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  1. EsmeAmelia


    Rhen IS mentioned in AV2 - Uthar talks about how his great-grandmother Rhen Pendragon wrote about Aveyond just before sending Ean and the gang there. Also, Te'ijal and Galahad cameo in the game and Galahad tells Ean about how Te'ijal made him a vampire - so it's clearly after that happened in AV1. Anyway, I think Amanda's mentioned at some point that just because we don't see a certain continent or city in an AV game doesn't mean it doesn't still exist - it just means that certain area isn't important in that particular game.
  2. Aveyond 1 and 2 aren't on Steam either, so I doubt AP is coming to Steam any time soon.
  3. There are no plans for an Aveyond 5 as of now.
  4. Do you have the sleep flute? It can work pretty well against the Highlands monsters. Also, Te'ijal shouldn't be weak if you've got a good bow for her.
  5. Wait, there's a place where you can still get Build A? Do you have a link?
  6. I'm assuming that the demo stops after Talia picks up Devin and they talk to her grandmother, since the game just stopped after that. I can definitely tell that this project has had a lot of love put into it and I eagerly await the finished product. I LOVE the added cutscenes and the character portraits are really cute, especially how Talia changes expressions when she's hit in battle. Few critiques/suggestions: Talia's an even bigger wimp at the beginning of the game here than she is at the beginning of the original version. Seriously, when fighting the flies she would often take of ZERO points off when hitting them (and yes, that's with the dagger equipped). Also, since the Elden Woods is a fairly-expansive map, it might be nice to add a couple more treasure chests or moneybags. This might just be my computer, but the music tracks from the original game seemed to play rather softly, especially during the Zorom cutscene in the pool. Also, at one point the Elden music simply stopped and didn't start again. Why did you remove the hats and practice swords from the Elden store? I REALLY hope you're not getting rid of the bookshelf-reading feature - I love exploring the bookshelves in AP and the AV games. Also, I like how the cow follows Talia in the original game, but here the cow just disappears. There's a barrel in the blacksmith's that doesn't give any messages when you try to search it (the one by the north wall). It's "granddaughter," not "grand-daughter." Finally, I had an idea for later on. Maybe when Talia joins a guild, she could get a new outfit depending on what guild she joins (for example, maybe a white dress similar to what she wears in AV1 if she becomes a priestess or a black dress if she becomes a witch). Just a suggestion, but I think it would be fun.
  7. I just want to say that I LOVE those profile pictures!
  8. Ara Fell can be found on Steam here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/440540/Ara_Fell/ Not sure about the other two.
  9. I definitely recommend the five-part Millennium series by Aldorlea Games. You can get it on Steam. Also the three-part Lilly and Sasha series (also on Steam) - it's by John Wizard, the maker of Dawn's Light. In fact, if you search "RPGMaker" on Steam, you'll find quite a few of those old-timey RPGs - the genre isn't dead yet.
  10. I was an Enchanter - it was fun, although I joined the Enchanters' guild right towards the end of the guilds' lifespan.
  11. Thank you so much! I'm floored at how much you enjoyed it!
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