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  1. @meroko yep , i prefer shounen-ai lol c: Maiden Rose? i have heard that from my friend XD . that's awesome :3
  2. @daeva_agas okay, i'm sorry if it'll not good tutorial for you D//: @kirroha .. but trying is best , right O.O? i don't know proportions too,sometimes i need some references but i don't trace them and until now i can't draw hands orz hum how about shota? @MeeCakeyMakey i don't know >< ,but i'm not popular as you thought thank you ! whaa , why you not try to submit ? it'll be fun if you submit your artworks here ^^ @Meroko Thank you very much >
  3. @daeva_agas yes you're right,umm paint tool sai's tool is like photosop and it's more easy than ps,i think :/ i'll make tutorial if you want @kirroha noo >_< .. sometimes my art style always change,everytime (then i get artblock).. i just see or stalking pixiv .. there are some artwork full of ikemen and i try like that... .___.v
  4. @meroko yes DX . she is annoying >( >< .. hehehe nice meet you too ^^ . long time no play with you again hehe ^7^ hehe okay
  5. @MeeCakeyMakey ohh okay , but if you watch it you will laugh XD Thank You! XD
  6. waa so many new feature at here O__O ;; ok! i want share my art! >< http://sphotos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/480980_2363366141364_1839692758_n.jpg[/img] they are male!yui and male!kyouko ... from yuru yuri ... have you watched that ? ;D
  7. wuaa , i don't know this thread ... okay .. .___. i want introduction XD Name: Rekka Age: 14 Loves: You (lol) , Utaites , and My Favorite Character _(:3」∠)_ and Aveyond games! Hobby: Drawing and [d]Read Yaoi[/d] Likes: AniManga,Shota,Ikemen (?),RPG Games , Vocaloid,Screamo song >D ? , Hates: My Sister >( Dislikes: High Pitched Voice .__. Fav Couples : MAI OTP _(:3」∠)_
  8. Kirara's set r so nice ^^ for especially her siggie
  9. More Again~! this is Renavia Amartha from Eternal Grace now in DEMO.. look my sigge.. ^.^ nb:i come back to amaranth yay!
  10. This is my siggie my friend make a lineart and i colouring >.<
  11. Rekka

    Disease of Girl

    @Daeva Thank you! Daeva! I'll send PM wait .. I'm making @Aya Do you mean?
  12. Rekka

    Fantasy of Chaos

    @thha_luth do you use AV battle you must crop charsets i can make sprite and i understand minkoff battle script...
  13. Rekka

    Disease of Girl

    sorry me a little can not english. . actually the name Disease but because i a little is tinkerring with Disease of girl (is sorrying my idea because general examination sorry)
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