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  1. notice: the forum move broke my table of contents and my on-site list of fics. my fics have been backed up to AO3. link in signature. "I can handle this, back off, slave girl," He says, shoving his way between her and the chicken. "Oh, go cry in a corner why don't you," he says, sending a flash of magic towards the wolf that has her cornered against a tree. "It's not like I'm saying you're weak or anything, it's just that-- no, actually, you're totally weak, what am I saying," he says, when his Lightning Strike downs the griffin. "S-stupid ox got lucky," he says, spitting out blood and a tooth, "Stop smirking at me, you only survived because I covered you-- AAUGH watch where you shove that potion you stupd freak!" "well, isn't this nostalgic," he says, "Just Rhen and Lars, fighting together, plus me keeping your useless butt alive"-- but he's panting heavily from the exertion of keeping the slimes at bay with a steady stream of fireballs, covering her as she drags Elini's unconscious body to slump with Dameon's against a rock before turning her attention back to the fray. "Thanks for that save back there," he says, wiping the dirt and the blood off his face, "if I didn't known better I'd think you knew what you were doing with that whole flailing-around-with-a-sword thing," and with that he turns his attention back to stuffing a cassea leaf down the sun priest's throat (he likes to make it go deep enough that the prat would gag on his way back up). "Yes, well, you know how useless Rhen is, always managing to somehow get herself surrounded by a pack of hyenas all by herself, honestly sometimes it is more trouble than it's worth even trying to keep that girl alive-- What? No, of course I'm not jealous, I am very obviously far more suited to saving the world than she is, do you need your eyes fixed or something?!" "Oh, what's that, you need help finishing off this pack of monsters, what else is a LIGHTNING STORM for ahahahahahaha -- no I am not an evil villain that was not a cackle-- you know what you are stupid, alright? STUPID! Stop laughing at me! I am going to throw this mudball at you, I-- ALRIGHT YOU ASKED FOR IT! MUDFIGHT!" (and then they roll around laughing and every inch of their bodies aches and they are almost dead but they are alive, they are alive, they are alive--) "Seriously, idiot, you need to learn to take better care of yourself," he says, letting her head fall from his lap so fast you'd think he'd been stung, "you don't want people to have nasty things to say about former slaves and their ability to not suck at fighting, am I right? Of course I'm right, I'm always right-- Stop staring at me like that and eat your damn meatloaf." --He coughs violently, wheezing for air and gesturing desperately for someone to get him a glass of water-- "Over-- overprotective? Of Rhen? ME? I am not! I am NOT John if you don't stop laughing I am going to blast your head off-- Galahad-- IT BLOODY DOES EXIST AND YOU WILL BLOODY FEEL IT WHEN I TIME VORTEX YOU INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION IF YOU DON'T STOP GIGGLING LIKE A DERANGED TODDLER-- everyone here is insane, I have no idea why I am still with you guys-- Oh, hi Rhen, I didn't see you there, I am, um, I am, um, I just, um-- oh, never mind-- JOHN I WILL RIP YOUR ENTRAILS OUT WITH MY BARE HANDS I SWEAR." "Oh look, it's down to just the two of us again-- Wanna stay behind me for old time's sake? I'm kidding, I'm kidding, you take left flank, I'll take right, let's take down this big bad demon together, shall we?"
  2. unsure. i have a fairly complicated politics worked out but i just... blargh.
  3. i could actually totally be mixing them up, honestly. the only daevas i got attached to enough to really tell apart were saurva and agas (gee golly i wonder why) (zarich doesn't HAVE to be a girl......even as a cheerleader =D)
  4. of course the daevas are still around. weirdly enough at least one of them might be part of Dameon's computer geek group (i kinda vote indra). They're not really an official group unto themselves though. (ahriman probably has blackmail material on all of them. and other stuff. actually frankly ahriman has blackmail material on most of the school, and is an incredibly manipulative thing, but it's perfectly reasonable to assumes that each of the daevas owes her some extra loyalty for various reasons) Agas is probably the stereotypical bad boy with a leather jacket and a motorbike and obviously he got to join part of the... love pentagon? surrounding Rhen. (for sure at some point he helps her in her investigations of the weird monkey business going on) (truthfully, it's not so much a love pentagon because i didn't plan on developing rhen/dameon beyond a bare minimum implied one-sided attraction on his part. rhen's most heavily interested in Danny (who doesn't attend school with her, being from an insufficiently wealthy, snobby family-- but he provides emotional support for her issues and possibly attends the same after-school hand-to-hand combat classes (have not decided what it should be... karate or something...). after that, there's lars (the prat) and agas (so terrible! so attractive...). somewhere in the back of her mind dameon barely registers as an option (maybe if he had a less ridiculous hairstyle...). (actually, thinking about it, the attraction might go deeper on his side...) (Rhen: always bringing all the boys to her yard...) (further splitting of daevas would stick one or two of them as faces for Agas's biker group? Tawrich almost certainly, maybe someone else) saurva/eithera (as one of my otps) was included as a matter of course.
