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  1. What a horrible thing to do after these people have poured their heart and soul into giving us entertainment. The money back guarantee is for dissatisfaction or the game not to your expectation but this game was wonderful and has many more play again options. I would never give a refund for such a lame reason
  2. how do i get the bag of cash and cross the brdge to get cheeki ?
  3. Thank you so much for adding that game pad support. I have purchased the full version without even doing the demo. Thank you again
  4. I hope Amanda never goes away from making her games
  5. @Stardale--Animal protein is not needed for human daily requirement. Plant protein is sufficient. It has been studied and proven that animals do think and process information. Just because humans have superior rationale does not mean we have the right to abuse,hoard, or take anything. Also, I chose to read your response and I will choose to end my conversation with each of you because of the type of people you are; close minded and ignorant of what other species of animals go through due to the human animal. @theAdept_Rogue--Eating animals is contributing to cruelty and abuse. You can preach all you want but until you see what I have seen you cannot pretend to know what you are talking about. Until you have been to a meat processing plant and have seen the torture and the pain in the eyes of the victims, you can't speak on it. It shows your ignorance. If you think animals are treated fairly in this world, you refuse to see the total picture. Watch the videos I spoke of. Do the research but your post was absolutely why people like you disgust me. @D_A-- Whomever is paying for you to go to college is wasting their money. Your post is absolutely ridiculous and absolutely incorrect. In your previous posts about you loving to see blood, heads, guts, and other visceral elements of animal killing made me sick to my stomach. I would not want to know either one of you and hope as you grow older you may gain some wisdom and morals. People like you that do not care for all living beings and refuse to look at what really goes on in the world like the torture, abuse, neglect, and murder are not people I associate with. Your closed minds prove why the world is the way it is. Edited to remove personal attacks. ~Mopiece
  6. I am vegan and in my opinion it is cruel to eat animals. Animals have a nervous system. Animals have feelings. Animals care for their young, feel pain, feel loss, and can think. Plants no not have a nervous system so do not feel pain. Plants grow from seeds in the ground. Some are roots some heal themselves but none have a nervous system so none feel pain. Plants do not have a brain so cannot think. Plants cannot have feelings. It just seems that those that think a plant can feel what an animal feels is absurd. Human beings are animals right along with dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats, and elephants. Humans do not NEED to eat animals to live a healthy life. The food industry pumps the animals raised for food with so many hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics that it is really unsafe. Do yourselves a favor and watch EARTHLINGS on Utube. Watch Vegucated, Food Inc. or just watch a few videos on PETA's website. Once you see what the animals go through, you may change your tune. Any animal, fish, lobster, crab, bird, ANYTHING that has a nervous system, a heartbeat and blood running in its vein, feels pain so no there are no animals that do not feel pain. Take a fish out of water and it struggles for breath. Also, for all the cheese and dairy eating people, the dairy industry is just as cruel as the meat industry. When a calf is born they take it away from its mother immediately. If it is a male, they sometimes drag it away from its mother and let it die and sometimes chain it to a box and sell it for veal. The female calf had it at little better but is still separated from her mother. Watch Earthlings or Meat your Meat on UTUBE and get educated on the Human Animal. After reading this thread I was sickened with all the talk of killing. I just cannot fathom why you think cruelty is okay. Why do people enjoy torturing any living being? Did you know in Korea the beat dogs with clubs to kill them because it makes the meat more tender. I saw a video where in Thailand they keep dogs cramped in a tiny cage several at a time while they (the dogs) watch one of their kind being slaughtered. Human beings are the cruelest species on this earth period. The attitudes on animals in this thread make me glad I do not know any one of you because this discussion made me ill. I am vegan and I am not stupid and I resent remarks like that.
  7. I live in California near Sacramento
  8. Yes thanks I found Aveyond 3 folder the TDP save files. There were 7 of them so I sent the ones to Shaz. Thanks
  9. How do I figure what save files to send. I have over 200 data files
  10. No, Te'ijal says his pretty face cant get in. Then he says he needs a disquise then puts mask on. I went back as Mopiece suggested and did that quest then saved again before Beatrice bit Galahad and saved it. Then when I go to the file with just Stella, Teijal, and Edward, it is missing. Where do I send the save files
  11. Oh I guess so let me try that. I did that and got the north star but when I saved and quit it is not in my inventory when I try to continue my quest. I will have to start over from Gedhare. That really makes me upset.
  12. No I already have the mask. I would have to start over for that.
  13. No just after the bite, there is the cut scene for Mel, Nox and Uma, then when Mel comes back from Aveyond she is with Galahad. There is no time that I have Mel and Galahad together with Edward, Te'jal and Stella and I cannot continue with out the mask and I dont want to start over because it may happen again.
  14. I reloaded the game and it is in my inventory just before I leave Ghedahre so I know I had it. will the patch help. Mel was not with us in Ghe'dahre so she would not have had it in her inventory. Mel got her mask in the place she fought the demon
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