feeling of wonder he kept having, because he kept trying to remember how it was that he had never seen it before. Something so obvious and blatant and… It frustrated him, that he couldn’t express it. Somehow nothing had changed. There was a habit of 300 years firmly engraved between them, and they walked without thinking along the same lines they had always walked, relating to each other the same way they always had. But it wasn’t the same! There was nothing the same! It was completely different and it made him go mad with frustration, that no matter how he tried somehow all that came out of his mouth were the same exact things in the same exact tone as if it was the same exact world! So he would wait. He would wait for the chance. Because someday, somehow, something was going to change. And when it did he would take it as his opportunity. Te’ijal (After GoN) She stared in the mirror and growled, but of course it came out all wrong. It sounded the same but different, too soft somehow. Turning human had given her the biggest headache of her life. The world had gone dull and dim, the sparkling colors had faded to duller shades. She couldn’t see in the dark anymore. Her limbs had turned flaccid, weak. And worse… worse… Galahad. Being human made all her feelings- not stronger, merely closer. As a vampire she had felt with the same intensity but it was always at arms length. As a human it was right inside her, everything she felt would burn within her chest, so that it was hard to think clearly and… She had waited centuries and when she’d found him, she’d made the decision. Not carefully, on an impulse, but with clear intent nonetheless. She had waited and she had found him and decided they could have forever together. And now forever was gone. And she was petrified. Mel 1a (pre-LoT) “Look, at that delicate face!” Lady Essa said, forcing Mel’s chin up. Her long, smooth fingers had nails painted in royal purple and they dug into Mel’s skin. “And she has a nice complexion… no? She can make a perfectly good slave, too,” she said, noting with hope the increase of interest in the visitor’s face. “She has the muscle- show the man your arm, honey,” she hissed. “It looks a bit scrawny,” the man observed. “Well,” Lady Essa said, “you know how it is, the cost of food and care is so very high… she can be easily fattened, though…” She trailed off. “Surely you have some that are more… substantial?” The man said. With a look of disgust, Lady Essa shoved Mel towards the guard. “Oh, take her away,” she moaned, “I can’t bear to see her anymore, the useless vermin.” She sighed. “Bring in one of the boys.” Mel 1b (Pre-LoT) The door shut with a dull thud, and she lay on the floor, covering herself with her small, torn sheet, her heart beating rapidly as she heard the lock click. She waited a moment or two and then with a deep breath sat up. The cell was cold and dark and filthy, identical in size and form to all the other orphans’ rooms. And like all the other rooms, it was infested with rats. But she had learned not to mind that… No, she’d come to wish her room had more rats. But that was not her concern, tonight. She could ignore her stomach. There were far more important things to take care of, right now. And she could not help but smile, as she pulled the small hidden file out from behind a loose stone in the corner of her room. It had taken her three weeks to get to this point. But tonight, without a doubt, was the night. She held it in both hands, abandoning the safety measure of the previous nights, when she had awkwardly tried to wrap it in her sheet to prevent it leaving tell-tale cuts on her hands- what did she care about the cuts? A little bit of blood was a small price to pay, for freedom. There was a bare millimeter left to file away from the bars on the window. She had reached around and filed from the outside, so it would not be visible. And now… As she raced to finish, rubbing the file back and forth in a frenzy, she couldn’t even feel the pain in her hands. It was pounding through her blood, a single syllable, over and over. Free, free, free, free… And when morning shone through the barless window of the miserable room that had been her only home for years, she was long, long gone. Stella (Sometime in the middle of LoT or GoN) Mel was moaning half-conscious on the ground as Stella busily bandaged her up. “Is she… okay?” “Edward!” Stella said, feeling her face heat up. “I- um. She should be fine. We’ll give her some meat… and bread… it’ll be fine. