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  1. Thanks for the link to everlong, I found many things there that are a great help. :love: well I guess I.m off th the lost contanent.
  2. I am trying to get the white & black dragon's for Darokon (sp) as soon as I try to fight the 1st boss in white's cave I can only get 1 hit in and he kills me. I have as much defense as I can hold also Darakon (sp) is at level 75 so I do not know what I missed to get past the bosses. secondly in Blacks cave what is the pattern of the tourches in the second half I tried a few but the tourches go out too fast, if you could please help me on this I would love it thanks. Is there a stradagy guide someplace ? if so could someone please post the web link to it. last but not least where is this silver mist, I would go there to find answers but I dont know the link address.
  3. yes I have ver #2 and I can 't recrute Gavan again he is already in my party. I t dosent matter for me, I have finished the game, nicholas in good for the last fight he can replenish everyons health & mana if you do it right lol. Thanks.
  4. I have all my charters, Nicholas has left because he dose not like Gavin. but after you let Emma fight at sultain's palace, he replaces Rye and you can not remove him. is there a fix for this? this gives me 9 charters, game only allows 8
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