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  1. Aquillia

    Treasure Key (Build B)

    Oh my goodness! I feel so silly! I was actually checking the palace at Sedona not Veldarah. I'm so sorry for wasting your time! Thanks for your help though!
  2. I've checked a couple topics looking for the answer to this question but I can't figure something out. I need the treasure key but when I go to the treasury all I see are four blue chests, no brown one. I talked to Katie in Veldarah before and she gave me something minor which I don't remember. I recently downloaded the version I have from BFG; the options screen tells me it's Build B. Am I completely missing something?
  3. Thank you for hiding the spoilers. Yeah, I know everyone's wondering the same thing. However it does, I'm sure we'll be happy!
  4. Oh wow, I just finished and it was phenomenal! I did think the ending was very rushed but it was still good. My notes (I mention the ending, and I'm REALLY sorry, I don't know the codes to turn the text white! So mega spoilers at the end of my post!!) * I LOVED Lydia. I know I'm probably the only person who did but she was awesome! She was absolutely hilarious in the storyline, I love how she bewitched Edward to get all the dresses and her fighting with Mel was awesome. Also, she kicked butt in battle once you equipped those books (it took some patience though). Were there only three spellbooks to get? (Fire, Storm, Faerie?) * The compass was the best invention ever. It would be great to keep that in following games! I also love the level eggs, they were awesome whenever Lydia got a new spellbook. * I've mentioned this before but I think the single greatest upgrade to this game was that the whole party earns levels. This makes it seem a lot more unified as a party, I think. I love Stella and her healing but I don't like to have healers in battle, so I just used her after every battle and it was amazing to have her continue learning new spells even though I didn't have her as a battler. It made the characters seem more interactive. * It was kind of obvious about Stella's background but it still made for a very fun game. The story is what makes the Aveyond games so superior to other RPG games (that and the fact that there aren't any random encounters!). The characters really brought this one to life and the twists made it even more exciting!! * Wow about Tei'ijal and Galahad! I'm happy though... I always felt bad for Galahad even though he annoyed me in Aveyond 1. Spoiler!--->* My ending... I married Edward to Stella because I've adored her from the beginning. Then I had him talk to her again to get the feather of eternity, so Stella lives at the end of my game! But I can see from all the spoilers that in the other versions she dies... and stays dead. But how will that affect the other chapters do you think? Will I still be able to have Stella as a character but people who married him off to Mel or the others won't? I know that no one can answer that, but I'm very curious!! It'll be odd playing following chapters if we all have very variant endings! But I do like the different endings because it gives more replay value! (Not like we need it.) I still love Stella best.
  5. Aquillia

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    I've been watching this forum for a while without posting, but I'm so excited about Gates of Night that I felt I had to say something about the game! Sorry if it's a bit off topic, wasn't sure where to say this... but the overall message is that I can't wait for GON so hopefully it'll be okay. I thought Lord of Twilight was brilliant. It started off with a bang, and the story is excellent (something I love in RPG's). I have never played an RPG that I liked as much as the Aveyond series. LOT was a step above even all the other series. Sure it was short, and I must agree the ending was abrupt, but as an introduction it worked really well. I also think the chapters idea is excellent (although I wasn't sure about it until after playing!) and I think that people will stop complaining when they realize that short frequent chapters is far better than a two year wait! Stick to your heart, Amanda, it was a brilliant plan that I am sure will become another favourite part about the Aveyond series (or at least this storyline.) The characters warm my heart... Mel is by far my favourite protagonist yet, although Stella is just adorable and my favourite character so far. My favourite new addition to the game - definitely that characters level up even if they're not being fought with, and their skills are far more accessible. It makes them seem like they're part of the team like the other games never did. I'm glad to hear GON is in beta. I got my little brother hooked on these games too, and we're both really looking forward to the next installment!