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for it to heal.” “Oh,” he said. “Oh, good.” And he smiled at her and she felt her heart break, for the thousandth time. It was such a gorgeous smile. And it was entirely not for her. But she… could be happy for Mel. And for Edward. Because she wanted her friends to be happy, because her friends happiness would make her happy as well. There was no point in being jealous, after all, that she wouldn’t be able to be the direct source of happiness herself. And that night for some reason she dreamed that she was flying. It didn’t feel like a dream, it felt real all the way down to the strain in muscles she was pretty sure she did not have. But it left her with a dull, dull ache in her throat when she woke up. Lydia (Very beginning of/Right before TLO) The dress was silk and chiffon and, naturally, it looked stunning on her. She twirled in front of the mirror, admiring the swirl of the skirts. It was black, with embroidery in soft green and gold, and it brought out the shine in her hair. It was her absolutely favorite dress… along with the red ballgown… and the blue silk china dress… and the cocktail gown… and the lavender dress… Oh well. She wouldn’t get to wear any of them, she thought, stripping carefully out of the gown. No, it would have to be this tacky thing. She looked at it, draped across a chair, with undisguised distaste. Thank the goddess she had disposed of the street brat before she’d had the chance to put it on, getting this off of the girl would have been almost more irritation than this was worth. Well, no, actually not. This was, after all, her dream. She slipped the dress on, tugging a bit, her head lost for a moment in soft silk so that all the world was white and white and white- “There is no such thing as love,” her mother had said, when Lydia was four. She had tripped and scraped her knee and begun to cry, and her mother had stood there and watched her, waiting until Lydia got up herself and tearfully ordered a servant to bring her a bandage. Her mother had favored her with a rare smile, when she’d seen that, and then she’d said- “There is only power, Lydia. Do you understand?” She did. She pulled the bow tight around her waist, refusing to be irritated that the street rat’s waist was slimmer than her own. Enormous, and purple- really, who had designed this dress? When she was queen, she would have them beheaded. And when she was queen she would wear any dress she wanted. When she thought of it like that, it was easy to smile with genuine joy as she said “I do”.
  8. ironic that i wrote things will burn if they were ruined.... and then they kinda were. D=
  9. my, it's been a long time since i've been here. ...i'm not interested in having my last couple of posts on this site be in the village sqaure for all perpetuity. HBT is firmly my home on aveyond, thanks very much.
  10. I had an epiphany. The epiphany was brought about through multiple incidents. In not much of a particular order: 1. some time ago I was watching a Korean drama which involved the male and female leads switching bodies. I realized that my favorite character in the show, by far, was the male when he was inside the female's body-- there was somethign ridiculously refreshing about seing the "Girl" in the relationship take charge, be ridiculously audacious, etc. I came to the conclusion that I would be ecstatic to watch a show in which there was such a character (instead of it just being temporarily the guy in the girl's body). A female character who wouldn't back down from a fight... 2. except here's the thing. manga/books/movies etc claiming to have "strong" female characters, most frequently do not have characters I consider strong. Their strength, instead, is physical strength. But once you look past that, they are still the passive, reactive, (frequently illogical) characters that I am so sick of... 3. In the meantime I was considering the eithera/saurva and Te'ijal/galahad pairings, and what appeals to me about them (T/G in av1, av2, and the earlier av3 games... i choose to pretend that the later av3 games do not exist) 4. and then I was reading a guide to character archetypes.... ---- now, some psychology There is a dichotomy* in how different personality types relate to the world-- a dichotomy that has several names. Dominant/submissive Active/passive etc. *(quick clarification of my use of the word "dichotomy": I use it in a slightly different sense than it generally is used... usually, a black/white dichotomy means something is either black, or white. However, when I am using, it means something is black, or white, or any shade of grey in between-- HOWEVER, the more black it is the less white it must be, and vice versa. a false dichotomy would be "are you creative or shy?" because being more creative does not, by necessity, mean being less shy... however, "are you introverted or extroverted?" would be a dichotomy, even though people come in varying shades, and some people may even be perfectly balanced between the two and thus not specifically one or the other.) psychologically, they represents two fundamentally different ways of viewing the world (or relationship) It is important for understanding what comes next that I am not using these words in some of their other connotations. I am using them only as how I am about to define them: Dominant/active personalities view situations as fundamentally static. Thus, they feel that they need to take charge in order to make change happen. Submissive/passive personalities, on the other hand, view situations as fundamentally dynamic. They react to them rather than taking control. In romance, this essentially translates to The dominant/active half of the relationship sees attraction