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  1. Definitely. All AV3 stories are heavily connected to each other. If you start in the middle, it would feel like that...you start in the middle. The best you can get is a short summary of the previous games.
  2. Personally, I see no problem with homosexuality. Somebody fell in love with somebody of the same gender, yeah, I feel a bit disturbed, but I wouldn't go "GAYS AND LESBIANS MUST DIE!!!". It's just a feeling of discomfort upon seeing something that you don't normally see. However, in the country I live, homosexuality is still viewed as something abnormal in the society. Sometimes in the extreme, it's viewed as a sin. I've read in an article in newspaper about some religious preachers are going to make a religious seminar for gay/lesbian so they become straight and stop doing sins. I just go, "Wut? As if that would succeed". for every man, there is a woman on earth Although surveys say that the man to woman ratio on Earth is 1 : 3...
  3. What are you talking about? The shepherds are doing the right thing! Because spraying acids, creating noise by crashing ships, etc etc definitely won't disturb the marine lives.
  4. @KTC I think Seraphina's talking about lolicon (lolita complex, basically attracted to little girls), especially with the way she said 'tentacle porn' after that.
  5. I'm a bit...surprised at how many people saying AV1 was their first RPG.
  6. Yep, it's his true identity. I figured it out quite early, though.
  7. Man, this story is absolute nonsense! That was a compliment actually.
  8. Okay, I will. Not sure if my ideas would fit in, though. Mel: Hey wait, I know you! You're Nox! ???: ... What do you speak of? Mel: I've played Aveyond: The Lost Orb before, and there's this weird girl with the black hair who sneaks up on the character Mel all the time. So it must be y- ???: What atrociousity! My name is Nox not. Mel: Hey, Nox Not. ???: No! I said my name is NOT Nox! Mel: Oh, ok. Hey, Not Nox. I lol'd at this
  9. Let's just say Aia has fast-moving tectonic plates compared to Earth... Anyway, back to the discussion of AV characters! I think character development is one problem in Aveyond. Especially in AV3. The characters have personality, but no development. Edward in the end is still the same Edward as in the start. Lydia in the end is still the Lydia in the start. They don't develop throughout the story. None of them do, except maybe a bit of Galahad or the girls falling for Edward. Don't you think after all those events Lydia would act nicer or Stella would be a bit meaner? It's even worse in AV2. (Note that I've only played build A). Yeah, the characters are cute and all, but they barely have any lines. Character development? What can be developed? They have no character. AV1 doesn't suffer from this, though. An obvious example being Lars. I also feel that both Rhen and Dameon developing through the game, although it can be just me reading too many fics. None of the optional characters do, though. Another thing is about the 'tag-along' characters. Aveyond has problems with these. Av3 has partially solved this problem, though...which is ruined by TLO. Let's see their reasons for joining the party: Rhen : I'm the Chosen One! Lars : I'm not going to let Rhen steal all the glory! But I got close to her and want to help her. Elini : I want to find a new hubby so let's travel together because it's safer! And let me tag-along even when I've found him. -> tag-along Te'ijal : I'm bored and want to go on an adventure -> tag-along Dameon : I'm going to get close to Rhen and convince her to join the dark side...although I didn't even try Galahad : A lady must not be in danger! -> tag-along Pirate John :You need a dragon rider? Let me join until the end and watch me become Elini's slave! -> tag-along Mad Marge : Hire me! I totally suck in battles, though! -> tag-along As you can see, almost all AV1 party members are tag-along and have no impact to the story at all besides Rhen, Lars, and Dameon. You only need Pirate John to ride the dragon. Well, you can say Lars is tag-along, too, but at least he had a major role before he joined and have proper interaction and development with Rhen. Ean : I'm gonna save Iya! Iya : I'm gonna be saved be Ean! Rye : I want to go on an adventure! -> tag-along Nicolas : My big bro told me to. -> tag-along Gavin : I'm bored -> tag-along Ava : Dragon Dung ordered me to -> tag-along Emma : Thanks for letting me enroll to the school even though we barely knows each other -> tag-along Jack : Thanks for releasing me from the curse -> tag-along AV2 is even worse, with Ean and Iya being the only person that has any impact in the story. The other characters may as well be mere NPCs and none of the story will change. Mel : I'm the Darkthrop descendant Edward : I want to go on an adventure! But I also have a big emotional impact for Mel. Stella : I lost my memory that might be related to the plot! Te'ijal : I have to stop my brother! Galahad : I need to stop my brother-in-law! Lydia : I'm not gonna let Mel steal Edward! -> tag-along Ulf : Thanks for letting me out of the prison -> tag-along Yeah, there's a lot less tag-along characters in AV3 LoT and GoN. Actually, you can say Edward and Galahad are tag-alongs too, but they have pretty major interactions with others so they're not as obvious. Same thing with Lydia, she has proper interactions with other members so she's not that obvious of a tag-along. Ulf is the only obvious one. Mel : I'm the Darkthrop descendant! June : I want to get my Magician's Certificate and constantly whine about it! -> tag-along Edward : Mel, WAIT FOR ME! Crap, my kingdom's been taken over.. Ulf : I just accompany Edward and leave your party for half the game -> tag-along Yvette : I want fun adventure! -> tag-along Spook : I'm Gyendal in disguise! Yep, TLO has taken a step down from GoN in that June and Yvette are obvious tag-alongs. Ulf is also one, again...
  10. I'm a Christian (albeit not a very zealous one) and thinks that these guys are wasting their time. I have watched anime and read mangas that contain "might-be-considered-sinful" stuff, but I wouldn't go this far. For me, there are times where I feel a bit offended when reading mangas, but I just think of them as what they are : a story. A story made to entertain the readers. They're only for entertainment purpose. If they were brainwashing tools, then, yes, I'd agree with those guys. But they're not. If someone's getting brainwashed by a manga/anime, it's either because he has no life or he's an unsupervised kid. Plus, protesting the entire anime/manga just because of a few is a dumb thing. How could things like Doraemon or Hamtaro be harmful to anyone?
  11. TrueShadow

    The Agas Saga

    Aww..too bad. Doesn't stop this story from being awesome, though.
  12. Are you planning to have Uthar and Nicholas' personality swapped?
  13. I saw this one inspirational video about a woman who was born without any arms at all. However, she didn't lose hope. She tried using her feet for doing stuff. She can use her feet for driving, eating, and even swimming! She became a singer and had a loving husband. I guess it's just because we're used to using two hands, we feel uncomfortable without them. It's just a matter of getting used to IMO.
  14. @Rogue Well, it's chat language. It's similar to how "thx = thanks" or "wut? = what?" Besides, who cares about grammar in the internet?? P.S. You're from Indonesia? @Kirroha To be honest, I was planning to do an AV3 parody, too, as soon as Galahad appears in my AV1 parody, but you beat me to it. Don't worry, I still enjoy it! Lol'd at raining cats and dogs literally. Always loved literal jokes.
  15. @insanity Like almost all other references, it's from Persona 3. @Kirroha Hmm, that's actually a good idea! Originally my plan was to make the party scared of a skull key and why would a Druid have a skull...but then, with the "Vohu Manah is phail" thing, I forgot about that plan. I got the bomb idea because when my friend and I was talking about something, he mentioned a molotov bomb. Then I looked at wikipedia and saw molotov can be made of alcohol. Since there's a tavern nearby... Sorry, no updates. I'm busy.
  16. TrueShadow

    The Agas Saga

    Heck yeah this story is back!! This is one of the best stories in HBT IMO. Only a daeva's child can stop BOTH Ahriman and the humans' rebellion. That's because Aravis and Isilme would get all-lovey-dovey so the humans and the demons would be in peace, so no rebellion, and they both defeat Ahriman together with the POWER OF LOVE :loving:!!! What? I like happy endings! Agas is...bald? Can't really picture it... Also, for some reason, my version of Zarich is a girl...