  5. Ahriman's a girl in this one, yeah =D I did start writing it actually... I dunno, it got bogged down and was less fun to write than to imagine.
  6. I don't think an AU would ruin the fun. I'm never going to actually write it, but I had an awesome Aveyond Highschool AU with YEARBOOK COMMITTEE POLITICS and it was awesome. here's the plot/character summary: 1. Rhen was raised by (Aveyond canon adoptive parents whose names I have forgotten). Once teenaged, a mysterious sunglasses man arrives, to inform her that her actual father is Devin Pendragon, and she gets sort of blackmailed into staying by him. No one knows why Alicia Pendragon dropped her infant daughter at the Taylor's house, and she died shortly thereafter (possibly suicide), so no one got to ask her. 2. While the Pendragons were once rather wealthy, POLITICAL SHENANIGANS have happened and drained the family fortune, so there's a really big mansion filled with pretty much no furniture or anything because everything's been sold and it's all decrepit and whatnot. [d]The mansion is called Thais[/d] 3. Rhen gets accepted into Aveyond High because she qualifies for the scholarship/her father still has barely enough political sway to make it happen. 4. Rhen is friends with the weirdo group, aka Te'ijal, Elini, and John who likes pirates. 5. While Te'ijal is part of the weirdo group she is also a cheerleader. A pretty talented one. The reason she joined the cheerleading squad is absolutely related to the enhanced stalking opportunities it offers re:stereotypical nice-guy jock galahad. 6. Ahriman is the cheerleading squad captain 7. yes. I did just say that. 8. Ahriman and Te'ijal have a weird kind of best frenemies relationship involving things like painting each other's toenails while bonding over how absolutely messed up and psychotic their families are. 9. Gyendal, Te'ijal's younger brother, has a crush on Ahriman that she totally creepily takes advantage of. 10. Ean and Iya are a cute pair of library nerds Enough with the side characters! What about lars! 11. Lars is of course the snobby king of the school (by law this should make him be ahriman's girlfriend, but they mutually loathe each other so he probably has some other queen bee instead like lydia). 12. Rhen's adoptive mother... was the tenobor family's cleaning lady. She used to bring rhen along. Child rhen and lars were therefore friends, until Lars was told that it was unacceptable for him to be friends with the "lower classes" and they had a nasty fight and the friendship ended. things went downhill from there because this wouldn't be rhen/lars if they didn't dislike each other. but... yeah. rhen knows a whole lot of lars's secret vulnerabilities because she used to be the one comforting him when he'd come crying to her (about being disgustingly neglected by his parents) when he was a little kid. 13. the student council is a near powerless identity, like it is in the real world (as opposed to manga... 9_9) but the YEARBOOK COMMITTEE is like the most powerful thing ever. 14. ...How you come across in the yearbook can actually seriously affect your job opportunities and future, and additionally being part of the yearbook committee is considered a hugely prestigious thing to stick on your college application. 15. obviously Lars runs the committee. 16. .....but how and why did Rhen end up on it also??? 17. and then there's hacking and blackmail and theft and pranks and all sorts of other goodness. WILL THE YEARBOOK SURVIVE.
  7. thanks for the art =) and you may headcanon steal away!
