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    Valkyriet got a reaction from hsmane in Aveyond - Ean's Quest: Keep Gavin and Nicholas   
    ~> It worked for me so there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.
    ~> You don't need the goodie from the beginning for it to work as long as you haven't done the toad quest yet.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Download the goodie and extract it.
    2. Replace the maps in your Data folder with the maps in the goodie.
    3. Start your game.
    4. Finish the frog quest for Helga. Make sure you have Nicholas in your party when you do.
    5. Speak to Gavin and allow Nicholas to leave.
    6. Make your way towards the exit of Bogwood and you should see Nicholas speaking to Helga. Interact with her and watch the cutscene that follows.
    7. Voila!~ Both Gavin and Nicholas are now in your party.
    Make sure you have properly extracted and replaced all the maps. Nothing else should go wrong.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from Danzy in Halaina Dungeon Help   
    You need to pick up the key for the big door inside the mirror dungeon. The gleaming eye will help you find it
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from RoseThorn in Aveyond 4 and its ending *SPOILERS*   
    I think that might just have been a joke, haha. Like you said, he's "probably" a descendant. I like how they left that ending ambiguous so as to give the players the freedom to draw their own judgement though.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from diegorego99 in Robin's Blade Ulrock Portal?   
    It's an underground area like the depths of fire. The entrance is the basement of the shop where you get the love potion recipes.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from KathrynMxPx in Robin's shop   
    I don't have all the exact dialogues but hopefully this helps.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from honyb50 in Refund   
    Not trying to pick on you, but you probably need to sort out your priorities before buying anything in the future
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from Ana in Robin's shop   
    I don't have all the exact dialogues but hopefully this helps.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from charmed19 in Aveyond 4 and its ending *SPOILERS*   
    The curse is real. It just has a small tweak to it, which is that it can be broken by true love. This can be seen when Grunhila and Ingrid are talking in Grunhilda's house. Ingrid says, "Who can ever love Boyle?". Meanwhile, she might seem like she doesn't have a soft spot for Boyle but I faintly remember at lease one instance where you can see she cares for Boyle..a lot. That is, during the whole spider kidnapping incident.
    Also, if you consider any of those attraction point incidents occurring in real life, they would clearly show favor and change your opinion about the other person. Ingrid openly shared her crab meat and arena spoils with Boyle, after all.
    Te'ijal and Galahad started out the same way. Now, I think they are the most adorable couple ever. Love doesn't always develop before a marriage, sometimes it takes a soul pendant or a curse to meet that fated person.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from boyle wolfbane in Post your reviews here!   
    @Boyle Wolfbane
    But-but-but! Ingrid can join covens!
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    Valkyriet reacted to BadLuck in Ara Fell Steam Greenlight Campaign!   
    Hey everyone!
    Some of you might remember Ara Fell from several years ago. Since RPG Maker 2003 is now available on Steam in English, I purchased it, which means I can legally sell Ara Fell! Your help getting it Greenlit would be a godsend. The link is below, so please vote "yes"!
    Ara Fell on Steam Greenlight
    For those of you who don't remember, or who haven't heard of it, here are the details;
    This is a game made in the spirit of an SNES era, Japanese-style role-playing game. It is a mix of genres from this era, combining some of the best elements of games like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. The goal was to take what I loved about games like these and create the game I had always wanted to play as a child, in a world I had always fantasized exploring.
    Ara Fell is a land of islands floating in the sky, whose source of power is slowly diminishing, sealed away in darkness. Meanwhile, an adventurous young woman stumbles on an ancient elven ring. Unbeknownst to her, it is the key to the revival of her dying homeland...

    Fans of Final Fantasy 6 or Chrono Trigger will feel right at home playing Ara fell. The combat works similarly, albeit with its own unique quirks and twists (such as slowly regenerating mana during combat, which forces players to strategically choose between skills and attacking without feeling pressured to never use skills to conserve Mp). There is no overworld, but rather all areas are linked together in the style of Secret of Mana or Zelda.


      When leveling up, players can select an attribute point to spend, allowing full customization of each of the 4 main party members.  

    The story is similar to what it was before, but for those of you who don't know, I won't spoil it here. The writing of the game is something that I've spent a lot of time on; maybe the most time, really. And I think I made something worth reading, in the end.


