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  1. Gah... I seem to being having a problem... I started TLO all over again and currently am trying to do the Baby Trade quest... but the game freezes on me after I speak to the Inspector the first time and try exiting the place... I really do want to complete the Golden Frog quest, but I don't think it will let me.
  2. Waiting longer is fine, as long as you don't do anything to strain yourself, Eri... trust me, I know exactly how that feels as I've done it before.
  3. Alright everyone... Bastian fixed the Runic Tower... you can fight all the orbs now... here is the link for the new download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bkzqepr37ooun5m
  4. Hmm... I was wondering the same thing...
  5. That is strange... hmm... I'm at that part too.... and both walking around the pillars and pressing Enter in front of them do not work... Actually... the only one that I was able to get a battle with was Earth... the other three are not doing anything.
  6. Thanks Revvie... but now I have another problem... The game crashed after I speak to the king once I get Baeon in my party... something about the Audio/ME/itemnew1 file missing...
  7. Bleh... I've been redownloading and installing all games off of Amaranth for the past 8 months as I remember what I've played since my computer died at the end of December/beginning of January... and quick question... I cannot play the game because it tells me that RGSS202E.dll could not be found... can anyone help me fix this problem please?
  8. The memory problem never got fixed when I downloaded the fix... so I literally quit trying to play for at least right now...
  9. The memory thing is not a problem with the PC. I tried the game on my mother's Desktop and still got the stupid error message when I tried to save... then the save file becomes unusable... the file actually was appearing on my mum's computer in the folder like it should... I have no clue why it wouldn't appear on my laptop... my computer is dead now anyways... I have to hunt down all games I had on it once I get the new harddrive... and ask for the Keys to any games I'd bought since I don't think I have all the emails still.
  10. I was at level 5 with all 3 quests from the guild in my quest book ready to start on, a stack of 7 healing items... already grabbed the gold and Iron Shield from the room with the Mage in the Fire Caves, and had that sword from the item shop... This is the new game I'm on... hasn't crashed yet, but like I said... I cannot even locate the save file.
  11. Okies... I updated it... will try it out then. Thanks! Also... if it does happen again, where can the save be found anyways? I think that I'm not finding it since I don't know which folder to look in... I was thinking of doing a copy paste just in case it happens again...
  12. I mean it literally vanished... the save file is not in the game folder, and the message has something to do with memory, but I don't remember it exactly...it crashed on me twice last night. If it crashes again the next time I play it, I will copy down the message... I won't have time to do so until tomorrow though since I have to go to work today.
  13. Aww... tried it out... saved like a bunch of times and was at level 6... the game crashed and I lost the whole save file
  14. Well... I clicked on the download and I was able to get the new version, but Norton blocked an attempted attack on my computer from Media Fire...
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