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  1. Welcome to Amaranthia,Wolfie! :welcome: Have a great time around the forums here
  2. Welcome to Amaranthia,EvenAngels and Staarya! :welcome: This is a funny and interesting place for you! :awww:
  3. I really love the background! :loving: Winter background is very fitting for Christmas
  4. Welcome to Amaranthia,Candide! :welcome: Have fun in this site
  5. Welcome to Amaranthia,harrenhall! :welcome: Have a nice time here
  6. @Rekka Your set is really nice! :loving: I really like it! @Elemental Very cool avatar that you have 8) That reminds me of an Evil Princess.. O_o So many new sets that looks very nice :loving:_:loving:
  7. @griselmay Bunny girl! I really love it! :loving: Especially the avatar
  8. Welcome to Amaranthia,Mysterious! :welcome: Have a nice day here! Not so mystery... But,hope the answer isn't creepy O_O
  9. Welcome to Amaranthia,pinky! :welcome: Have a nice day here!
  10. @Elonah Wow! Cool avatar! :loving: @Elemental Not so scary for me.. But,I love her quotes!
  11. Nice to meet you,Anna! :awww: Hope we can be friends
  12. Welcome to Amaranthia,jayjaykirby! :welcome: Have a nice day here!
  13. Welcome to you,danielle! Hope we can be friends :awww:
  14. @theone Your set is very beautiful :loving: @thha_luth Kingdom Hearts set? It looks very awesome!
  15. Welcome to Amaranthia,Sake-bento! :welcome: Have a nice day here!
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