to another person as a static state, which (s)he feels it is up to him/her to change in the direction more in agreement to his/her preference. This accounts for the dominant/active half's inclination to take the initiative in approaching the object of his/her interest and being "relentless" in his pursuit, as well as, even during an established relationship, continuing to try to "shake things up" or "get things moving". whereas the submissive/passive half sees attraction between two individuals as a dynamic state, which (s)he feels is completely natural. This accounts for a submissive/passive individual's inclination to focus on the mutual attraction, or particularly the attraction felt by the other person, as to its longer-term perspectives and implications, as well as a certain expectation that the partner will continuously take action to confirm the attraction. Failure on the partner to do so results on the individual assuming that it's already changing. (slightly modified from wikisocion.org-- taken from there because it's the quickest clearest explanation I can find, but other theories accept this premise as well) --- and then suddenly it all clicked into place. Someone explain to me why in 99.99% of any relationships I have read/watched about, the female is always the passive half of the relationship? Even if you're going to argue that there is a slight gender preference to one side (there might be) there certainly isn't one that is that ridiculously overwhelming. Now see, I can understand why sociocultural norms might make a female dominant/active be less overtly dominant/active than a male. But. That is not what I am watching/reading. What I am watching/reading is countless extremely, extremely passive/submissive female characters. i.e. there is no way a dominant personality would be putting up with that s---. even when toning their dominance down. ...no wonder I'm so fed up. --- oh, and by the way. does anyone have counterexamples of series/pairings etc where this is not the case? (not necessarily just examples where the female is dominant, but even example where she falls on a less submissive side of the spectrum?) (Te'ijal/Galahad prior to Av3-4 being an obvious one, but add in Elini/PJ and Aveyond already has an unsual amount of these pairings. 2! So many!)
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    Some missing scenes in TDP

    That won't make it into my epic TDP fanon rewrite, since they won't be relevant there: (There were more, but these two I remember) --- 1. Mel struggled to break free of Gyendal's grasp, but his grip was like iron. She hissed in frustration, and around her the dark damp stone corridor filled with flame, bright, angry, overpowering-- which quickly died out. Gyendal laughed. "Your magic is pathetically weak, Darkthrop brat. Don't think it can get you out of here." She glared. "And I've spent all this time getting stronger, after all. Training. Improving. What have you been doing? Sitting around in town?" He gloated. "See, I'd feel almost bad for you, but you made this so easy for me? What, you thought your problems would just disappear if you ignored them?" She ground her teeth, against her capture, against her imprisonment, against the swelling ball of shame inside her gut at how right he was. She was so helpless. She was so... powerless. 2. "Hmmmm.... I wonder..." Stella said. Edward groaned. "Goddess! Would you stop saying that already! It's driving me nuts!" 3. "The prince fell in love with her even though she was a slave! and then it turned out she was a princess all along! How romantic!" Stella cooed, clasping her hands together. Edward rolled his eyes. In his mind, he could hear what Mel would have to say to that-- probably some remark and how now both sides of the relationship would be smug irritating prats. ...In any case, she'd never, ever have let the words "how romantic" pass her lips. Unless she was being sarcastic. Dammit, he missed her. ---- Sorry, Stella. You annoyed me to no end this game. Maybe if you hadn't, I wouldn't have minded you ending up with Edward... But seriously, you guys had all the chemistry of a piece of cardboard.
  12. kfdfdhjdlkjgsdljslkdgj. well, at least I've figured out a major reason WHY so much of this stuff bothers me. previously I simply knew it bothered me, and didn't have a clear distinction why. (of course it's not really that clear cut, since there are plenty of pairings where the girl is passive and I'm fine with that. Heck, I really really like Ed/Mel but-- at least in my interpretation of it-- it's fairly clearly Edward takes the active role. (I'm wondering if using the expanded 4-type or 6-type paradigms might explain that away, though. E/M it probably would. But some other pairings I like, it might not...) So figuring out exactly what is the distinction between "pairing that bothers the heck out of me" and "pairing I enjoy" is clearly somewhat more complicated... ;fllfklhfljk)
  13. it's not... "macho", though. I don't really mind women not being macho. (I also don't mind men not being macho -blink-) It's just taking initiative in a relationship.
