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    Maeglins Poetry

    Laughter- my friend She left with a smile Said if you rest here I'll be back in a while Her eyes were filled With love of horizons east And ancient dreams Of what lies out of reach But as Sadness took Her hand and they turned away I opened my eyes To sunrise of tomorrows day And I whispered As she walked to the shore -Your return shall find A rose at your door
  2. Lord_Maeglin

    Crying Shame

    just saying in retrospect to the last few years, I think jack johnson had the right message... http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2009-08-30-withdrawal_N.htm "By now It's beginning to show A number of people are numbers who aint coming home I can close my eyes it's still there Close my mind be alone I can close my heart and not care But gravity has got a hold on us all It's a terrific price to pay But in the true sense of the word Are we using what we've learned? In the true sense of the word Are we losing what we were? It's such a tired game Will it ever stop? Is not for me to say And is it in our blood? Or is it just our fate? And how will this all play out Out of sight, out of mind And who we gunna blame? On and on It's such a crying crying crying shame"
  3. Lord_Maeglin

    What can be done with a corrupt government?

    If your governments corrupt, don't follow it. If everyone did whats right and good for eachother, corrupt governments wouldn't exist. The governments are made of people , which is sad... because they can sometimes do the worst things to their fellow man.
  4. Lord_Maeglin

    forum sites

    unless you have a large following or a specific reason people will come to it, theres no point to taking the time to make a good forum. Tried making one a while back, and it was just a waste of time. Free forum sites also never let you make really good ones. Theres alot of limitations
  5. Lord_Maeglin

    Ad vitam paramus... a story

    Chapter II: diluculo Careful steps Wake up to the dawn And walking through the meadow Do you see we all are there If not completely one day Our memories shall flow back Like that quiet stream beyond The little girl sat, quietly in the still room listening to the rain of early morning and thinking. Hand and pen on the table, waiting for something to spring into her head, waiting for a thought to drop upon her, like the raindrops through the window. Below her she could see the city streets, the cars, and the old iron bridge in the distance. Her vision was filled with shadowy people, hidden under black umbreallas, and rushing to where they were headed. Who were they? she thought, where are they going? The mind of a child is simple, yet it questions everything, ponders the raindrops on the window, the umbrellas, the world. She began to write. Little, simple, happy things. A story about people in the rain with umbrellas. Short, cautious strokes. Each one, sloppier than the next until it was almost unreadable. Blurring like the rain blurs the world. Alas... We cannot live life forever in the blur of innocence
  6. Lord_Maeglin

    Ad vitam paramus... a story

    Chapter I: Pontus Mind crashing Black inky thoughts All spattered on the ground This scene does it not remind you How flowers bloom after the fire And how we all must pick up The pieces of our lives And walk on Looking over the bridge, rusted from a milenium of raindrops and careless steps, he wondered would this ever be the end? Beneath, where the fog revealed her shadowed secrets, the water churned with a menacing rumble. High above the city lights dimmed as midnight took the sky and rain began to fall, washing away the crimes, away, all away, beneath the bridge to someplace else. Someplace, where all things must go. He stood there, trembling hands on the rails, against the wind and against the thoughts that told him no. Thoughts that said the memories must be sustained, that she must live on, thoughts that had no power but a weak and simple plea. After all, if our mind has made itself baren to the grey heartless world around, a creature of its own environment, how can we ever change? Untamed, unyielding, understanding. It is a cold thing, understanding, he thought. Understanding things that others walking beside you day to day do not know, or would ever percieve. Understanding why, and when, and how. Understanding life, and its sadness. He sighed, mind made up. And with a quick, deft movement cast the diary over that chasm into the squall below before walking away. Alas... All things fade into the fog of night. ---
  7. Lord_Maeglin

    Importance of Guiness World Records

    The point of the GBR isn't to imrpove the world or do anything beneficial. Its just something to showcase what people with too much time on their hands do. People buy the books cause we, as a species, are intrested with things that are abnormal or different. Of course you could call it a waste of time, but its entertaining.
  8. Lord_Maeglin

    What is this world turning into??

    people just need to chill and live for today. 2012 is three and a half years today. if theres anything more unsettling its the possibility you might die tommorow. So don't worry, when it comes it will come, just do what you can to be happy in life right now
  9. Lord_Maeglin

    What is this world turning into??

    people just need to chill and live for today. 2012 is three and a half years today. if theres anything more unsettling its the possibility you might die tommorow. So don't worry, when it comes it will come, just do what you can to be happy in life right now
  10. Lord_Maeglin