    If this looks appealing to you, I'd love it if you'd take a few minutes to support us on Steam Greenlight. It'd mean the world to me just to get a few extra votes. Thanks so much guys! Feel free to leave a comment.
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    Valkyriet reacted to darkpoetess7 in Bear Essentials - Can't Locate the Metal Needed   
    Found it. Thanks ...
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from Mopiece in How to defeat Kubaba?   
    A little trick I've noticed with Kubaba often lets you know which of the three is the real him. You have to carefully notice if, at any turn, one of the sprites is lying behind both the remaining sprites - that will be the real Kubaba. It kind of made sense that he was hiding behind his clones. However, it doesn't always work. I'll provide examples.
    xXX - x would be the real Kubaba
    XXx - x will be the real Kubaba
    XxX , xXx - in these cases, the above tactic doesn't work. You'll just have to use AoE spells or go by Argoyle's advice.
    I had to sort of squint to see which sprites were overlapping the others, but I was able to hit the right Kubaba every time they arranged themselves that way. Not sure if I just happened to get lucky multiple times, but if it works for you too, let me know xD
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from EsmeAmelia in Refund   
    Not trying to pick on you, but you probably need to sort out your priorities before buying anything in the future
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    Valkyriet reacted to blitzen13 in Post your reviews here!   
    I loved it! I've been waiting for this game for so long, and it didn't disappoint. So much fun, and so much to do! Just head and shoulders above anything else in this RPG genre.
    Where to start? I don't remember my exact time, but it was about 28 hours, only because I had to start over halfway through on a different computer after my laptop died and I was able to get through the first parts again very quickly. Otherwise it probably would have ended up being closer to 35 hours. My characters were between 52-59 levels at the end. I chose to have Ingrid end up with Boyle, because I think they suit each other perfectly, but if I play again I might choose Phye instead.
    The characters were really well fleshed out, and their interactions and dialogue were excellent. Boyle was a refreshing change as a main character, and I loved the friendship between Myst and Robin. But I think my favourite character was Rowen. I loved her backstory and the tension between her love for her family and fulfilling her own dreams. I also liked that each character had unique and sometimes complementary abilities, so you had to choose your party carefully. I didn't have a favourite party, but I used Hiber'u least often--except in the final battle, where I found him really useful. Did anyone actually find Ingrid's transformation spells useful? I barely used them at all, and never in the second half of the game (I had her join Lorelei's coven, so she never got any really useful ones).
    The storyline was perfect, for me. I loved that the main focus was on rescuing Fang and Myst's brother, and then, oh yeah, I guess we should save the world too. I get very tired of the same old bombastic plotlines where you are forced to read pages of backstory to understand what is happening. This was straightforward and let us just get on with playing.
    And so. many. quests! Anyone playing an Aveyond game knows there will be tons of side-quests, some of which will help you later in the game, and some are just for the fun of it. I admit I came to the forum for help with a few of them. I especially enjoyed the Night Watch quests, and the ones that don't show up in the journal and you just sort of happen upon, like the dolls and the bandit in the woods. (I was so proud of myself for noticing that the Wanted poster had changed!) And then the extra activities like selling things in the store and having Ingrid join a coven. And the riddles! I actually happened on the goodie cave with all the food objects in it, and realized (I think) that those were all the items to solve the riddles (after getting the pumpkin key), so that didn't take me too long. Still, a great idea!
    Other things I liked: being able to call the ship to you rather than track back to where you left it. Forthwrong's dungeon (hilarious!). Random little goodies to reward exploration (money in the trees, that extra little port of call). makes me wonder what else I may have missed. The overall sense of humour. Puzzles that were interesting but not too time-consuming to figure out.
    Very few negatives: No option to speed up walking. Lagging in certain areas (my computer is pretty old, though). Some of Myst's expression were kind of scary. Oh, and for those complaining about the portals in the mist realm, it took me ages to figure out that they are grouped roughly to approximate their position in the World Map. Duh!
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    Valkyriet reacted to Sunny_Angel in Post your reviews here!   
    Finally finished the game. 
    Firstly, with the negative stuff, since there's very little of it and I like to end reviews on a positive note
    The story was very linear at times. In every previous Aveyond, your quests do mean you don't know exactly where to go, there are multiple locations you could go. In this one, it's pretty specific, go here, do this, go here, do this Rowen's a swordsinger?  

