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  1. Well, I guess that means that I am REALLY, REALLY STUPID! I didn't keep that starting file. Too bad that file didn't come in locked for stupid people like me. That means I have to go back to LoT and start over. Doubt I will do that. I guess I'm done with Aveyond. Maybe in another year or two I'll try again. If I could go on with the other half from here, I would finish, but I am getting very tired of it, and starting from the beginning would be too much. Thanks and so long for now, Beth
  2. I decided to play the Aveyond series from beginning to end replaying Chapters 1-3 before playing the new last Chapter. I am at the final boss battle with Gyendal and Stella, and I have discovered that I did something really stupid. I totally forgot the "side" quests for Pia's harp string so I could get into the Sky Garden to get the key for the red chests in the Cliffs of Rememberance. YES! REALLY STUPID! I have spent hours and hours replaying this Chapter. What I need to know is: Can I even begin to think of beating Gyendal without the armor and weapons in the red chests which I can't get in now until I beat Gyendal? If I chose to go back and play GoN a 3rd time, how can I get my carry over Save file from LoT to start GoN with again? This is the last thing I want to do at this point, but it may be my only choice for continuity. Of course, because I have been in the Underworld for many saves and the Orb of Light has been touched, I can't get back to "Kansas". :cry: :oops: :roll: What I wish is there would be as many save slots as you want to use so you never have to worry about overwriting an important Save. I would also like to be able to put my own title on a Save file. This would make this game so much better. I guess I really know I'm dead, and the most important answer I need is: How do I get that continuation file from LoT so I can start GoN over again. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Beth
  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The Death Scrolls were the answer! I was trying all of the other suggestions that people gave me in walk throughs and forums, but though I had Death Scrolls, I had not timed using them correctly to know that they would kill instantly. Therefore, I was throwing in all the other scrolls, eggs, and spells without success. This needs to go in everybody's walk throughs!!!! Again thanks! Beth
  4. OK, I am in the Church trying to free Mel. The problem is that with 3 vampires I can't keep folks alive long enough, without Stella, to even begin to get to the end! I have tried death scrolls, weevil scrolls, succumbus, spider eggs, and I have re-arranged every one of my players so I have 3 different battle formations on 3 different saves. I have used Ulf instead of wimpy Lydia (mages are so squishy), he does have the big axe from Naylith, but even that didn't help. I just can't get anybody revived with a cassia leaf and give them some health before they are killed (that's 2 turns), or they kill somebody else, and the whole time I might be giving some poison or drain damage from a spell that hit one or two, but I can't attack or put out more spells because I'm trying to keep 2 or 3 people alive long enough to get a hit in. I played this long ago, and some how got through this, but I don't remember how. Most of my players are level 30 something. I even tried to leave the Underground (I know stupid), to try to level up, but that didn't help. Would it help to go back to the Memory Cave and keep killing everything I find a few times to get some levels before I try for the vampires? HELP! Beth
  5. Figured it out on my own. It took me awhile to figure out that an Administrator moved my post from Chapter 4, where people are doing most of their reading now, back here. I'll remember that in the future. I think it was rather rude to move it without e-mailing me!
  6. I decided it would be fun to play Aveyond from start to finish so rather than just buy and play Chapter 4, I am starting at the beginning with Twilight. It is kind of nice for those of us with diminishing brain cells. There is an awful lot I forgot between chapters! My problem is that nobody cares about what happened way back in Twilight, and I have a question that has got me stuck in Twilight. Thought I would start here and maybe someone would hear my distress call. How do I get Hepitus to tell me her story and and quit telling me to go away? I know there was something you had to do, but I've looked all through my Aveyond notebook with no luck. Yes, I have created an entire notebook on Aveyond with all the maps, important tips from the forums, things I've learned along the way, etc. I am an organizational freak, probably because I'm old and on the way to senility, that has every kind of Aveyond trivia I could collect, except what I need of course. What is new on the horizon for Aveyond? Is this the end or is there a sequel in the works? Thanks, Beth aislingyngaio: Moved to AV3.1
  7. I am not very computer literate, and I am having difficulty with Ahriman's Prophecy and Millinenum 2 trial. When I load these games, one is supposed to be real "old" and other "new", I have the same problem. The games download fine but when they open they are huge and all out of focus. Also, either the mouse doesn't seem to work at all or only partially. For those of us who mouse and and have only used arrow keys a little bit this is a difficult way to maneuver around. Is there any kind of settings on my computer that I can change so the screen is not so huge and much more legible? Is it possible to use the mouse or will only the arrow keys work? Thanks, Beth
  8. Tiniponi, After reading your post above I was surprised because I haven't gotten any e-mail messages from you, which I assume you mean by PM. At this point I figured I must have missed something so I called my daughter who is afile server admin. She laughed at me, and told me to go look on the Amaranth website for any messages. I'm sorry. It was a lightbulb momemnt for me. I don't know why I haven't seen the line across the top of the page, but I didn't. A lot of the information I see on websites is like reading Greek. I know very little about computers. Just enough to apparently get myself in trouble. I in turn thought that you were ignoring me since I have to give my e-mail address every where I go on the web. This is a large case of misunderstanding which is my fault because I shouldn't be out here on the web without more of an understanding of how all this works. My apologies again, and I will go read your messages and we will take this off-line as my daughter said I should do.