    Michael Jackson dead

    rip the king of pop its a shame he will be best known for the creep he became because he was a really great musician in the beginning...
  11. Lord_Maeglin

    Maeglins Poetry

    "I thought that you should know" It always seems sweeter- each day Watching the flowers and your smile Bloom above, right up to the blue summer sky release my mind- no more worrys Spend this moment for a while Here we were again, in this quiet place I listen, birds singing and your soft voice Fall silent to hear the sunset -The world softly farewell ringing... No more empty thoughts- is this dreaming? Voices are not our own, just there Lost in the breeze that blows Just talk about anything- I'll be happy Theres nothing more to show... Living is enought to know In the dark we were shadows dancing Not real yet permanent- Just so If things were any less real Your laughter would tell me so... I just thought I should let you know That I don't want this any other way Existance, Summer nights, and you- my friend There would be no better time, so right Let the day end just so it can begin again... I just thought that I'd let you know "back to me" I saw your face in the crowd Shining there- the only star And I reached out for you But your hand was so far Swept away and gone Like two passing fish in an empty sea But that moment still lingers on- I hope that the tide draws you back to me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaZXgfAW0ak
  12. Lord_Maeglin

    Maeglins Poetry

    "Eachother" We are out here in the still of shadows Warm bonfire, bottle, and a few close friends Laughing about tommorows sorrows Tonight this short written story never ends All I can feel is your voice and the fire Warm like sweet like liquor deep in me Slip away escape from sadness like birds Open the cage- and fly far from captivity Pour me another deep shot so that I can go And whisper one last time to the nightime sky Cause truely this place this wide green world is where I pray we long stay- home for you and I And good friends all don't you realize Were here for one reason I can give To sing our songs while we still have eachother To laugh to dance- to love and live
  13. Lord_Maeglin

    Swine Flu

    well, with all the problems and stupidities with the governments of the world, its not so hard to see why a mistake like this would be made. Im from the US, and our government here is so dumb, Im supprised something like this hasn't happened here. I don't know what to think of this whole mess, but it does re-emphasise the need for more secure borders for this country (even though i do know the people who have it here got it were citizens on vacation)which is a really pressing issue. but I don't think this flu will become too much of an issue. I see a repeat of the avian flu scare, except this time, the disease is even more mild.
  14. Lord_Maeglin

    Maeglins Poetry

    "Lucy in the sky" Little girl Lucy so pretty Went dancing in the sky She found the reason and the season That would never make her cry Said she'd never come down Said that her mind she found -Diamonds never lie Days went on like the fast times and years flew right through Lucy lost her dreams Just didn't know what to do -But diamonds never lie And she woke up one morning Got up and fell off the moon Lucy fould her last trip I know she got there soon -But diamonds never die "deeper" Out here there are no worries The world could end and I wouldn't care Maybe its the atmoshphere Maybe its just the salt-spray air But I feel deeper by the sea And my troubles ease away This serene and endless beach Makes me dream for each new day "Milky Way" On that hill we came to know the stars and there were many more dancing in your eyes At that crossroad we tripped and fell Up into the darkest realms of understanding It only take the hand of another Locked in yours to conquer all fears Before the whole vast universe In that empty place there is No sound I can hear But your heart Beating Like a drum Rythm harmonizing clear Transmitted across a million miles I can still feel from that night long ago And high in the sky there still can be found A million more just as we were Transcending all senses Perhaps this milkeyway Is the stream on which Our souls flow
  15. Lord_Maeglin

    Maeglins Poetry

    "farewells" Four years is a long time And it makes for plenty more Now it seems like things are closing I think we are reaching for the door I've seen friends come and go Seen them rise fall and die Theres alot of good in everyone And enough bad to make anyone cry Each step took us through truth And dragged through the lies Lived through good and bad days Now I can't seem to say good bye Cause we took what we could And made it what we feel and who we are Just if our dreams could stay so pure I know each of us could go so far "Alone" Waves crash over me And still I think of you Cause even though im in paradise I just don't know what to do This ocean dreams incomplete Without you by my side Suns out and the surfs up But your not here for the ride Cause with every breaker crash I hear you whisper and the sun It has your bright and stunning smile I just wish you could be here And cure this pain a while Cause when the day turns to night And the empty people go to bed I go walking on the dunes To try to clear my head And I see the stars and moon High above the dark saphire sea I just wish so bad inside You could see this sight with me