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  1. Three girls helped her put the dress on. Three! When she was a proper queen there would be five! If she’d been harboring any last minute doubts about what she was about to do they would have been washed away in the utter ridiculousness of Rhen Darzon, a former slave slash savior of the world, being expected to be unable to put her clothing on. Actually, the fact that she actually was unable to put her clothing on would probably have done it. The corset, the petticoats... She kept expecting some monster to jump out and attack her and she’d go down screaming and die, all because she couldn’t move efficiently when wearing a mountain of fabric. Now that she was in the dress, though, it would probably take a miracle to get it off. Oh well. She hadn’t had a moment to herself since defeating Ahriman, not a single opportunity to escape. Well, here was the opportunity, and she wasn’t going to squander it getting out of the dress. She was expected to make her way down to the wedding on her own now, but if she took too long they would send someone to find her. And at that point she needed to be sure that the only thing they would find would be her letter. She’d already thought this out. She couldn’t head anywhere straight, because the future queen couldn’t exactly wander out of the city in her wedding gown, now could she? She took a last look around and pulled out the Aveyond portal stone, rubbed it between her hands and felt it warm to life. Behind her on the desk lay a neatly folded sheet of paper. Dameon- Thais is all yours, now. I’m sure you can handle it, you always struck me as uniquely suited to the job. Have fun! Love, Rhen ([d]I’m sorry about leavi[/d] Find yourself a pretty girl that a daeva didn’t tell you seduce, okay? And maybe consider growing your hair out.) --- “Ahem”. The chancellor, standing stiffly in the doorway, looked impatient. He was the sort of person very talented at looking impatient, a skinny bald man that Dameon had not particularly disliked until just now. Once again, the man cleared his throat loudly. Dameon turned the note over in his hands. It felt like the hundredth, thousandth time, but it was probably just the… fifteenth, maybe? Twentieth? Who was counting how many times he had futilely searched for even a line of explanation on this stupid sheet of paper? There was one, really. The crossed out apology and the hastily scrawled line next to it, written in sloppy forceful handwriting in contrast to the neat loops of the line above. They gave plenty of explanation as to why Rhen Darzon- Rhen Pendragon- had run away. They just gave no information as to why she had never simply told him, let him see an inkling of her doubts or frustrations. Why she hadn’t trusted- Well, that was the central issue, wasn’t it. They had been so close! She had changed him! She had made him into a better person, she had saved him from the dark side… And he had… he had… He had been someone she liked, hadn’t he? She’d blushed every time he talked to her! The chancellor coughed. “If you’ll excuse me… but if you are quite done examining the note, there are still several rather important ceremonies left to attend.” “I- um. Sorry, what?” “Ceremonies. To attend.” “But...but the wedding is off! There shouldn’t be any ceremonies to attend.” “Yes, that will require a cancellation ceremony, big pain, I agree. But there is still a coronation to attend, as well as an official dedication of the future site of Thais castle, as well as a fundraising event, and all this before the day is done. There really is no time to waste.” He said the final sentence disdainfully, dropping the final word like something unpleasant. “I’m sorry, I don’t quite understa-” “You are now the new king of Thais, there are duties you have to fulfill.” “Why am I the king?” “Well, firstly, because that was one of the things settled during the pre-marriage stage. Thais is traditionally ruled by a King, with a queen to produce heirs. When only a female heir is available, her spouse becomes the next king.” “But I’m not her spouse.” “Well, according to common law, no, but according to the Thaian legal system you have already acquired all her rights during the engagement process. As she has not properly reclaimed them- and you have written proof of that right there,” he said, gesturing to the paper, “you are obviously still in line for the throne.” If Rhen was here she would be furious, listening to this man. If Rhen was here… He looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. Not the last line, that made his heart ache. I’m sure you can handle it, you always struck me as uniquely suited to the job. He owed her… YOU OWE HER NOTHING. A part of his mind screamed. SHE LEFT YOU AT THE ALTAR! But he could turn that to his advantage, couldn’t he? He already knew all the nobles by name, rank, and personal flaws. He could already see just how he was going to have to spin this… In his head he felt the sudden exhilaration of power, and panicked. This felt too much like what it had been like serving under Ahriman, watching the world turn at his whim. It was dangerous. He would have to watch himself very carefully, as he got to work fixing up this mess of a city that Rhen- pang in his heart and a painful tightening in his chest when he thought her name, and how could he use that? His subjects’ pity could be turned to love and loyalty, it wasn’t a bad place to start… He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked at the unsuspecting chancellor, standing there so irritatingly, blissfully unaware that as soon as Dameon was king he was going to be cleaning horse stables. But there was no need for him to know that yet… Dameon smiled to himself. “Very well, he said, composing his feature into the perfect semblance of a nobly oppressed lord rising to take a necessary burden, “we shall go”. Ambiguously royal we, he thought, nice touch. And the pain in