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  1. Gah... I seem to being having a problem... I started TLO all over again and currently am trying to do the Baby Trade quest... but the game freezes on me after I speak to the Inspector the first time and try exiting the place... I really do want to complete the Golden Frog quest, but I don't think it will let me.

  2. I have a question...


    How the do I stop Norton from removing Game.exe?


    Every time I tried to restore it, Norton would just remove it again... and I will not turn Norton off just to play the game.



    Edited to remove profane language.


  3. Bleh... I've been redownloading and installing all games off of Amaranth for the past 8 months as I remember what I've played since my computer died at the end of December/beginning of January... and quick question... I cannot play the game because it tells me that RGSS202E.dll could not be found... can anyone help me fix this problem please?

  4. The memory thing is not a problem with the PC. I tried the game on my mother's Desktop and still got the stupid error message when I tried to save... then the save file becomes unusable... the file actually was appearing on my mum's computer in the folder like it should...


    I have no clue why it wouldn't appear on my laptop... my computer is dead now anyways... I have to hunt down all games I had on it once I get the new harddrive... and ask for the Keys to any games I'd bought since I don't think I have all the emails still.

  5. Yes, but I had no problems what-so-ever when I downloaded Aveyond, Eternal Eden, and 3 Stars. I only received the problem of Norton actually deleting the download for this game after blocking an attacker, and blocking attackers with the latest Lore of Lorewyn update and the Laxius Force 3 download, but Norton did not delete those two. So there is something else that is going on here.

  6. I'm not going to even try disabling my anti-virus... last time I did that I got a major virus. I think it has something to do with MediaFire itself since I got attacker warnings on more than one download recently. And it only happened recently too since I've never had this problem with MediaFire before either.

  7. You are not the only one who cannot download it because Norton states that there is a threat. Norton shows gc.exe (WS.Reputation.1) This Insight Network Threat has been removed. As soon as it downloads, Norton deletes the file fully. But... I think something is wrong with MediaFire right now as well instead of just the game because there were two other games I downloaded, but all Norton did was warn me about it and let me keep the other two....

  8. hrm... haven't played this game in ages... and the link to the updated version needs to be fixed I would think... I have the other one, not the latest... and I cannot sell anything in the General Stores either... lol

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