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  1. If you did indeed read the message and followed the exact directions that the message tells you to go, you should of ended up in an area with two chests. The bombs are in one of them.
  2. I looked though. I even talked to everyone in Sapphoro (sp?) City... but not a single person ever responded with any clues as to being the person the letter goes to.
  3. Heh... y'know... I'm still trying to find that girl to give the letter to myself... I never did find her, and I already started the game over from the beginning anyways since I know for a fact that I'd missed other stuff since I couldn't find everything.
  4. I knew of Ned's spice, Missing George, and Kasch's Lament... I'd completed Ned's spice and Kasch's Lament... but I'd never run into whomever gives out Registration Number and Jiorek the Photographer... and I did start over again, so I probably won't put much if any in Speed then. And I did use Disenchant... more than once... but it didn't seem to have any effect on her... I already figured that Regen was something that wouldn't go away anyways.
  5. Hehe... waiting is fine by me. I'm still trying to figure out how to beat Act I anyways.
  6. heh... I did do some sidequests... not sure if I found all of them... never bought charms because I never did get enough money for anything. My characters were at Level 4 as well... and really... when I first did the leveling up, I tried to keep stats even instead of going higher in a specific stat. So I'll probably start the game over again to see if I can do things differently.
  7. If you enter the archway and keep pressing the spacebar as you go left inside the ruins, you should hit the hidden button... It should be against the left wall... it took me ages to find it myself as had many others.
  8. I love this game... too bad I keep dyinging... got past a few battles I'd died a lot in finally... and can't get past the battle in the jail now
  9. there should be a lower exit all the way to the East... their house is a huge mansion-type one... not one of those smaller houses.
  10. If you mean the one in Juuban, it is east of the Juuban High.
  11. If it is set to private, that means that bugs are currently in the process of being fixed. When it is once again turned to the public, we will be informed of it.
  12. Natalie... I Have the latest version... unless it was updated again... D.A.T I passed the part where they got separated... unless it happens again while on the way to Kakyo. Edit: Whee... its fixed
  13. aww man! I'm stuck again... not my fault this time though... the game froze while on the train towards Kakyo after Usagi left the room to find Chibi-Usa... Haruka disappeared into the room and it froze with Michiru facing the door right outside the room...
  14. What other person? All I see in the large room are a bunch of guards that if I get near or talk to, I get sent back to the room with the old man who opened the door for me. Nevermind... I figured out how to get past those guards... I ended up going right behind the one guard that kept always catching me... which is weird because I was doing that before from the opposite side of the stairs, but did it from the side he's always on this time and succeeded.
  15. uh... I'm stuck on the Black Moon with Naru now... can't get to the stairs as I keep getting caught every time I try, and no idea what else to do...
  16. Bah... ran out of Perfume and Super Potions, so left the Dark Kingdom for now... I think I'm just going to wander around and try to level up while waiting for help.
  17. The sign says 'What may not be seen may be triggered.' After reading that Usagi goes '...' and then she says 'Huh?'
  18. Didn't see anyone... but I shall go back and look after I'm done with Osaku Forest... heh Edit: I looked again... in the area of Sapporo City where the houses are, there is no one there... and trying to go further right, all I get is Usagi saying that there is nothing but houses there... Edit #2: I need help... I'm in the Dark Kingdom and I've already been through Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter areas, but I cannot figure out Venus' area... even reading the sign, I still don't get it...
  19. Uh... I know this is a very stupid question... but seeing as I started over... can someone please enlighten me as to where Mr. Flamming's daughter is actually supposed to be? I have the letter, and he said Sapporo City, but I cannot find her... do I need to wait until later on in the game or something? I never did find her in my last runs of the game either truthfully...
  20. Heh... too late for that... I saved over my own save with the New Game... and not gonna send the saves that already came with the game back to the creator just for that... Besides, I was probably going to end up starting from the beginning again anyways... I normally do that when I don't like how the game is going so far... I'd done that more than once with Version 6. I love the new layouts for Version 7... areas are smaller and other areas added to places I'd already been as were more graphical features. Edit: Got another error message though... this time when I died on the New Game... didn't copy it down though since I knew I could just restart the game and not die again... heh... nothing is going to stop me from playing the game!
  21. That was uneventful... after I downloaded Version 7.0, I was doing fine until I entered my first battle using this version... I already used Contact on the SMRPG site with the exact error message that occurred though... The problem only happens with old saves... that includes my own and the ones for Ver. 5 and Ver. 6... but I started a whole new game and have yet to have that error happen...
  22. Heh... might want to fix that link because the download for 7.0 on both the link and the site say that the file is private...
  23. okay... if you have the Tinderbox, you can go further in the cave... after the bridge, if you go north, look carefully for a hidden opening to the right... if you must, hug the right wall to find it... I had to... this leads you further into the cave... it took me a while to find as well.
  24. That comes in handy later after you've met the leader of the Thieves, so you will be able to use it, but not yet.
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