his heart and his head were just the tempo of a new life, starting... now. ---- She battled her way through the snowy northern continent with practiced ease, making her way along a path to the dock that she’s taken many times before, and felt a swell of nostalgia as she dispatched with ease the monsters that once upon a time had been such frustrating barriers to getting where she needed to go. Alone in the wilderness, she had plenty of time to start feeling guilty. Sure, Dameon had started off knowingly using her but even she wasn’t blind enough to not notice that things had changed, tat in the weeks leading up to the wedding he had looked at her with real devotion. At the time it had made her feel even more chained but in retrospect she began to feel like scum. It was just… the person Dameon had fallen in love with had been real, not a figment of the imagination crossed with wishful thinking. Maybe that wasn’t true. Maybe Dameon had fallen in love with a fantasy just as much as she had. Because the person Dameon loved was almost definitely not someone who had led him on, and then left him on the wedding day- Oh, she wished she’d had a chance to escape earlier. It would have made things so much simpler. At that, a fresh wave of guilt started, and she ruthlessly suppressed it. Dameon would recover, and it was better to have this over with now rather than going through the motions of a loveless marriage. And there, past a pair of easily dispatched snow-wolves, was the dock. “Where to?” The ferryman asked. “Eastern Continent,” she breathed, without even thinking, as she stepped into the boat. Veldarah. It was the natural, instinctive choice. The empress who had been her salvation could be so once again. And… Clearwater was a distant dream. Returning there had been a surreal experience, compounded by the discovery that her parents were not her blood parents, merely her adoptive ones. She suppressed that line of thought. She was Rhen Darzon, not Rhen Pendragon. She felt a vague fondness for Devin, nothing more, and not even a recollection of her deceased blood mother, Alicia (who had apparently also not been fond of being royalty, even if she had gone along in the end). Ma and Pa were still her true parents. But she’d grown up and left the nest, and Clearwater wasn’t… There had been a house in Sedona. But she’d handed it over to Mad Marge, who had grand dreams of transforming it into a massively lucrative inn. By now all the familiar rooms had probably been gutted, crammed with beds instead. And it was too full of memories that clung to the walls and whispered. But Veldarah- and just the name made her heart ache, in a pleasant way. It had come to feel like home, and each time she’d returned there she’d been pleasantly surprised to see that the feeling remained, even as her visits grew rarer and rarer. Truthfully, her bitter memories of the eastern continent were more than matched by her happy ones, in the one place where people remembered both Rhen the girl and Rhen the heroine, not just one-or-the-other. It also meant, though, that she was going to have to deal with a certain green-haired sorcerer sooner or later. Not something she was looking forward to. Well, first she’d- No, first she’d buy some clothing, change out of this dress, clean herself up. Then she’d visit the empress. Pay her respects, request permission to settle (she had never stopped being a citizen of Veldarah, heck she still had that token that had declared her “property of the empress” somewhere), apologize for any possibly future diplomatic difficulties with Thais- Nah, Dameon wouldn’t… Would he? And then she’d go to Shadwood Academy and inquire about a teaching job. And then maybe find some other things to do. For a few years, say. There was no need to hurry a confrontation with Lars. Procrastination, the grand cure of all life’s ills. She should be able to avoid Lars for a long time, if she put enough effort into it.
  2. Uncertainty Principle: The thing about seeing the future is that, because you can never judge the velocity and mass of a particle at the same time, you can only ever make rough estimates, probability predictions of what will be. The Oracle doesn’t tell anyone that, though. She likes being omniscient. All she needs to do is choose the options with the highest probability. The orphan girl with a 90% chance of using the fairy dust, for example. Talia Maurva had just been a case of necessity- no one else with a higher rating than 42% of preventing Ahriman from being raised was being born anytime soon and if she had waited much longer there would have been a 94% chance of her carefully maintained world ending rather… painfully. And after the world is saved? The Oracle was a very generous person. She didn’t leave her noble heroes adrift to make bad decisions; she did, after all, owe them a debt of gratitude. And so she always gave them the decisions she saw would work best, and was pleased at their glowing smiles of gratitude as they accepted her wisdom and embarked on a new life. --- Rhen smiled gratefully at the Oracle, accepting the wisdom she had been granted. Her cheeks ached from the effort of maintaining the expression, and behind the slight, modest tilt of her head her mind was racing furiously. What she wanted was a moment or two to properly consider her options. But the Oracle wasn’t granting that- her steely gaze held Rhen pinned. What should she choose? Dameon? Oh, a thousand hells no. It came with a price tag, for one thing- and she didn’t want to be queen, she didn’t want to be queen at all, the thought of being forced into associating only with nobles for the rest of her life (not an entirely bad breed, nobles, merely a mostly bad one) made her feel an immediate need to jump off a cliff. And Dameon himself… She was furious at him. They could probably be friends again when she got around to forgiving him, but she needed time to do that, not a hastily imposed