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  1. Go directly east from Robin's grandmother's house in Gingernut Forest (it's the lone hut just north of the entrance). You'll come across a cave with just a small space inside and an ominous-looking rock formation. That's the metal you need.
  2. A little trick I've noticed with Kubaba often lets you know which of the three is the real him. You have to carefully notice if, at any turn, one of the sprites is lying behind both the remaining sprites - that will be the real Kubaba. It kind of made sense that he was hiding behind his clones. However, it doesn't always work. I'll provide examples. xXX - x would be the real Kubaba XXx - x will be the real Kubaba XxX , xXx - in these cases, the above tactic doesn't work. You'll just have to use AoE spells or go by Argoyle's advice. I had to sort of squint to see which sprites were overlapping the others, but I was able to hit the right Kubaba every time they arranged themselves that way. Not sure if I just happened to get lucky multiple times, but if it works for you too, let me know xD
  3. You can get the blood after defeating Kubaba (Shadow Isles), Crystallus (Wind Tower) and Icetooth (Snow Isles). Click on their carcasses to collect the blood. It's a certain kind of apple you can buy at the Wyrmwood food shop itself
  4. 1. For Boyle - 6 points to buy the love potion For Hi'beru and Phye - 4 points to buy the love potion Note that marriages will not take place until you have successfully completed the love potion. 2. It's in the Windy Tower. You can get there by ship. But you would need to finish the key quest for the wizards in Ulrock first. 3. They're in the Depths of Fire, Crab Island, and the Shadow Isles. 4. Busybeak hills is just north of Boppity Woods on the world map, and slightly northwest of Halaina 5. There are 3 others in : Snow Isles, Windy Tower, Shadow Plains (the turtles will help you reach it).
  5. The cave is not on the world map. It's inside the Shadow Plains (or whatever they're called, I keep forgetting). You get the sulfur in three different caves in the Shadow Plains. The demon's cave is also in the Shadow Plains, rightmost from the exit that takes you to Ravwyn.
  6. The windy tower is a separate island entirely, protected by a barrier. In order to destroy the barrier you need to first have access to a floating orb on a smaller island right next to it. Start by doing the key quest for the wizards in Ulrock. The building they're in is guarded by a small stone formation. Phye can break it easily enough once you've defeated Arinya.
  7. Not sure about defend, but I'm definitely up for rioting for dash And you're most welcome ^^
  8. Not trying to pick on you, but you probably need to sort out your priorities before buying anything in the future
  9. Ah, the jetty is outside Tor (on the world map). My bad for not explaining better, sorry x.x
  10. From the exit that leads out to Ravwyn, keep walking east and eventually you'll reach a cave. There's a torch inside the cave that the sulfur can be thrown into
  11. There's no way to walk faster or defend in this game, haha (sorry >.<). The one shield spell I know of is Robin's "protect" which is a combo of him and Myst, and lasts for one turn. Absorbs quite a bit of damage and the cooldown on it is quite low so I found it very useful in longer battles.
  12. Ravwyn is on the Shadow Isles. Take the mist portal outside Ulrock (on the world map) and go back to Tor (the portal for it in the eastern-most part of the Mist Realm). Outside Tor, walk to the jetty to call your ship and sail to the shadow isles.
  13. He should be in the house just south of the miscellaneous items store, next to the well o.o
  14. Have you found the kobold base? Near the exit of the dragon wasteland that leads out to Tor, there's a signpost. From there, go south, down a some bony ladders, and you will find the kobold camp. Inside the camp, there's a locked cave entrance which can be opened by a floor switch inside one of the other caves. Have you been to the end of the world yet and spoken to the carpenter? To get to the end of the world, you will need to go through Windy Valley. The entrance for this on the world map is right next to the entrance to the Dragon Wasteland
  15. It's in Boyle's house, next to his throne
  16. Can you try this and see if it works? : 1. Right click on the setup and select "Properties". 2. Go to compatibility tab 3. Select "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select windows 7
  17. Ah, yeah, I never did find what to do with it either. I double-checked the guide and it's not listed anywhere as an item that can be sold or even as a quest item(unless I'm missing something), so I guess it really has no use anymore xD
  18. My bad o.o I don't remember this particular item, and it's not on the list of things you can sell at Robin's store. Do you remember where you got it? Edit : Apparently, you cannot sell it either : http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17129-random-multiple-problems/?hl=%2Bancient+%2Btrash
  19. Are you sure you're clicking on the correct recipe? I think it was the Wicked Love Potion Recipe.
  20. 3. Speak to the collector in Delamere (her house is east of the armor shop) I haven't come across a use for acorn dust yet o.o
  21. I agree that the Oracle didn't have much of an influence in AV4. Unlike the prequels, where she's always been the one to guide the protagonist on their quest, here, she's been turned to stone so sadly, she doesn't get much screen time. I really like that old lady. As for attraction points, there are only three females in the party : Ingrid, Myst, Rowen. We know Rowen is married (with a child), and from what we know of Myst, she doesn't think much of land-dwellers. So, for one thing, you can definitely expect Myst to not rush into love so easily. At the end, we do see that she regards Robin differently because of his personality, but I'm guessing they're only at a stage of good friendship thus far. Somehow, it feels like they wouldn't look so good together as lovers, imo. As for your questions : 1. I suspect (as does Myst) that Ingrid has some special feelings for Boyle. We don't know exactly if it's love but she's definitely attracted to him. What she wanted to say when they got captured was probably that the curse she put on him can be broken by true love (we know this because she told Grunhilda about the curse and can be seen telling her at the end - "Who can ever love Boyle?"). This is also proven by a cutscene if you play through to the end without getting the love potion for anyone. Knowing Ingrid though, you can see that she's not good at expressing her own feelings or letting them be known (she's somewhat of a tsundere). But judging by her actions when Boyle was captured by Fangder as well as by the Windshire residents, she really does care for Boyle. I think they suit each other quite well and I can't imagine her being with anybody else. 5. Leader? Do you mean Ellie Brightsword, the girl who found out her father had betrayed her? She made it back to the shore where the party wakes up(walk right) and you can find her nearly dying because of drakefang poison. If you interact with her, the party takes her back inside the crusade grounds, triggering a chain of quests. After it's all done, she can be found again at Delamere and if you speak to her, it triggers a rather hilarious cutscene. 7. I believe Robin became an official paladin after you finished everything Ellie asks you to do, just prior to leaving for the voyage to the shadow isles. 8. Pretty sure Ingrid said "Darkthrop". Even I can't remember, haha xD I do recall she said that the true heir (to either Thais or something else) was missing and that she thought it was Boyle. At that stage, it's pretty much just speculation. Hi'beru lives on a different continent entirely. If he ever mentioned a name, I can't remember it xD The secret ingredient for Boyle's love potion is at Boyle's house. The one for Phye is in a small part of the Depths of Fire (go through basement of love potion recipe shop). The one for Hi'beru is inside a small mushroom house (can be accessed only if you finished the God Water quest).
  22. You need to pick up the key for the big door inside the mirror dungeon. The gleaming eye will help you find it
  23. You'll need to get back to the mist portal outside Tor first. Take the mist portal just outside Wyrmwood (exit Wyrmwood from the left, close to Boyle's house). Inside the mist realm, head left, then down, and you will reach the portal to Windshire (keep checking the signs). From there, head left, down and right and eventually you'll reach the portal that leads to Tor. From Tor, take the ship to get to the continent Halaina is on. Boppity woods is to the left of halaina and gingernut forest is to the south.
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