  14. @valkyriet: 1.actually, The Proposal is one of my casebook classis talk-to-me-and-I-will-launch-into-a-forty-minute-rant examples of how pervasive this stereotype is. which is to say that the previews/reviews/the fact that it starred Sandra Bullock got me really excited for a romcom which would have a totally different relationship dynamic. And it did. For the first ten minutes of the movie. At which point Sandra Bullock's character started being revealed as "vulnerable" underneath her dom-iness and whatsisface's character was actually a bastard-dom character all along, and their entire characterization prior to that point was thrown out the window as the Hollywood romcom machine decided to, yet again, play everything accordng to formula. ...Sandra Bullock does star in Two Weeks Notice, however, where she most definitely is not typically submissive (and that's despite being in a secretary role to a powerful rich man, which would normally always have this problem). 2. In regards to it being considered more romantic... okay, maybe. The only reason I have difficulty accepting that... is because I have difficulty accepting that-- i.e, that this is more romantic. Really? In real life their are so many other relationship dynamics. why does this one (which, also, is frequently exaggerated to the point of being abusive) considered the most romantic? 3. Do you mean rival roles to the main heroine? Because I think I might know what you're talking about, although I'm not sure. And anyway casting the "dominant female" as "evil" just makes the stereotype worse, doesn't it? ----- @iPink: if that's the case, then why is this most common in shoujo mangas written by females? (Also, I am not sure if this is true because I've never read this genre, but I have the vague impression that in shounen harem mangas it is usually the male who is passive and the females who are active? ...I could be totally off, and just thinking this because harem mangas usually have "loser" protagonists.) --- @d_a: alright, several points 1. I considered the factor of it being an "inbuilt preset". But the fact that women are usually physically weaker than men-- or heck, more emotionally expressive or whatever than men, which could maybe be argued both ways and I'm just basing on the amount of hugging I see amongst girls vs amongst boys-- doesn't really explain consistently portrayed weakness in other areas. I may be more open and willing to discuss my feelings than a guy might (and this has heavily to do with my being surrounded by girls amonsgt whom this is the norm, since by nature I am not), but I'm rather unclear on what relevance this has to my ability to think up a logical way of, say, even just helping my boyfriend defeat the dark lord, instead of whimpering in a useless heap on the ground while he goes and saves me*. (biggest manga tick-off example of this? One in which the girl is supposed to be a master at judo, and when her boyfriend comes to save her from a gang of rapists and is badly outnumbered and losing, she just lies there doing nothing instead of, you know, TRYING to help. because it's "romantic" oh puhleaze.) *(I'm even willing to allow this happening once or twice. In One Piece both female characters are somewhat helpless during their big character arcs in which they need to be saved. But-- 1. even in those arcs, helpless does not translate to "doing absolutely nothing constructive"-- Nami rouses the villagers, Robin, in handcuffs that sap her strength, still manages to try to buy some time by grabbing onto walls with her teeth 2. that's not how they relate to the world ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME. of course one piece isn't a romance at all. nonetheless, it demonstrates that just being the damsel in distress doesn't make you submissive, necessarily) I also considered the biological preset of men being the so-called "initiators" during sex, i.e. if they're not interested nothing happens-- but that still doesn't explain why they would be the initiators in the courting ritual, so yeah. 2. as for the cultural factors... but see, society might force dominant girls to act more submissive and submissive boys to act more dominant-- but fundamentally the inherent alignment remains, the same way an introvert who is forced to act extroverted will still be introverted, deep down. you can dress the girl in pink and have her play with dolls, but her relationship with the world will still fundamentally be "make things happen". ...So I understand that a female dominant character won't necessarily get away with the crap male dominant character do. They might have to be more push-pull instead of all push. Esxcept the characters i'm seeing are not tamped-down dominants. They're doormats*! ...and in case this isn't obvious, dominant characters basically never, ever acquiesce to being doormats. if they're forced into the role they will be fighting it allll the way**. *i.e., passive