  9. Tiniponi, I'm sorry that you find comments that might help improve what you have written to be laughable. Now quick KTC run over here and flame me because I critized Tiniponi again.
  10. This is so weird. I am not going to say what I did because I don't know how to do the spoiler thing correctly, but I took care of the final scene quite quickly. Much better than the first time so maybe that is why I had help from a higher source and didn't save like I thought I was doing. I used a left click to "save" my end file, but there was no comfirmation message that I saved. It was just a blank screen like the first time, but this time when I put the link in the search box on VISTA, it took me to the correct file and when I opened Chapter 4, there was a saved file there this time. IN THE FUTURE PLEASE PROGRAM SOMETHING IN THAT SAYS "YOUR FILE HAS BEEN SAVED"! Some of us are barely computer literate and need a bit of hand holding. Now I also did something to Spook since I didn't like him. Even though he wasn't in battle active mode, I kept him armored and weaponed as best I could like all the players not knowing where the story was going. Before I went into the final scene, I stripped everything off Spook :-) So when I go back into my saved file at the beginning of Chapter 4 I should have all the extra equipment to sell since Spook decided to leave the group. HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. D>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nothing in the Chapter 4 folder! Here I go again! This time I'll be more careful. I was confused because there was nothing on the screen and I thought I was following the directions by right clicking, but I think that just made me bypass the save.
  12. Yeah, I decide it was a good time to give Walt the real bust when I gave him the real frog. Made sense to me. It certainly was NOT explained well in the SG with all the different things you could do with the stupid thing. At least Walt got the good one. I still would like Fahad to get the fake one since he obviously stole the real from Walt or sold a fake to Walt. He should get his just rewards. I went back and checked my list about a zillion times to make sure all the side quests were done since they often affect what happens in the next chapter, and I think I got all but this one. The side quests were really jumbled and hard to follow. I'm also going to make myself a list of armor, weapons, etc. for each player and what they do and don't do so I can refer to them in Chapter 4. I'm still not clear with what happens with cursed stuff, and now we have mana-enhanced, earth-enhanced and charmed. I had a hard time trying to figure out what weapon to use, and equipment to wear when I was fighting the different things in the Mana and Fauna caves. I think I might go back and figure out a way to just play those caves and map what works best on what "critter" for want of a better name to call the different forms of "enemies". All in all, I thought the critters in those caves were pretty whimpy. Especially the shadow knights. I could whack them with just about anything and they give it up on one hit. I still enjoy this game a lot , but I would like to see the different areas get mapped so they are more evenly mapped to the average level you are at when you get there, and the loot is also appropriate. This thing of whacking a critter in the upper levels for 3 gold just because there is big loot in the chests is not worth the trouble. I think it would have been better to just dash and get the loot rather than bother to get the bad guys. The bad guys are far worse in the Crystal Caves. Mercy, I digress and runneth off at the mouth. I'm waiting for a resonse to my post on whether I blew my save and have to go kill Gyendal again. Yuck!
  13. I got to the end and it said to right click and it would save my game, but I didn't see a name of a saved game. Did it save my game so I can carry it into Chapter 4? I saved before going into the Orb room and the big battles, but I don't want to have to through all of that mess with Gyendal again! Please tell me I'm OK!
  14. I took the Hercules Bust acquired in Acropolis to the person recommended in the SG, and this person refused to do what the SG said he would do. Did I miss something? Are we supposed to hang on the Bust until Chapter 4 along with other items we have obtained, but not used? By the way ... In Chapter 4 will we get to keep what we have earned in Chapter 3 rather than starting over with zilch? In other words, is Lydia going to rear her ugly head and steal all my stuff again? I sure wish I had my ship so I could take a nice soothing sail down to the islands for a little R&R! This hero has been popping all over Aia so much she is spinning like a top! It's a miracle all my corpusles are all where they belong. Oh, for a nice ocean breeze, a gently swaying hammock, and an ice cold, long, tall pineapple flush.......
  15. These "goodies" are really "nasties"! I have no idea why somebody thought it was a good idea to have them! They totally and completely spoil the game! I thought it was cute when I first started to play and it didn't take me long to figure out that these so warped the play that I started over and refused to use them! I wish they would make them disappear!
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