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  1. Funny because I'm not a fan of most of the Aveyond canon pairings... Ed/Mel is the exception (which is why if Amanda ruins them- angst, divorce, death I DON'T CARE- things will burn. a lot)
  2. because the yaoi itself you knew was so wrong and embarrassing that the rest basically didn;t matter?
  3. really? they're my favorite pairing. I could wax rhapsodic about them for an hour, how they have such amazing chemistry and compatibility and guh. well, I'm glad I converted you =)
  4. we'll see about the update... I'm always glad to get new readers, so hey =)
  5. Teehee =D That epilogue was my response to aisling, basically. xD
  6. The man behind the counter was spectacularly unhelpful. “You didn't see anyone suspicious in here?” She asked, again. “Even if I did I wouldn't be able to let you know. Store policy. Customer privacy is important,” he said, stiffly. She leaned forward, surreptitiously. “Not even for... compensation? Who was she bluffing? That stupid jerk in the tavern had practically demolished her money supply. Still, it was worth a try. “I don't accept bribes,” he said, icily. “Please get out of my store.” She tried to think of something to say to convince him, but she could tell it was of no use. Thick-skulled, smug little jerk. She always hated the ones with honor most, because they were just as horrid and couldn't be bribed. She swallowed back the memory of Harburg and all that place entailed. She walked out of the store, but lingered, outside, hoping to see someone, something... If nothing else, she was planning on breaking in and raiding the store register. They must have a customer log, or something. The owner saw her, hanging around outside. She watched him turn to one of the waiters and point. She watched the waiter put down his tray and head towards the door, and for a moment she hesitated before breaking into a run, dashing around the corner, but she tripped over a cobblestone and had to catch herself from falling before breaking back into a sprint, and then the waiter had already grabbed hold of her arm. She whirled around, ready to kick and scratch as necessary, but he let go almost immediately, panting for breath. She saw he was trying to say something. “What?” She said. “Manager sent me after you,” he said. “I noticed. You planning on arresting me or something? I didn't break any laws.” “No, I... can we move further away?” They were around the corner and out of eyeshot from the shop, but only just barely. She went along with him for another block and then stopped. “What is it?” He looked around nervously. “You're looking for suspicious people?” He asked. “You've seen some?” She asked. He paused. “Well...” “Where?” she said, barely refraining from shouting it. He paused again. “I could tell you,” he said. “There were two men. They looked suspicious, but they also forgot to tip, so I followed them home to... um... well...” She waited impatiently. “Hex them,” he admitted. “Only they disappeared into some alleyway- but I could show you which one.” She waited for him to continue. “Well, that's only if you help me,” he said. She'd figured that was coming. “What do you need?” “I need a bouquet of roses from the florist's,” he said. She raised her eyebrows. “Why can't you get that yourself?” “Er...” he said, fidgeting. “Because I've been given a restraining order not to go there.” He flushed, and continued defensively- “it's not my fault they don't understand the beauty of my magic!” “...Your magic.” “Flowermancy! It's like necromancy, but with flowers!” “Uhh...” Mel said. Clearly the boy was out of his mind. Well, whatever. “So I get you the roses and you'll show me the alleyway?” she asked. He nodded. “Meet me after my shift, though. If I stay out an longer my boss is going to kill me.” “Fine,” she said, and walked off. --- The flowers cost all the rest of her money. Damn Edward, that idiot, he wasn't worth this bloody trouble- He was an idiot, really. He'd probably walked right into some damn dark alley because he thought it looked interesting. He was so completely... so... She forced the image of him gagged and helpless out of her mind. --- “Here's your flowers,” she said, proffering them stiffly. The boy's eyes lit up. “They're beautiful! Genuine Grande Vin Roses! Oh, the thing I could do... Muahahahahaha-” He stopped midcackle and coughed, self-consciously. “Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.” “...Right,” Mel said. “The alley?” “Right this way,” he said, and led her down several twists and turns to a small narrow street she didn't recognize- slightly distressing, since she'd been working on getting the feel of this place. But Thais was so big... “Okay,” she said. “Where did they go?” He shook his head. “I dunno. They disappeared. This is the furthest I can show you. But you've helped me out