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  1. "you laugh because i'm different, i laugh because you're all the same." -john davis
  2. well, in LoT after Te'ijal was talking to Galahad about him drinking blood I went to the store and and bought some and I made him drink it and when nothing happened I thought I needed more so I went to find more money and bought some more and I gave him some more. I finally gave up. I think it's just synthetic blood.
  3. I can only think of two at the moment. -- My Own Worst Enemy -- this one was on NBC and it didn't even make it through the first season but it was an absolutely amazing show. This was last year a believe. -- Related -- all I can remember is that it was on WB and it was about four sisters. Can't remember when this was on.
  4. crazyvamp : that idea is great! But that sounds like a whole new storyline for a whole new game, I'd like to play that. the mind idea seems cool too. And I think that would be a fun new addition as would the underwater place some people suggested earlier.
  5. Oh! That would be so funny and wonderful and funny! I like marrying them off, that's always fun! And I was disappointed when we didn't get to see Mel and Edwards marriage.
  6. I even kind of feel guilty for letting her die...
  7. Oh yeah! I completely forgot! I was just wondering as I don't remember seeing it in AV3...but I forgot that we have seen it.
  8. Yeah, that's what I meant to say. If we could choose where to live. Stella house would HAVE been nice to see...but I don't know if she had a house as she was a guardian. But that does remind me that I've never seen Te'ijal's house.
  9. OOh! Beautiful! How I wish that would actually happen! I want to cry...
  10. I didn't want to stake anyone after I heard that scream that plays when you stake one...but I remember that I did stake one after I kept talking to it and it kept draining me. Then I realized I needed garlic. THEN I staked it.
  11. A house in every town we go to would be nice too. Maybe not even a house, something like an apartment. I'm not sure how that would work out. Maybe we could be able to choose kind of as we did with guilds for Lars and Iya.
  12. Maybe something like a warewolf. We've never had anything like that, I believe.
  13. Exactly. I think Europe is on to something.
  14. Well, you can bet America won't be doing any of THAT! I mean, you want greedy, check here because we're full of that!
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