participants in their situation, expecting others to take (and of course accepting wholeheartedly when others take) the active role **thus, not actually being doormats since they are actively trying to take the active role/resenting that this is being denied them. they just might look like doormats from a situational standpoint, but the internal condition is different --- oh also. it's not necessarily like being submissive is a bad thing in a character. It's just that I happen to have gotten sick of it after seeing it so often. But it is a realistic portrayal of a large swathe of the population and it can be done well. Plus I feel as if I'm making submissiveness sound annoying. Especially with my use of the word "doormat"-- submissive characters can actually do things other than stand around whinging. (it's just that the most extreme examples-- the ones where it is literally impossible for this character to be a dominant in disguise-- are the characters who literally will not raise a finger to do anything to control their situation***. but that's just as extreme as the dominant character who is a super control-freak, rides over the relationship roughshod, and has no consideration for others, at all...) ***(while this is semi-irrelevant, it would actually be interesting to see a dominant character employing this tactic. but the difference is, they'd be "being helpless" in a strategic, manipulative way... They wouldn't actually be helpless, they'd still be in control. they'd be "literally not raising a finger, in order to control the relationship" (ooh, commas))
  15. So. *cough* I was a little bit disappointed in the story in TDP (to put it lightly). I definitely had overly high expectations for it, but oh well. As catharsis/therapy, I am presenting TDP- Blurble style. It draws inspiration from the canon of what happened in TDP, but it mostly draws on what I thought was going to happen post TLO (i.e, plot hints that I felt were given during the first three games and then ignored in the fourth will be given a lot more weight). It also draws on messages/themes I wish the story had had, instead of the more disturbing ones I thought it did have (i.e, some character interactions will be different for that reason). What that means is that while certain TDP trappings will be preserved (Shadow Aveyond, Uma, Nox, Lars VIII, Katie/Petir, etc...) their presentation and the story will be very different. (Other elements, like the ghost town story etc, will probably be preserved without changes-- basically, I changed things I felt needed changing). And there will be huge masses of plot that have nothing to do with what canonically happened in TDP. and certain plot twists will probably just not happen. and certain characterizations just won't exist. etc. The story is based heavily on my own fanon, as well. I discussed this somewhat in the planning thread, which got moved to SH. I was explaining it because I thought it would be jarring to start the story without understanding how much I'd changed-- I've since decided that I can remedy that problem by including a prologue. That said, onwards to the story! ---- Table of Contents: Prologue|.5|
  16. Blurble

    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    ...okay, that is kinda awesome. and makes me not wanna ditch the demon realm (specifically, what bothered me was that it said humans couldn;t survive it, and then Mel did... and it's you know, the DEMON realm. not human-gallivanty place. like, my image of realms with demons in them involves them not having the convention physicality/3 dimensions etc. but... we'll see.)
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    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    Quick review of what I'm doing with this story: I'm writing the plot of TDP. but as if it were consistent with what I was led to expect in the previous games. ...so yes, the lurking in Harakauna thing is thrown out the window. Because the last conversation in TLO consist of Mel agreeing to go with Ed to the Arishta isles, complaining that he keeps saying she has magic, and then asking him to wait up. (note: I did include all the text from the game in my prologue for a reason) As far as I was concerned, consistence-wise there was absolutely no reason to predict that she would, for no reason at all, suddenly ditch him. If in the game they'd had something like--- I was following Ed to the dock, when suddenly I panicked and ran off!-- that already would have made more sense than having her just start in the Harakauna village, taking it for granted that it makes perfect sense for her to be there (Please note also my deleted scenes fic, where Gyendal comments on how UNSPEAKABLY STUPID this is, considering how, now that she has mage powers, the darkthrop prophecy is still very most definitely devastatingly in effect. So her brilliant plan to deal with this is to hide in harakuna. wow, mel.) --- changes made based on consistency with past games: 1. nox and uma are still creepy. in fact, dialed up in creepiness (because at the end of TLO I thought we were being set up to have Nox replace Gyendal as Big Bad) 2. Gyendal is lame, thanks to TLO, but he still has some GoN awesomeness left in him, unlike in the real TDP, where he just... did nothing. 