  8. bah. I'm sorry. could I also ask you to give me two sentence summaries of all the other daevas personalities and like what Saurva's relationship with them is. (It probably won't even be relevant to the fic I just feel like I need some sense of Saurva's world to write him properly. Even if I do it from Elini's perspective (and I'm leaning more towards Saurva, but we'll see) I still feel a need for more of a sense of him. If you have a general idea of what his motives in life in general are or hey any other information/backstory/anything you have floating around that would be great. I have a vague idea what I'd like to write already but I want it to be meatier and for that I need more character info.. =D
  9. Rhen/Lars while both of them hate each other If there were things in life that Rhen was grateful about, surely high up there on the list was that someone, somewhere, had the foresight to enspell the doors of the dorm rooms so that Rhen didn't have to worry about Lars sneaking in while she wasn't around. She had no doubt he would-- or more likely send a lackey, how the smarmy prat managed to so quickly form a circle of admirers was somethin Rhen didn't want to think about too much for fear of losing all faith in humanity-- because he certainly had managed to attempt everything else. It was fortunate that a subtle rivalry existed between the sorcerors and the swordsingers, enough so that her classmates sort of were on her side. Not really on her side-- no one really was-- but enough so that they didn't trip her in the hallways or any of the other nasty little pranks Lars's more enthusiastic followers got up to. One day she'd opened her locker to discover it absolutely swarming with spiders-- a harmless kind, better than what she'd had to clean our of the Tenobor house. Most of them dispersed (accompanied by shrieks all down the hall) but she grabbed one of the ones that remained by the leg (it obediently dangled the rest of its' body away, and it was a useful trick she'd learned with spiders-- oh, yes, she was quite an expert on spiders, and that was another thing to thank Lars for) and marched over to the study hall, where Lars was sprawled out on one of the chairs, explaining something, to two sorcerors, one of whom was from an older year. She dropped the spider on his face and had the immense satisfaction of hearing him shriek like a little girl as he jumped out of his seat, pawing at his face. "Is it gone?" He said, shuddering wildly. "Is it gone?" "No it's still there-- it just crawled onto your neck--" she lied. He began slapping at his neck and she said "you should be careful, it might be poisonous". This second lie, casually delivered, served to make his face drain completely of color, and he gave a little moan. Had it been anyone else in the universe she might have had pity on him. But it was Lars, and if he hadn't wanted her to take advantage of his arachnophobia he shouldn't have dumped a boxful of ammunition in her locker. "What do I do," he said, standing completely still. "You have to sing to them," she said. "That's what I always did, you know. It's the high pitch-- it knocks them out." And, to her delight, he was actually panic-stricken enough to believe her. He got in a whole three faltering notes before her self-control failed her and she collapsed in helpless laughter. At which point he stopped singing and looked at her, eyes narrowed. "It's not poisonous, is it," he said, very slowly. "It's not on your neck, either" she managed to get out. "I'll remember this," he hissed, dangerously cold. This was too much to her and she burst into fresh peals of laughter. "S-s-so will they!" she said, gesturing at the rest of the study hall. Most of them were staring, although at her gesture they all became somehow very busily involved in something very important. No, it wasn't going to be quickly forgotten, Lars Tenobor, making a fool of himself because of some silly little brownling spider. is different from Rhen/Lars when they are being very grudgingly forced to if not respect than at least rely on each other She was, as far as he could tell, on her last legs, fighting off one of the three wolves that had attacked them. Good, he thought, out of habit, but it wasn't good, because while one of the three was lying, bleeding and unconscious, on the ground, the one he was currently fending off was still very much doing well, and he couldn't handle two of them at once. If Rhen passed out, it was very likely he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. And then-- He moved, sending a blast of magic to cover her. -to be continued, maybe- is different from Rhen/Lars once Lars is fighting off (with a giant stick) awareness of his growing crush is different from Rhen/Lars post-apology, is different from Rhen/Lars when they finally get their act together and become the couple WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE. (which involves a few stages of Rhen realization first)