  17. It makes sense for me. By the way, Wyst, I'm sorry I stole your Grandma Boogie idea and used it in my A1 parody. Don't be mad, okay
  18. @insanitysquare Well, apparently, you did the bother. And I wasn't bothered at all. So none of us actually bother each other while we think we would bother each other...uhh, never mind that. Yeah, it's a very easy to understand story, although didn't read it from the beginning so I didn't really understand the whole plot. Anyway, time for a new chapter guys!! It's kinda short, though...and a bit peaceful. Chapter 22 : The Next Step Sun Shrine Rhen : First mission accomplished! Now where are we supposed to go? Oracle : Find the other Druids. Rhen : Where are they? Oracle : In their temples. Rhen : ...And where are those temples? Oracle : In this world. Rhen : Arrggh!! I know that, Captain Obvious! Tell me, where's the closest Druid right now? Oracle : Oh, why didn't you say so sooner? Rhen : :facepalm: Oracle : The closest Druid would be Daena. Her temple is under the Snow Queen's Castle's Basement. But- Rhen : Snow Queen's Basement, got it! *left* Oracle : But you're not high enough level yet for the dungeon... Snow Queen Castle Basement Rhen : Okay, let's go! That-yellow-bird-fish-thingie : Woof! Wait, why am I barking? And why can I speak? Rhen : What's that? Lars : Scanning enemy...Result obtained. That thing is- Rhen : CHAAAARRGGEE!!! That-yellow-bird-fish-thingie : Woof! *attack* Rhen : *dies* Lars : -way above our level... TYBFT : Woof! Woof! *attacks Lars and Elini* Death is not a hunter unbeksnownt to its prey-Oh wait wrong game Ye Wimp Who taught you to fight? Game loaded Sun Shrine Rhen : YOU LIED!! That-yellow-bird-fish-thingie is WAY too strong for us now!! Oracle : I didn't. You're the one who didn't listen to the end... Rhen : Now, really. Where's the next place we should go?? Oracle : Oh. Why didn't you ask your questions more clearly? Go to Halloween Hills, that SPOOKY place. Booooo... Rhen : *siiiiggghhh* Halloween Hills, right. *leaves* Oracle : But you need a key from Vohu Manah- oh, she already left. Halloween Hills Entrance Everybody is standing in front of the locked gate. Rhen : THAT DAMN ORACLE DIDN'T TELL US ABOUT A DAMN GATE!! Lars : Now, what action should be taken in order to continue? Rhen : Hmm, there seems to be a hole. Maybe if we put something in here then the gate will open. Now, what could that thing be? Elini : EVERYBODY GET AWAY!! *throws something* BOOM! Apparently, the locked gate is now gone...cuz' it's all blown up. Elini : Nice, now we can pass through. Nothing a molotov can't solve! *feels something touching her shoulders* Yes? *turns around, seeing Rhen and Lars* Rhen : *crispy*... Lars : *burnt*... Elini : Oh, what happened to you?
  19. Parodies are popular nowadays, eh. Still, they're all VERY FUNNY!!! :laughing: Although, can you try to make your own smilies smaller. Kinda makes it hard to read sometimes.
  20. As far as I know, trolling is purposely trying to get someone angry and annoyed. For example, IF (note the emphasis on IF) I said "Aveyond sUcKz, it's b00rin9 and sTupiDz" for no real reason in Amaranthia, it would be trolling. There's a difference between saying a minority opinion and trolling. If I mentioned some valid arguments, then I wouldn't be.
  21. Is it just me or is this turning into a Iya X Rye story, since she seems to agree a lot with him.
  22. @insanity Nah, don't want to bother you. But yeah, it's true about when you get an inspiration and your brain gets all "VROOM!".
  23. Ahriman: Go get Rhen and persuade her to come on our side, blah blah blah! Oh, and remember to get her to marry you! And do not have any interaction whatsoever, half bald priest! It's the absolute truth
  24. I don't know about the 70s disco joke...I stole it straight from Wyst's AV2 parody.
  25. Let us spread the Spook hate!! :evil:
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