marriage. Actually, marriage would probably ruin any chance she had of reconciliation. And they weren’t going to be more than friends any time soon, because friends could betray you and be forgiven but more-than-friends were held to higher standards. And in any case she would have to start being friends with the real Dameon now, not the fake one he’d been using all this time to- She shuddered despite herself- seduce her. She had no idea who the real Dameon was. She didn’t want to find out only after a marriage. So. Not Dameon, then. Marry Danny? Not that she couldn’t understand the possibility- she still felt a warm fuzzy glow when she thought of him, it was just… that she hadn’t, in fact, thought of him for months now. She’d found his vampire-drained body and revived him, and that had briefly brought him back to her awareness- she appreciated his coming to save her, she did, really, even if he had come too late. But he belonged to some other, completely different life in which a girl that she was not, anymore, lived happily and peacefully in a small town. Sometimes, frankly, she forgot he existed. And while it wasn’t like she was a romantic or anything (except she was, deep down)- she nevertheless had a hunch that marrying someone who only with conscious effort existed in your mind was probably not the most… exciting thing in the world, to say the least. Option three didn’t involve marrying anyone. It could have been a wonderful option. She had an extremely strong suspicion the Oracle didn’t want her choosing it. It was just the way she sensed certain choices being weighted. Like when she had a choice between the sunscreen and the 200 gold- who in their right mind would have taken the gold? That was the vibe she was getting here. The Oracle probably liked marrying people off. Because otherwise why in the seven heavens would the only non-marriage option involve living in seclusion for the rest of her life??? That was basically what hermitage amounted to. What, had single-ness become an infectious disease that needed to be quarantined off from the rest of humanity? And she didn’t even necessarily want to be single, she just wanted more damn time. To get things straight in her head. To rinse off the blood. There were only three options. The silence had extended for too long, everyone was shifting uncomfortably, probably wondering what was taking Rhen so long- Oh, easy for you, she thought sourly, you’re not the ones deciding the rest of your future- and the Oracle was still smiling that benign, patronizing smile. Probably convinced that these were the most wonderful options in the world and Rhen just couldn’t decide which was the most wonderful. (Rhen decided that she had probably started disliking the Oracle way back in the chamber of the Empress when she and Talia had made a wonderfully obscure, cryptic pair, like the world would end if someone actually went to the trouble of explaining things properly to Rhen. Actually, when had she become so bitter? She'd used to be a bright, cheerful girl… Oh right. Then Talia had shoved a priestess ring on her finger without any explanation and she’d been shipped away from her family and enslaved on the other side of the world to a fat nasty woman and her bratty nasty son. Nevermind, then.) Think, Rhen Darzon, use your lovely brain. There must be some way out of this. She took a deep breath, and somewhere at the end of a tunnel a light began to glow. “I’d like to marry Dameon”.
  3. notice: the forum move broke my table of contents and my on-site list of fics. my fics have been backed up to AO3. link in signature. (Halfway through writing chapter one I discovered that Build C has a RhenxLars ending. ...In the end, I decided not to discard this. I'm sure the ending will be happy-making, but I have a whole slew of RxL scenes in my head that follow the storyline I started to develop here.) Alright, enough about that. The story. In which Rhen Darzon, in a display of defiance that she definitely inherited from her blood mother, runs away from her own wedding and discovers that 1. She's not as famous as she thinks she is 2. Teaching swordsingers is not as easy as being one 3. Lars is a pompous jerk. Actually, she knew that one already. Table of Contents: -A Prologue of Sorts (Below) -Chapter One (Below) -Chapter Two (Below) -Chapter Three (Below) -Chapter Four (Below) -Chapter Five (Below) -Chapter Six (Page 2) -Chapter Seven (Page 2) -Chapter Eight (Page 3) -Chapter Nine (Page 4) -Chapter Ten (Page 5) -Chapter Eleven (Page 7) -Remnants of Chapter Twelve (Page 8 ) -Chapter Thirteen (Page 8 ) -Chapter Fourteen (Page 8 ) -Chapter Fifteen (Page 9) -Chapter Sixteen (Page 9) -Chapter Seventeen (Page 10) -Chapter Eighteen (Page 10) -Chapter Nineteen (Page 11) -Chapter Twenty (Page 12) -Chapter Twenty-one (Page 12) -Chapter Twenty-two (Page 12) -Chapter Twenty-three (Page 13) -Chapter Twenty-four (Page 14) -Chapter Twenty-five (Page 14) -Chapter Twenty-six (Page 14) -Chapter Twenty-seven (Page 15) -Chapter Twenty-eight (Page 15) -Chapter Twenty-nine (Page 16) -Chapter Thirty (Page 16) -Chapter Thirty-one (Page 17) -Chapter Thirty-two (Page 18 ) -Chapter Thirty-three (Page 18 ) -Chapter Thirty-four (Page 19) -Chapter Thirty-five (Page 19) -Chapter Thirty-six (Page 21) -Chapter Thirty-seven (Page 22) -Chapter Thirty-eight (Page 23) -Chapter Thirty-nine (Page 23) -Chapter Forty (Page 24) -Chapter Forty-one (Page 24) -Epilogue (Page 25) COMPLETED --- P.S. BY THE WAY. Have I mentioned that I love love love constructive criticism? Stats: 69,361 words. 225 pages in Word.
  4. This was hysterical. The tone is very far from how I imagine Lars sounding. At the same time, it gives me a new perspective on his character- a lot more immature and annoying and it's. It's so, so, so funny. (my brother threw a blanket over my head for laughing too hard) -- (btw, would you be willing to PM me when you update?)
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