a lot, thanks!” He paused. “Hey, if you're ever in the need of a flesh-eating zombie rose...” She shuddered. “I'll keep it in mind,” she said. --- Once the boy had left she was alone in the alley to examine it at will. She didn't believe the men had disappeared. If so where were they? There was a sewer grate... they could have gone inside... She struggled, trying to lift it. It was too heavy. Could they have lifted it, in time to disappear? She couldn't rule it out, but... She looked around. Protruding from the wall was a drainpipe at convenient weist-height... from there it was but a hop-skip to the rooftops. She considered for a moment and decided it was worth a try. Using the pipe for leverage, she clambered upwards and then jumped, swinging herself over the roof edge. She stood up carefully and suddenly remembered her last rooftop excursion, when Edward had been chasing her. If she was two men trying to hide something... She looked around. There. Four houses, their windowless sides back to back, forming a perfect little hiding spot. She was about to creep closer when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Panicked, she leaped down into the street and then strolled along innocently as if she'd been a part of the scenery all along. Just in time, too, she thought, as she cast back a discreet glance and thought she caught a glimpse of a shadow moving over the rooftops. ---- a/n: "store policy" was typoed as "story policy". true in a different sense. xD
  7. I totally zoom out and merely imply fluff whenever i get too embarrassed to write it. and yeah, it's easier to draw than write. writing it you feel like a goof.
  8. yes but not in complete form. I've been writing it on the forum as opposed to in a word doc so I submit it every so often so that it's saved... as to why I'm doing that, I suppose mainly because I want d_a to see things as I wrote them so she can see what's going on?
  9. prologue is still in progress, actually.
  10. Agas is a lot less awful than Dameon, I think. He's properly evil, Dameon is just ... slimy. ugh.
  11. The windows 7 default backgrounds are trippin', what can I say. I vary between them. One of these days I'll get some other background but I'm sooo lazy.
  12. hey, spiders can be poisonous. And the chickens were the best. ...but what about mushrooms? Seriously, mushrooms?!? (aveyond 3) --- So with me it was vice versa on the chest/monsters. things are supposed to be in chests. in monster guts... not so much.
  13. Yeah except Agas isn't obnoxious to Rhen the way Lars is. He just uses, manipulates, monopolizes, and hits on her when he finds it amusing. Rest of the time he's more focused on drama club/evil plots.(for example, when he recruits her to act in a play he's generally normal around her, except when Lars is around, in which case it's full-on flirting while Lars bubbles away with a rage that HE DOES NO UNDERSTAND) Lars, pathetic thing that he is, quickly loses track of any goal other than "Make Rhen Pendragon miserable". H's so idiotically focused on it, it takes him ages to realize he's crushing on her in a big way. And just generally he's more... personally petty, I guess. The kind of guy I'd want to torment by /not/ having him end up with Rhen.
  14. @klaus: more unrealistic than stuff dropping from dead monsters? seriously?
  15. totally don't think it's even a comparison. i'll play the games, and also read books...
  16. The Rhen/Dannny/Lars triangle is ye olde typical Good-boy/Bad-boy/Main Character triangle. I suppose if you stretched very, very far you could say Agas is not /that/ untypical a third harem member (I keep seeing Tamaki from OHSHC when I imagine him... O_O Tamaki as a jerky daeva, though.) The thing is, mmm, I guess I'm not even focusing sufficiently on the romance in my vision of the story. Especially because I am somewhat conflicted as to whether I even want Rhen to end up with Lars because I am so /tired/ of the bad-boy winning the love triangle....*sigh*
  17. it's about her arrival at devin's house. it contains some heavy-duty foreshadowing. by the way, although i'm writing the story chronologically (it's easier to put together) I think once more chapters are up my order of recommended reading will involve starting once she's already in school, then flashing back to how she got there....
  18. I am debating as to whether part 2 of the prologue (the arrival at Devin's house) should be posted as part of pt. 1 or separated. in other news, prologue has been updated.
  19. Your description of swordsinging reminded me of my description of swordsinging, lol. I noticed many, many tense shifts. I could go back and find them but not now. Nicely written.
  20. *finished re-read* man, I missed this. b-but I miss the first person pov. I think it worked much better... oh well.
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