    And that's the problem, I found out on this review thread, will be replaying to find out where, but that's seriously, something like that should be more easily noticeable like the Covens were, you were given info on the first one, so you knew you had to look out for it The ending. No offence, but it felt forced, it didn't feel like it was supposed to end there. Not to say it was a bad ending, it was just completely unexpected. It made the game feel short even though it was anything but that, since it took me two weeks to finish thanks to exams. It just didn't feel like an ending, I was sure you'd have to fight the other demon too So yeah, not the best Aveyond in the World  
    On the positive side, well, everything else
    Boyle= Awesome!
    Myst= Double awesome! I didn't like Ingrid as much as these two, so she's a distant third but she's still an amazing character. The rest were also a lot more fleshed out than previous side characters in Aveyond. The story was good and not forced until the end. Very greatly developed and thank God for the Oracle not being able to bore us this time, my usual reaction to her is the one Myst had The battles were amaaaaazing. I loved the system with its new way of fighting. I'm actually glad we didn't have a character whose only job is healing. Myst probably did the most damage attacking wise in my party (Without using spells that is), so her role as a healer was definitely secondly for me The art, that is gorgeous! The music is amazing  
    And well, overall, very good game 8/10. Not my most favourite Aveyond but a top game, nonetheless, on a new engine, and with so many new things, I can't wait for whenever the next project is released whether it's Aveyond or not.
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from Sunny_Angel in Refund   
    Not trying to pick on you, but you probably need to sort out your priorities before buying anything in the future
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    Valkyriet got a reaction from Mopiece in Refund   
    Not trying to pick on you, but you probably need to sort out your priorities before buying anything in the future
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    Valkyriet reacted to blumyst1 in Awesome support!   
    I'm not finished with the game yet but I can say that the help given to players is
    beyond fantastic. Quick replys all the time and very supportive, thankyou very much.
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    Valkyriet reacted to Angiel1123 in A bit stuck...   
    I've found the switch
    So, what is the exotic creature for Fang? 
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    Valkyriet reacted to Tei in Just got fang   
    Windy Woods? Are you looking for the Whisper Woods?
    If you're looking for Whisper Woods, you have to take the ferry from Windshire.
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    Valkyriet reacted to wybella in Refund   
    you will be opening up a proverbial Pandora's box with this request- many people buy games that they only play once and never play again -but they put it down to life experience and do NOT expect to be refunded - if we all decided we have finished with games we no longer play and asked for refunds - then the developers would go out of business and there would no longer be games to play-
    point of interest - do you do this with all games you buy and an answer to your question - simply do not buy any games
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    Valkyriet reacted to tiniponi in Refund   
    So if you buy a turkey and eat it all, you expect the store would give you a refund???  Or if you wear a dress for a month, you expect a refund because you decided you don't want to wear it any longer?
    You may receive the refund, but you're saying you don't want the developer to ever make another game.  Sad.
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    Valkyriet reacted to ginger8445 in Maybe it's just too much fun   
    So I noticed how the time on a save and autosave is recorded saying how long you played. I've been flying through this one and I currently stand at 20 hours and 55 minutes. I just got to Ulrock and for some reason I feel like I can't go on. I think it's because I feel like I didn't explore every little nook and cranny or something. I know I'm close to endgame and I'd love to finish but I feel like I can't lol. It's been so much fun (and a little frustration with the Halenia dungeon lol) Good job everyone. I'm at an impass. It's like I own the game but having almost finished the first time, it's not like World of Warcraft or the Sims where it just keeps going...it'll be over and I don't want it to be
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    Valkyriet reacted to ElderAvey in Post your reviews here!   
    So I have been waiting for this game for many years now, and maybe my long anticipation made me a little skeptical and judgmental though after I got into the characters I quite enjoyed it. 
    Characters: 9/10
    I thought Boyle, Ingrid, Robin, and Myst could be really fun and amusing. The others were a little boring but that was understandable because they all came in so late in the game and they lacked character development. Honestly, I was most excited about Galahad and Te'ijal coming into the game and was disappointed when they didn't have a bigger role. Also I really love the squirrels it made me feel so nostalgic. 
    Art: 7/10 
    At first I really did not like character art at all. Buuuutttt then it grew on me, mostly I was disturbed by their eyes for some reason. I really liked that they had various expressions though.
    Music: 9/10
    I liked the music there wasn't anything in-particular that stood out to me.
    Plot: 9/10
    The plot was pretty good, I especially liked the part of getting Fang back. What can I say I have a weakness for pets. I did feel like the majority of the game time was spent on side quests. Also I wasn't really crazy about the attraction point options, because they were only for Ingrid. There were some really funny moments that kept the game going.
    Graphics: 5/10 
    This is what I had my biggest issues with. Though the graphics have improved sooo much I found that all the maps/tilesets were really boring. They all looked very similar and really natural, which hasn't been the case in the other aveyond games. Where are my purple grasses and blue trees? I had always been so excited to see each new location in all the aveyond games and honestly the maps in this game left me a little sad and disappointed. Also the maps themselves are a pain in the butt to navigate and I'm sure a lot of the game time was spent walking and getting lost. 
    Overall enjoyment: 8/10
    Though the game wasn't what I was expecting after all these years I still really liked it. I would recommend playing it and it is well worth the money even though its not my favorite aveyond game. 
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    Valkyriet reacted to txmimi in Calming potion   
    Thank you.
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