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  1. oh, thanks Huntresse. I sure hope I didn't sell it by mistake. Thought I got all the dig up mounts. But will go back, to re-check thanks again
  2. Could anyone tell me where I was supposed to get the Love .Stone............ Somehow missed it.
  3. thanks , I found that out, after going to the Inn about 15 times.
  4. I bought mine at Big Fish Games. Same walkthrough as here. I am also very, disappointed . It tells me, that when going to the Inn to sleep after talking to the mystic in Tor, Boyle would go to dream land while sleeping. This is NOT happening for me. Also, NO maps, is very frustrating. And no mention of the Goodie Caves at all. These are the reasons for buying the Guide, not to miss anything. Unfortunately, I feel this Guide is a total waste of money. Sorry to be so negative, but I am on a fixed income, and don't have this kind of money to waste.
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