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  1. warmshine

    At what level can you defeat Ahriman?

    Hi everybody! ^^ I enjoy playing Aveyond very much and I think that everyone who has played Aveyond I – Rhen’s Quest will agree with me: Ahriman is very difficult to defeat. >_< As for me, he’s the most powerful boss in series game Aveyond, he’s far stronger and tougher than Snow Queen or Heptitus (I’m not sure because I play Aveyond 2 and Aveyond 3 in easy mode ^^) anyway, you must have tried very hard to win. However, have you ever thought of making him fall asleep? In A2 I tried using Nicholas’s sunshine spell and sleep spell with Snow Queen and Heptitus for several times but it’s really impossible. In A1 I got a sleep flute from saving the druid, the walkthrough said it wouldn’t work very well and I found It’s really uneffected with some monsters, especially the boss. So I can’t believe that the final boss Ahriman can be made to fall asleep. But there’s a way to do that! Suprisingly that’s Te’ijal’s skill, Final embrace, which uses 0 MP but work perfectly. Te’ijal will draw only 1 HP from Ahriman but she’ll also make him fall asleep, and then it’s up to you to do everything you want ^^ (I used this way and won without losing any HP ^^ How about you?) aislingyngaio: Merged topics
  2. warmshine

    hardest moment ever?

    Oh! I heard what you talked about. I agree with you that there are some places very difficul to pass. As for me, dreamland is not as hard as lampland and the hardest place is Ahriman's Lair. The toughest monster in game is the Death Angel, it's so cute but so hard to defeat >_