  10. @Indra-- it doesn't need to be hugely creative. just a description of what kind of scene you're going for here. R/L is pretty broad-- a prompt would be like "Rhen has to save Lars's skinny sorcerer behind from a pack of enraged slimes" or something... Specifying approximately where in the relationship arc would also help. Rhen/Lars while both of them hate eachother (up till shortly after they start adventuring together) is different from Rhen/Lars when they are being very grudgingly forced to if not respect than at least rely on each other, is different from Rhen/Lars once Lars is fighting off (with a giant stick) awareness of his growing crush, is different from Rhen/Lars post-apology, is different from Rhen/Lars when they finally get their act together and become the couple WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE. (which involves a few stages of Rhen realization first) ....okay never mind, forget it, I appear to have prompted myself. But for future reference yeah. A few details sets the brain juices working. --- @Lindrah 1. Thank you! -blush- 2. Could you tell me what your personal Saurva is like? Daevas' personalities differ per person's fanon, and I can't really write him if I don't know what he's like. (In daeva_agas's first (second? the one before the current) round of personalities, I was a Saurva/Eithera shipper... -remembering the mafia AU where Eithera was an undercover cop-) 3. there's a reason for gender skew on these issues. that forcing attention on an unwilling woman was taboo was a form of protection that, well, women needed more than men. A man can be assumed to usually be able to at least physically push off a woman's unwanted physical attention (as constrained by whatever level of concern he has to not bruise her badly in the process) and a woman cannot (be assumed to be able to do that. some can, plenty can't). (similarly, the taboo against hitting girls, which does not go in both directions. well, male metabolisms much more naturally metabolize muscle over fat. an average boy is stronger than an average girl, and a strong boy is stronger than a strong girl...) There are of course no end of additional factors that could nonetheless make it unacceptable. Like stealing someone's soul, for example. But the default interpretation and the emotional reaction it inspires are for that reason. (The other reason being that all (single, available) men are assumed to be flattered by the interest of a woman more so than women are assumed to be flattered by the interest of a man. This is of course not really true or fair, but I assume has a biological basis.) (I was personally thinking of a story I'm familiar with, when a (married, and also somewhat innocent/sheltered) man was harassed by a coworker... actually, the level of harassment she got away with there would absolutely not have been tolerated in a man, so it's another sign of the double standard that it wasn't at all self-evident that he should sue her like mad. (I don't think he did, and now I'm trying to think if men ever file harassment suits...) the point being. while every social norm has countless unacceptable exceptions (female domestic violence springs to mind as well) it's not like they all sprang out of the ether of close-minded sexism... --- (the strong boy/girl thing of course came up in writing Renn. When Lara is a small, weak girl ("small" comes from kirroha, who described a sizable height difference between the two of them, "weak" as a carryover from my Lars being a total wimp and my headcanon about sorcerer stereotypes in general), it is rather shocking for Renn (quite strong, as a carryover from Rhen being quite strong, and perfectly reasonable canonically if he was a village boy doing physical labor) to be as physically aggressive as he is in what I wrote... It also means that he would probably feel a (grudging, bitter) need to protect Lara when she comes along (as opposed to Rhen blithely letting Lars get cassea'd as often as possible. (Because they totally do that in the beginning, letting each other get half killed. "Oh, i'm sorry, I didn't realize you'd be so useless oh wait actually I totally did".) He probably gets himself injured a lot trying to protect her from attacks and she probably hates him even more for it and they have this nasty little passive-aggressive thing going on between them for a while which eases off once Elin joins the party. In fact I imagine that unlike Rhen/Lars, it probably really needs a third person there to give them enough space to start overcoming their resentment, because Renn would refuse to take out his hatred the way Rhen would and that means it all gets bottled up and becomes stronger... Really thinking about it more... there's not just the issue of the two of them having less of an outlet to clear the air, Lara would also feel more looked down upon than Lars would, what with Renn being a noble idiot protecting her while hating her guts, which means she'd be even snottier... yeah, oh boy, those two definitely do not start reconciling until after Elin joins. Possibly well after.
  11. a prompt of some kind would be appreciated
  12. Te'ijal as a man is incredibly disturbing. The only reason Te'ijal as a woman is less so is because of that trope wherein if the woman is doing the harassment it's okay. (it's not). But yeah, because of reverse sexism, when Te'ijal's a woman you don't see how creepy it is for someone to steal someone's soul and return it only on the condition that they marry you. another example of reverse sexism is that Lara's behavior becomes a shade more acceptable when she's a girl, because girl being mean to boy > boy being mean to girl....
