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  1. Um, is there still progress being made on this game, at all?
  2. Hi, I just made to the tower, and I just beat the first Archangel and I'm on the floor beneath the floor where I fought him and I'm totally confused on how to do the puzzle where you have to step on a certain spot in the floor. I did the first part, but the second part is what is pestering me, because the crazy tiles keep resetting themselves. Please tell me how to do this puzzle...So confused...
  3. Find foot prints that lead to an invisible house on a platform in the city.
  4. You must be a summoner to be able to help and summon him. He's like star, but much faster.
  5. Go straight to Witch Way in the swamp.
  6. tiagisi, be sure to let me know if you get the next party member!(Tip: Static Discharge paralyzes.)
  7. Then: Night goes to the bottom-left, morning to the top-right, day to the bottom-right and evening to the top-left. Explanation: The dead awaken at night, so the night is their 'morning'. Thus the night rock goes to a time where it is normally morning (7 AM).
  8. It is my pleasure to help.
  9. Morning stone = Top Right Evening stone = Bottom Left Day stone = Bottom Right Night stone = Top Left Hope this is useful!
  10. Sorry, I should've been clearer.The entrance is in the west, but it is hard for anyone in general who just got out of the castle.(Me included.) If you see an orb vendor in the west, go straight north.I basically scavenge the Cursed Forest to get there.Hope I was of any use!
  11. Go straight to Hallowstone. Warning: It takes a while to find a path to it. Nothing special is needed to go there.
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