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  1. Veldar23

    Guild Life Journeys :: RP Sign-ups and Discussion

    man i wish i could do these contests but my computer doesn't have the right programs
  2. hahaha i can't believe it i have found 2 goodie cave's on mt own the gold and weopons cave it is hidden in plane site
  3. Can't wait for the poem and the game when will be the best time to download becouse i can't wait to long on internet will it be better to wait a few days and then download
  4. That's even beter if playing the game only brings more questions becouse that means it is not easily finished and we won't finish it in a day and be bored again can't wait haha i love to youse my head in games
  5. Thanks shaz for your answers thy satisfyd all my curosities without giving anything away can,t wait to play the game now i know something without knowing anything live full of mystery haha
  6. Hey can i point out sory if this is :offtopic: but if you buy from manda your actully better supporter becouse she will get the money direct and easy plus your suppoting am so i vote all should buy GoN here for amanda and i have a question when GoN chapter ends will it end like in LoT in middle of game or only if you have finished all the quests and stuff and will you be able to marry them in GoN
  7. haha i agre it's a waist of time to try and stop people of saying wat thy want may i segest to amanda to make a place where we can say wat we want about wat we want and i also want to ask to stay on topic will there be a music pack for gon
  8. haha but if you don't sleep how will you have the energy to play the game
  9. haha yes finely a release date thanx evryone working on the games for all your hard work and thank you our queen for being the mother of the game hope evryone love it as much as me
  10. JIPE can.t wait and yust in time I get my pay then and i will have about a hole weekend of nothing to do but play so will have a great weekend then
  11. lol atleast were almost there half the month is already over
  12. Haha me too hope there are more quests now
  13. Haha thy can do that but only if you want a incomplet games wwitch im sure you don't
  14. be thankfull the games came early out for us to play man I hate people hoe are ungratful for what they have and get:x
  15. haha don't wari it will be soos but nearer on the end of the month