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  1. It won't let me get TO the lions. I come up against literally a brick wall here. I climb the steps and I'm back where I started from. I bypass the "tunnel" and I end up at a dead end. I go up the stairs before the bridge over the poison pond and again come up on a dead end. I have no clue where to go now.
  2. I am in Stonetooth Cave system and after I cross the bridge I go down into the "hole" a little bit to the right and down a bit and it takes me to where the map indicates the stone lions are, so I go up the little steps and end up coming back up through the hole I went into. I have tried every path and every set of steps I can find but can't get anywhere except a big circle. I also went back to peliad and tried to get Spook's help and he just asks "who are the losers with you. want to dump them and come with me?" to which Mel replies "no thanks" and that's it. What am I missing? Getting frustrated.
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