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  1. I feel like this must once have existed... In any case, I need this so often for my fics it isn't even funny. I keep blanking on the names of mana and healing items. Are they listed anywhere, including how much they heal and their price? (having to start up a game and travel to a store every time i want to write a fight scene in my fics is getting old. old as cheese. I KEEP USING CHEESE BC IT'S THE ONLY ONE I REMEMBER. heh. cheese.)
  2. Current estimates looking like I will actually make it to a round 40 chapters, if i count the epilogue... woohoo =)
  3. brain-melty is a positive adjective describing your brain melting like ice cream. okay, it sounds not positive but it's positive, trust me. beta is in my case madly nitpicking about absolutely everything. and yeah, I'd probably hack to pieces Rhen's brain-explode, since it stood out as the weakest part of the chapter. Anyway all in due time. Can't beta till I have spare time, can't have spare time till I finish my fics. Must go write like good girl.
  4. kdlfjgkdfjkjdklfjgkjldjkldg. Chapter Two was brain melty. (If you want, I will beta it when I have time. On the other hand, I'm a mean beta. Do you want?)
  5. Yeah I wasn't sure what to call them either, so I went with Highness. Although now it looks a bit too casual. The teacher is the sort to suck up. Oh well.
  6. Oh, and you may appreciate this guide to fight scenes, one sec, lemme dig up the link. Here: (might not be 100% clean, some of her guides aren't, I don't remember) oh this might help also:
  7. HAHA *points and laughs* I've had stories turn on me and betray me more often that I can count.
  8. Edit: I've updated the piece to make several things clearer. (I was considering continuing it so I did) And I added in the great-greats. I wasn't intending to, since it takes up so much space, but you made it impossible not to, aisling. xD
  9. Somehow, while I can only imagine Lars/Rhen having one child (any attempts at imagining a second fall very, very flat) I imagine Mel having simply loads of kids. --------- School was very boring. Mostly it involved grown-ups telling Cael things he knew already. The rest of the time it usually involved the same grown-ups telling Cael he couldn't do things for reasons he didn't understand. For example, when making projects he was only allowed to use a knife with specially rounded edges. This quite obviously made it very difficult to cut properly. At first Cael had assumed that it must be that the school didn't understand how to sharpen knives properly. So he'd brought in a sharpening stone himself, and gone off by himself to sharpen his knife until it had a gleaming, properly razor-fine edge. The teacher had promptly confiscated it. And asked him in a very grown-up tone where he had gotten it. From her, of course. Cael didn't understand why she had to ask. Wasn't it obvious? She'd handed it out that morning, she couldn't possible have forgotten. A few more slightly hysterical questions uncovered the existence of the sharpening stone, and then that had been confiscated too. Cael had been furious the rest of the day. He'd kicked over his classmate's bench and slammed the door when he left for the bathroom. The stone was his! Well, it had once belonged to his parents, but then he'd taken it when they weren't watching. In any case the teacher had no right to steal it! Cael stole it back during lunch. Which turned out to be another one of those things he wasn't allowed to do. --- One day the teacher assigned a special project. A “Genie-ology scroll”. She had explained that genie-ology was very important because it separated nobles from commoners. All nobles had genie-ology but commoners didn't. Cael knew about nobles and commoners, because it was one of those topics Mother tended to get edgy about. Once one of the visitors to the castle had gone on for five minutes about them, and Mother had sort of pursed her lips and then everyone had gone sort of quiet. Then the visitor had been very politely escorted out by the guards and Cael didn't think he'd ever seen him again. And once he'd asked Father about it and Father had said something about “a load of old fools”. And then Mother had entered the room and Father had shushed him quickly. So Cael knew about nobles, but he'd never known that the reason they were nobles was because of genies. He'd never met a genie. His father had told him they were wily and irritating creatures and Cael thought this must explain a lot about nobles. --- That night they ate supper together. This didn't happen every night. Sometimes they ate in the Great Hall at a very big wooden table and Father and Mother were too busy talking to all the guests to pay attention to Cael, so he usually slipped off. But when they could, they ate at a smaller table in a smaller room and then usually there were Questions. “What did you learn in school today?” Mother asked. The usual answer to that was “Nothing”, but today Cael actually had something. “I learned about nobles,” he said. Mother drew in her breath. “Nobles?” She said, very calmly. “And genies.” Cael said, casually lifting his peas on his fork. “...genies.” “Yes. I think it explains a lot,” Cael said, very proud of his reasoning. “Explains a lot about what?” “About nobles.” “Cael,” Mother said, putting