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  1. The Aveyond wiki seems to be VERY confused on who ends up with who, because their Mel page says it’s Lars the 7th, but their Edward page says that it’s Mel. So which is it?! https://aveyond.fandom.com/wiki/Mel_Darkthrop https://aveyond.fandom.com/wiki/Edward_Pendragon I mean, I like both routes, I like both characters, but I really feel like this is contradicting. This wiki isn’t that good TBH, it’s missing a lot of stuff that’s needed.
  2. So, if I have this right, then Canon Pairings of the AV series are: Rhen/Dameon Ian/Iya Stella/Edward Tej'ial/Galahad Ava/Gavin Rye/Emma and Mel/Lars VIII. Right? But, who is the Canon Pairing for Devin? is it Talia or Alicia? I THINK it's the latter, but how does that explain Rhens hair?
  3. Uhhh... how do I transform back into Ean? do I have to have an item?
  4. Well, I got it from Big Fish (like I always do!), do I have to redownload my Goodies again? (keep Gavin and Nicholas, al the orbs enc)?
  5. Uhhh.... what's going on here?! I'm replaying Aveyond 2 for fun (with Goodies enabled, yes I know, cheating.) and just now got to Shaenlir! But, when I go to a door (for example I tried the items shop first), I get an error message saying the file wasn't found (or something like that) and my game exits out! This NEVER happened before when I played it last time!
  6. Okay! I uploaded it! It should have the description "Help me Kipani!"
  7. No. Does this mean I have to start over? DANG IT!!! I'm so close!!!
  8. Okay, I just got the Magical Picklock, got Sword of Dreams, exited the Dreamworld, exited Mysten Far, flew down to Thais to go to the Dark Water Caverns to rescue the fairies, realised "Wait! Why am I flying anyway?! I can just warp to it and walk there!", flew back to Mysten Far, warped to Thais... and, I CAN"T MOVE!!! I can turn, but can't go anywwhere! This didn't happen on my last playthrough!
  9. Can anyone tell me which SPECIFIC house the last page is in?
  10. Okay, I have 7, I think of the Arcane Magic pages. I know the one I don't have is in Ylisfar, but where? I know its in a bookshelf, but which one? And what do the different orbs do for Lars? I know Flood obviously is water, Dragon I think is Fire, but what about the others? And where can I find a magic lockpick?
  11. Okay, like always whenever I replay AV1, I download the God Goodie, The Cash Cow, and the Portal Stones. Well, I looked at the picture when they are supposed to be, and I can't seem to figure out how to get up there! Help!
  12. So where is the save files? I see, Battle, Char Set, Chip Set, Game Over, Music, Panorama, picture, Sound, System and Title! None of these have the files!
  13. What do you mean? I have Windows 7! I don't know how to get the folder! Everytime (on My Computer) I click on ANYTHING that says Ahrimans Prophecy on it, it starts the game up!
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