  13. (blurble rambles on about pairing dynamics): Actually writing Renn/Lara is weird because a lot of the relationship dynamic shifts. I think Rhen always had a protective side but it would certainly be a more obvious thing-- I have to be the protector-- in Renn. also "Pet" is a way more affectionate obnoxious nickname than "Peta"... 9_9 Heh. Actually thinking about it R/L had in my mind mild gender-dissonance-- it was always obvious to me that Lars was a wimp and Rhen was way stronger than him-- but that dynamic becomes very different when Renn is stronger, and male, and Lars is weaker, and female, than when Rhen was the stronger girl. And the defining feature of Lars (to me) was always perfectly maintained confidence (even when not confident) versus Rhen's lack of confidence, which again becomes something different when it's Lara being confident. Mmm. Anyway. The point is, I was thinking about what would draw me to R/L again, in a genderswapped pairing. which would have to be, fundamentally, the core elements that drew me there before-- not just the standard reason, (which is that there's something so much more satisfying about a relationship that took work, rather than just emerging from fluffy nothingness a la Danny or was based on complete lies a la Dameon). --- In a pairing, there should be admiration. Admiring the other person comes from admiring what the other person naturally has, that you naturally need. The other half of the coin is understanding, is the things you share in common-- the sense of humor, the core values-- but for attraction there should be in the other person the thing you want in yourself that you lack. Hence, with Renn/Lara-- it would be Renn who would considerate, reliable, hardworking, sincere. And Lara who is confident, capable of reading other people easily, always landing on her feet. I imagine that once again it would Be L falling first-- Well, with both male and female L I think there was a subconscious attraction to R from fairly early on, suppressed by social taboos and prejudices and whatnot, so lots of telling him/herself what a terrible person R is, and then once they start traveling together it becomes really hard to miss R's various positive traits, how different s/he is in terms of patience and perseverance and grit. and it forces L to try harder-- well, really, the two of them force each other to try harder because they both hate losing-- and it seems inevitable that L would come to admire R. Whereas there's a lot less to immediately, obviously admire in L, because externally s/he's just not a very nice person, and so it would take more time, also for L to mature into less of a snot. But afterwards it makes sense that R would appreciate, both all the parts of L that L keeps very desperately hidden (integrity, kindness, hurt) and also everything L is good at that R is not. Because R is too serious and intense and gets too stuck in her own responsibility.
  14. In which genderflipped Te'ijal/Galahad is really rather disturbing After a few days the boys decided something needed to be done. It was Renn who called Te'ijal over to the side, asking if they could talk. Renn got along, in an odd sort of way, with Te'ijal. But all of the boys were there. "Listen," Renn said. "You can't keep doing that." "Doing what?" Te'ijal said, his easy, lopsided smile stretched cheerily across his face. "You know," Elini said. "In Veldt there's a term for a man who imposes unwanted attentions on a woman." "It's not unwanted," Te'ijal said. "She said she doesn't want you to touch her!" Mar said. He was grinding his teeth, but that was how he always talked, like he was about to explode in rage. "She just doesn't realize yet, what she wants," Te'ijal said. "It doesn't matter, what she realizes or not. If she says she wants you to stop, you stop," Renn said. "Otherwise... Otherwise, we are going to have to ask you to leave." "...Leave?" Te'ijal said. He looked, for a moment, almost panic-stricken. "You cannot stay with us if you keep harassing Galahad," Renn said. "Right," Elin and Mar chorused in agreement. --- Galahad came and thanked all three of them, individually, afterwards. And she stopped waking up to discover Te'ijal wrapped around her. The no-touching policy was rapidly expanded to a "no touching and no comments" policy. It got to the stage where every time Te'ijal so much as opened his mouth in Galahad's presence he had the three boys glaring him into submission. So there was no more waking up to Te'ijal having snuck into her tent, again. And no more far-too-familiar physical contact when they fought, Te'ijal's hand brushing against her waist as he turned to slash down another monster. Te'ijal had decided to be a gentleman, and this was evidently a very difficult thing for Te'ijal to do. He brought gifts. He held doors open (with a light smirk. Because both Te'ijal and Galahad knew full well that