3. I was considering matching the Arishta isles geography more closely to what I remembered from Aveyond 1, but the truth is, it's been 300 years, things change. However, a lot of the politics etc in Veldarah has roots back 300 years ago. 4. The character growth that I thought had happened in the previous three games is not thrown out the window. So Ed is not a totally blind fool who doesn't believe Mel when there's absolutely no reason not to believe her, and Galahad is actually NICE to Te'ijal (see: her letters in TLO) and Te'ijal is... Te'ijal. 5. ORBS! THIS IS THE ORBS OF MAGIC SERIES, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF RUNNING AROUND THE PAST THREE GAMES IF ALL THAT REALLY MATTERED WAS SOME DUMB STAFF!? 6. On that note, other plot issues that needed resolution, i.e. Edward's kingship etc, are not just lamely dealt with in the last five minutes of the game. Edward was planning on recruiting his family's supporters in Veldarah! I was nearly dying of excitement for POLITICICAL MANEUVERS AND AWESOME DIPLOMACY! but nooooo. So yeah. expect that. (if i ever have time to write this monstrosity, anyway) Those are the main consistency changes. They sound minor, but they add up to a hugely different story. Another category of changes is thematic changes. i.en changes born not out of my expectations from previous games but out of... me... I found some of the underlying themes in TDP disturbing. Specifically, the Katie/Petir subplot is being completely rewritten, and some other things will change too. This ties in also with some character development stuff.. I mean, alright, we knew I was an Ed/Mel shipper so obviously this version of the story will trend that way more. Plus I have my whole retarded angsty Mel backstory (Kill me now. I hate writing angst) which plays a large-ish role in the plot. Finally, elements from the original story that I'm keeping (well, most of them I'm then fleshing out much more than they were in the game, but...): 1. Shadow Aveyond. OMG I LOVED THAT IDEA. And it was sooo creeepy. (The demon realms might have to go, though. I'm undecided on that one.) 2. The basic backbone of the plot from the game... (er... well... to a limited extent... there's a LOT more before Mel gets kidnapped, and... okay... lots of stuff changes afterwards, too... the Big Bad is totally different... yeah...) ...it serves as a reference, anyway. 3. Lar VIII. Only he's a main character, not an epilogue. And he's not really at all like Lars from Aveyond 1. Because sharing the same name does not make you the same person. 4. Some of the more special crack from the end got integrated into my very different interpretation of the plot. Just sayin
  18. Blurble

    Some missing scenes in TDP

    3 or 4 times within the space of a minute when it's the orbs, plus several other times interspersed throughout the game that you seem to have missed. i don;t remember each time, i only remember that at some point I was like ENOUGH ALREADY.
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    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

  20. Blurble

    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    erm. this is totally not a chapter. I guess it's 1.5 (it was initially longer, and refusing to be written, and i was just like SCREW IT THEY NEED TO GET TO VELDARAH ALREADY) also, i apologize for the totally sappy ending. I assure you, neither I nor Mel had any idea that was comign IT WAS ALL ED'S FAULT THAT EVIL NEFARIOUS BOY *cough* ...I'm totally nuts aren't i? *cough* ---- They managed to find time to say goodbye to Yvette and June and Ulf. Then, re-stocked with supplies, they prepared to head out. The problem, Edward explained to her, was that the Arishta isles were actually surrounded by an impassable range of sea-mountains. They'd have to go by dragonback, which meant they'd have to find a dragonrider willing to take them. She was not excited by the prospect. She was, however, even less excited at the thought of having to explain to Edward that giant freaky flying lizards scared the living daylights out of her. She solved this problem by not thinking about it, at all, the entire three-day sea-trip to the dragonrider's island. This was not nearly as hard as it could have been, because Edward spent the entire time harassing her. “Mel! Look! Dolphins!” he'd call. Or: “Mel! Look! You think that's a volcano exploding there on the horizon?” How should she know whether that tiny red dot was a volcano exploding? And why would she care to see those stupid dolphins? “But everyone likes dolphins!” Edward protested, when