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  1. you forgot the finding the nightingale or whatever is that bird and the new orb
  2. same thing happened to me but luckly I had a back up save
  3. you're welcome and for the job look in the east side of the city
  4. yes it's a bug but you can use the key Controls and works just fine
  5. follow the path to Mysten Far(town in mt orian)in northeast side of town,in the cave
  6. now you can choose to fight them or not but my suggestion is you should
  7. As soon as shes kidnapped you get a few jobs in Veldarah.Goodie caves sorry not allowed to say where they are,yet.yes for a brief time
  8. Meele Attacks-First Battle Butterfly VS Bat Wife VS Husband Sword VS Staff Meele Attacks-Second Battle DOD is everyone Reaper is Ed and Stella MD is all(speicialy Eddie)
  9. If your in the demon realm look in the caves
  10. @ipink did you use it on galahad and then equip it and one of her skills I forgot the name puts ahriman to sleep so he can't attack
  11. once he's asleep take map and give to squirels the go back to clearwater something should happen on the way there
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