Galahad could open doors just fine on her own). And he never called Galahad "cupcake" or "treat" or "precious". No, he called her "Galahad". But he said it always, in a low whisper. Pulling the name out. Playing with it. And he'd watch the blood rise to her face and smile. In which Renn is horrified to realize that Lara is not, in fact, horrifically ugly They were out of cassea leaves, which was a stupid, stupid, stupid oversight. And half of the party was passed out. Actually Renn would have rather been carrying Galahad. If only to keep her out of Te'ijal's hands, but Te'ijal had dashed over to Galahad's fallen body so fast no one could have hoped to beat him. Renn had even tentatively suggested that maybe he should take her. But Te'ijal had glared, for a moment truly terrifying, lips drawn back to show fangs. Then he relaxed, and smiled. "I won't eat her," he said. "I'm taking it slow, like you suggested." Actually, that had not been-- not quite-- what Renn had suggested. But after a while Renn had started to realize it was a hopeless battle. If you were a vampire who might very well live close to forever, there was very little you could be told to get you to really back off the object of your interest. Anyway, that left Mar to carry Elin and Renn.. carrying Lara. She was very light in his arms. Breathing shallowly, blood oozing out of her cuts. She always walked with a sort of careless grace but she fought like a demon. Odd, how he'd come to rely on her, considering how bitterly opposed he'd been to having her join him. "Reliable" was not a word he would ever have imagined applying to Lara Tenobor. And yet... the world was full of surprises, really. It was weird carrying a girl. Her head resting against his shoulder. Only a little bit further to walk, and they'd be back in town, and someone could run ahead and buy some cassea leaves. ("Someone" being Jane, of course). In his arms, Lara groaned. She was sweating, her face twisted in pain. How many hits had she taken before she'd fallen? He'd tried to move, to cover her, but Elin had been down to his knees and there was another monster in the way-- He was supposed to be the leader, protecting everyone, and sometimes he was scared he couldn't do it, couldn't protect anyone-- "Sorry," he whispered. He didn't expect a response, he was pretty sure she was essentially unconscious, but to his surprise she stirred and said-- "Idiot." There was no real acid to her voice, exhausted and taut with pain. But-- exasperation, a little. "Not your fault..." her voice trailed off, her eyes closing. His hands weren't exactly in position, but he wanted-- wanted to brush away the hairs that had fallen across Lara's face, tuck them behind her ear. He froze at the thought, at the shiver that ran through his body. What was he thinking? This was Lara. The snotty little brat who had made his life a living hell. The short, cocky little pain. Hardly a real girl, she was so full of herself, so arrogant, so-- But when they entered the city and he laid her, carefully, on a bench, to wait for the cassea leaves, he couldn't help but notice-- Lara smelled like wildflowers.
  15. In order to write Renn/Lara drablets set later in the story than what you have, I would need to invent my own timeline. So here it is. Renn/Lara learn together in the academy. Lara's habit of calling him "Pet" starts some fairly strange aka totally predictable rumors about them. Renn has a fanclub (because my personal fanon based on your first few chapters is that Renn is a giant chick magnet), and in theory the fanclub might try to pull cliche japanese manga-esque pranks on Lara but she pretty much intimidates/terrifies all of them into submission (Renn, blissfully unaware of any and all females but Dayna, is also blissfully unaware of his fanclub and of everything else). I'm not sure how Lara manages to get allowed to accompany Renn on the quest (as a girl, protecting a boy comes off as a somewhat lamer reason). But we'll assume that (like anyway might have been implied in the game) Lara is by far the strongest sorceror in their grade and let's just say in all the current grades of the school. Maybe there are some other reasons, as well. (I imagine there must be, for the Empress to overrule Renn's objections. Not that it made sense in the game either. [d]Let's pretend male!Talia and the Emperor are R/L shippers[/d]. I'm all in favor of the oracle having said that Renn's quest will only succeed if Lara goes along. No need for anyone to mention this to Renn because no one ever tells Renn anything anyway) --- I don't know what your genderflipped names are, so I'm just going to use the same names but the genders will be different. edit: halfway through, abandoned that, end ended up with elin and mar. weirdly enough teijal AND galahad stay the same. jane i got from the poll in your thread. if you tell me the correct name i'll fix it.