she asked him this. “How would you know? Have you asked everyone?” “It's common sense,” he said, “they're these awesome jumping mammals, not to mention they're super intelligent and have helped save people's lives.” “That's ridiculous,” she said, and then paused. “Wait, what? Mammals? Now I know you're lying.” “What, you didn't know that dolphins were mammals? C'mon, everyone knows that.” “That's impossible!” Lacking in a basic education she might be, but even she knew that mammals had fur or hair. Plus, dolphins were pretty obviously fish. “But it's true-- and whales are mammals, too.” “That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard!” “You can ask anybody!” “...You're just trying to make me look gullible,” she said, eyes narrowed. “I am not!” “Like that time you told me that gullible was written on the ceiling.” “It was!” “You wrote it there!” “But I was still telling the truth!” he protested. “That's not the point!” “I'm telling you, I'm not making this up. Look, go ask that sailor over there. He'd know.” She crossed her arms. “No thanks. I already know you're wrong.” Nonetheless somehow later that day she found herself asking, casually-- and well out of Edward's earshot-- about the classification of mammals and whales. The answer was not the one she would have preferred hearing. ---- She spent the entire dragonride to the Arisha Isles clinging to Edward's back for dear life. “Mel,” he shouted, over the whipping winds, “you're making it difficult to breathe.” “Don't care!” she shouted back. Edward spent most of the ride talking delightedly to their rider, a bronze-tanned dragonboy who was more than happy to explain the various training procedures and customs of dragonriders. Mel paid no attention to the conversation, more focused on keeping her eyes shut and not thinking about how absurdly high up they were. When at last the ride was over, they disembarked in a clearing of sandy ground next to a huge forest full of unfamiliar trees. Mel fell to the ground and would have kissed it, it was that ridiculously beautiful to her. As it was, she found it difficult to regain her feet, what with the wobbly feeling of the ground heaving underneath her, not to mention the absolute ache in every single muscle of her body. Edward had neglected to mention that dragonrides were not only terrifying, they were unspeakably painful. “How can you even walk?” she hissed at him, as she hobbled along behind him. “What?” He said. “Oh, you're probably saddle-sore. I'm used to it-- used to ride horses all the time.” Stupid spoiled rotten noble prince, she thought bitterly in his direction. And then shrieked as he swung her up onto his back and proceeded to carry her into the forest.
  21. Blurble

    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    except that my whole dropped hint was that Mel was lying to herself about the extet to which she went along with Mel. i.e. she gets upset at what Gyendal says and /forces/ herself to remember "oh wait i was trying to make him jealous" i.e. it's not entirely true but it's what she needs to tell herself. whereas in straight canon (if you're playing with her rejecting all his gifts and thus saying the line about psychotic ex-vampires) she's saying that without any underlying denial...
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    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    "Yay me =_____= *sarcasm* Yeah, even way before I'm a shipper I already thought certain parts of their dialogue sounds just so wrong. I'm glad you gave this warning beforehand. I need to construct a proper mind barrier. Otherwise this story may very well have unwanted effects on my minds. Just saying." Give warning beforehand? I only included the note after. Unless you mean for the rest of the story--- in which case, I don;t think it's going to get much more disturbing than it is now. i.e. essentially tame. With underlying currents of disturbing never explicitly brought up. I only mentioned it because it was one of the three major changes i made to the literal script of what happened in the game-- in the game, Gyendal's pretty creepy as is, but I yoinked it up a bit in your honor. (Truth of the matter I was planning on being much more overt and chickened out...) "Ohey, I braved through the prologue and made it out fine I guess I was just being overly paranoid about the whole thing" ...if you survived this you should probably be fine wit the rest, too.
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    I'm so glad i'm not alone in needing postTDP help! /glee
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    The Darkthrop Prophecy (A Blurble Rewrite)

    (oh, my uma is not so nice. I mean, she's fun-- but not nice. At all. Sorry, but since i was keeping nox creepy instead of... what she was... uma had to be matched to fit.)
  25. Aw... thanks. (Wow, i thought this story was already inching its way towards the graveyard O_O)