down her fork. “I have not the slightest clue what you are talking about.” “We have a project about them,” Cael explained. “Since we're nobles so we should know about our genies.” “Really now?” Father said. --- Eventually it emerged that nobles were not made by genies after all. Cael was immensely disappointed. But Father agreed to help him make his genealogy table, even though Cael thought it was going to be very boring. He drew Father, and above Father he drew Grandfather William and and Grandmother Gwyneth, with heavy suntans. Then on top of that he drew Great-Grandfather Uthar and Great-Grandmother Sylvia and Great-Grandfather Hugo and Great-Grandmother Isabelle and Great-Great Grandfather Teor and Great-Great Grandmother Gueneve and Great-Great Grandfather Melton and Great Great Grandmother Cory and Great-Great Grandfather Austin and Great-Great Grandmother Meliss and Great-Great Grandfather Hugh and Great-Great Grandmother Winifred. He'd never met any of them since they were all dead. Then he drew Mother. Mother didn't have any Grandfathers or Grandmothers at all. She had an evil ancestor, but that was a secret, so Cael didn't draw him in. Anyway the evil ancestor had lived almost as long ago as Rhen Pendragon and that was so long ago Cael couldn't even imagine it. Under Father he drew himself. Then he added Dana, being a crybaby, and Mia. After that there was still room left, so he drew his uncles and aunts. --- The next day they hung their projects up in school. He looked at all the other projects and was satisfied that his was definitely the best. Then the teacher called him over. "Cael," she said, very patiently. "Who are the funny-colored people in your project?" "Oh, that's my grandmother and grandfather," Cael explained. "They went to the Southern Isles and got cooked." "I was not referring to his Highness William and her Highness Gwyneth," the teacher said, wincing. She paused, regathering her patience, and asked "Who is the green man?" "That's my uncle Ulf," Cael said. "But he's not really a man. He's an orc." "An... orc." "Yes. But he doesn't chew off anybody's skulls. I know because I asked. So he's actually kind of boring. Except that he does make potions that go boom!" Cael said, cheerfully. "And why is an orc on your genealogy table?" the teacher asked. "Because he's my uncle, and Father said genealogy is more like a family tree and didn't really involve genies at all. Uncle Ulf is family so he can also be on the tree." "Cael," the teacher said, very kindly. "An uncle is someone who is a sibling to one of your parents." Cael looked back at her innocently. The teacher sighed. "A 'sibling' is like a brother or sister, Cael." Cael rolled his eyes. He already knew that. "Is your Uncle Ulf your mother's sibling or your father's sibling, Cael?" "Neither," Cael said. "But he's still my uncle." He crossed his arms stubbornly. "And what about the white people?" The teacher asked. "That's Aunt Te'ijal and Uncle Galahad. They used to be vampires and even though they're not now Aunt Te'ijal says they're going to be again soon so I drew them in white instead of tan because that's what vampires look like." "Vampires don't exist, Cael." "Yes they do," Cael said. "No they-" the teacher gave up. She smiled in a lop-sided, maniacal way. "And I suppose the winged people are fairies, then?" "Don't be silly," Cael said. "They're Naylithians. Fairies are much smaller." The teacher gave up. Clearly, the crown prince had an overactive imagination. She would have to talk to his parents about that. Note: There were more uncles and aunts, but I think once the teacher got to Yvette she would have had a nervous breakdown.
  10. Well, I updated it just now. I mean. NOTE: Chapter 8 has been updated.
  11. darn don't read it i haven't re-written certain sections of it (read: Father's explosion) yet.
  12. FOR A SECOND I COULD NOT FIND MY DOCUMENT AND I FLIPPED. But I found it. *deep breaths*
  13. Thanks, everyone. Hope not to let you down. -cough- To work!
  14. I like them when they're snarky and dislike each other almost as much if not more than when they're snarky and like each other.
  15. Somehow, while I can only imagine Lars/Rhen having one child (any attempts at imagining a second fall very, very flat) I imagine Mel having simply loads of kids.
  16. Hello =) When I got back I went into shock at how green it is here. And there are squirrels. And it's green! Green! Super green, like, everywhere! Anyway in the two months I was gone my Microsoft Word trial expired. Stupid of me to dl it right before I left. I have a huge project completely un-amaranthia related I want to start on. So I kinda want to wrap up some loose ends... Whatever. Back to writing. Rargh.
  17. GUESS WHAT. I'M HALFWAY TO A THOUSAND GOLD. ...okay if I had actually tried I'd have been there months ago. but. I'M HALFWAY. ...now of course i'll probably leave the site for ages ljfdgdlkjglkdjg irony.
  18. but what, exactly, am i googling for? I feel like trying to find "Aveyond for mac" will not produce helpful results. ...maybe it will?
  19. Thanks everyone. I'm very nervous I will not be able to finish this.
  20. ...dammit. is there anyway a guide could be given on how to jump through those hoops (I seriously want my friend to play this. kfjgklfd)
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