  16. Father had been talking about buying a new slave for months, ever since stupid, useless Cissy had gotten herself bought by that man from the harbor. Of course it was going to be a girl, that much was obvious. But Lara could still sort of dream, what kind of girl it would be. She didn't discuss this with Father. Slaves were lowly creatures. It wasn't like they would be friends or anything. But maybe someone who could-- It wasn't like Lara needed anything. Lara was fine. She had the best tailored dresses, custom-made. It took her less than an hour each day to arrange her hair. Still. Someone she could actually talk to, occasionally-- Father wasn't a very good person to talk to, and Hara and Yelli were... well. It was complicated. Lara did not miss her mother, of course. That would be a weakness, and Lara wasn't weak. Plus it wasn't like she'd ever met her anyway. And Father never spoke about her. Also she was fine, but still. She hoped the new slave girl would be interesting. --- Only it wasn't a girl. It was a boy! A big, hulking, sullen lout of a boy. Any and all dreams of the new slave helping her get dressed, complimenting Lara on what Lara already knew was excellent taste in fashion, flew out the window. Plus there was something-- ugh. There was something irritating about this slave boy. He barely spoke. He submitted mutely to the many blows her father gave him, submitted mutely to Father's instructions and Lara's, and yet-- and yet it was like there was something, underneath, like resentment or rebellion or-- disdain. It was like the slave was looking down on them. It took Lara maybe a day before she hated him more thoroughly than anyone she'd ever met in her life. --- Lara knew for months that the Academy testers were coming. She knew also that she would pass. She'd always known she had magic, she'd practiced little tricks with it-- it was hard, a little, doing it uncontrolled and she couldn't manage very much. The day they came she spent an additional two hours getting dressed. Actually she'd woken up early, too overcome with excitement, and then she'd tried on every single one of her dresses twice. None of them seemed good enough. Finally she'd settled on The black and gold-- it did the nicest things for her complexion. She wandered down to the kitchen, yawning luxuriously. The pancakes were cold. Lara, who didn't really mind cold pancakes-- even though hot pancakes were definitely better-- merely clucked her tongue in annoyance, but she saw her father shooting the slave boy a glance. He was probably in for another beating later. Really, if only the boy wouldn't be so stoic through his beatings, refusing to utter a sound. It drove Father crazy, she knew that. But of course, the slave seemed to think he was better than them. She slammed the door in his face, for good measure-- he dodged out of the way, but his bucket of dirty water went sloshing over the floor. Lara breathed in, dangerously. If any of that stuff had gotten on her dress-- But it hadn't. So she contented herself with a little smirk. "Clean it up, Pet," she said, "The envoys from Shadwood Academy are going to be here any second now. We even left the door open for them. If they came in and see the mess you've done, you've got something coming." She knew what came next-- He would look at her, for a moment, his eyes narrowing, and then turn to do what she'd asked. So boring, this slave boy. Maybe it wasn't even that he was rebellious. Maybe he was just stupid-- stupider than Cissy, hard as that was to believe possible. He did, indeed, meet her eyes. The same look of dull hatred. Same old, same old. But he didn't look away. She waited, for him to turn and do what she'd asked. He didn't look away. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides, he was glaring at her, she wasn't going to be the first to look away-- But she couldn't, somehow, maintain contact with his eyes, burning darkly into hers, and so she gave a little laugh and rolled her eyes-- "Why don't you do it, little miss princess?" The slave boy hissed, his voice laden with venom. She felt her mouth drop open. The-- how dare-- She closed her mouth, made herself smirk instead. One never, ever lets a slave think he has the upper hand. "Father!" she called, "The Pet is talking bac-" She slammed, hard, against the wall, all the breath knocked out of her. The-- The slave had slammed her against the wall. His hand was pressed against her mouth-- she struggled, slapping at him futilely. Aia, he was strong. "Shut up," he said, not that she could do anything else, his hand, big and calloused, was pressed so tightly against her mouth she couldn't breathe, "Shut the heck up, Lara, if you know what's good for you." He was terrifying. She thought, with a sudden horrified certainty, he's going to kill me. The panic washed up in her so strong that-- There was a flash-- His grip loosened and she slumped against the wall for support, gulping in air-- But reminded, now, that she had magic, she sent another bolt of the stuff, zigzagging badly-- So many bizarre things happened that day, but what came next was by far the most bizarre-- the slave boy grabbed a stick lying on the floor and raised it in front of himself, and there was a flare of light-- too bright, blinding-- "If you'll excuse us," said a smooth voice, and Lara turned, horrified, to see the Shadwood Academy representatives standing in the door. --- (to be continued?)
  17. Emma/Rye... okay, to be honest, I barely remember those two. Can you remind me what their relationship dynamic and arc was like?
  18. ...because I should be studying for my finals and I miss this fandom. =) --- directory: Renn/Lara more Renn/Lara, and genderflipped T/G from same universe Rhen/Lars through the stages (yes there's currently only R/L going on here... don't let it discourage you! prompt away!)
