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  1. I'm a big fan of every single one of the Aveyond games! I even enjoy replaying them often I am however pretty disappointed that making other games are more of a priority than making Aveyond 4. I see tons of news about everything else and hardly anything about something I've been waiting for for years... But I mean it's okay, in your own time I guess. There a ton of Aveyond games I can play again in the mean time!
  2. Oooh okay thank you! This helps a ton along with the other forum post linked. I really cannot believe that other forum post did not come up when I searched for it. I apologize for almost making a duplicate thread! I don't mind if this gets deleted.
  3. I've played through the game once only to see one of them. Now that I'm replaying it would be nice to know what they all look like. So if anyone can post pictures or even describe that they look like it would help tons! Thank you!
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