  19. You are making me relive my dream of rewriting this (smoothing out some bits, adding more Lars POV and possibly an additional subplot) but I keep telling myself that if I'm going to write I should write original fiction... -sigh-.... Anyway thank you =) Made me smile
  20. "I'd like an audience with the Empress," he'd said, and they'd laughed at him. He wondered if that was the sort of thing that would have stopped him, once upon a time. Now, though... They looked at him a bit oddly when he smiled. He supposed his smiling muscles were a bit out of practice. It took very little effort to find out there would be a ball the next night. Maybe he wouldn't have waited, but there were things he felt he should do before meeting her, so he decided to let the ball be his opportunity. It took even less effort to make his way in-- aside from stealing a set of proper clothing, he'd spent the afternoon practicing that weird thing that had happened that morning, and discovered that he could sort of make it happen at will for a few fractions for fractions of fractions of a moment, which was really all that was necessary-- only one guard took interest in him as he walked in confidently, and then Dhacian was across the room and the guard was left blinking, confused. The ball was loud. There were humans. There were mostly humans. Filling up the palace like they belonged there. Of course Ryler had picked up bits and pieces and actually quite a lot about how much things had changed since he'd been gone-- that was the other thing he'd done, during the time he's waited, confirm that the Skyborns magic was gone, like the world lurching out of balance. Actually everything was very different and maybe he would have spent more time thinking about it if he cared. He didn't. Still, it was strange, to see all the humans, striding around like they owned the place which apparently they somewhat did. Not really relevant, though. It didn't matter. He pressed his way through the crowds. He couldn't see her. It didn't matter. He knew where she was. He knew like the adamant knew which way was north. She was surrounded by a small circle-- two at least were guards, they tried to push him away but he pressed past them, ignoring them-- "Hello," he said. He watched her eyes widen, her mouth fall slightly open. He watched her heart stop. Then her mouth closed and her expression became the same blank, neutral expression he hated so much. Hated her. Just seeing her, Void how he hated her, in his bones skin fingers. "May I have this dance?" He looked at her straight in the eyes, smiling slightly, watching her, watching her breathe, it felt like he could feel the pulse in her throat. Quickening like his. The people around her murmured, in protest, of course she couldn't-- "Yes," she said, her gaze dropping, not meeting his. She said it with a sort of quiet resignation. "Aren't you happy to see me?" He said, guiding her onto the floor, a little too forceful, mine. "I thought you were dead," she said, softly. She was holding herself very straight, moving smoothly, the same effortless grace she always had. Even when she'd shown up, some strange half-wild hermit creature, she was always graceful. Poised. Powerful. He could feel her trembling. "You do keep managing to kill me," he said. "But I knew you weren't," she said, even softer. He paused for a fraction of a second, awkwardly missing a beat of the dance. Recovered quickly. "Hmm?" He said. "I knew you weren't. Dead. I knew." She said. "Don't be ridiculous," he said, suddenly furious. "I knew you'd come back," she said. "I waited." "Waited?" He said. "You know what I intend to do." "Maybe," she said. "I have spent so many years having my revenge stolen from me," he said. "I- I know," she said. "I'm going to kill you," he said. "By the time this night is over you'll be dead. And I'll double-check to make sure it's the real thing." "Okay," she said. He gritted his teeth. "Maybe I'll kill you now, actually. Why take a risk that you'll slip away," he said. "...Okay," she said. Her gaze dropped downwards. "That's it?" He hissed. "You're not even going to try-- to try, even, fighting back--" "I missed you," she said. "I missed you so, so much." He abandoned all pretense of continuing the dance. They had circled all the way to the opposite edge of the ballroom. He shook her, hard, his fingers driving into the bare skin of her arms. "Fight me, dammit," he hissed. "You disgusting-- you disgusting coward, how dare you, how dare you kill me, and kill me again, and not fight back." She didn't answer. She was breathing raggedly, her hands had come up somehow and they were clutching, somehow, his arms. "I hate you," he said. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you," and somehow the space between them had disappeared and his hands were on her shoulders and on the small of her back and running through her hair and he was falling and he was falling and he was falling.
  21. man, i wish i remembered what the heck my plans for this story were. -sigh- (I guess it works okay as a drabble i just happen to know i had more planned, once upon a time)
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