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  1. True! But I still think it's wrong as I know a lot of people, especially younger kids believe this claim.
  2. I agree with you. I like plots and don't enjoy battles at all. And personally, I remember particularly disliking battles in Rhen's Quest, but I wished there had been difficulty options for Aveyond 1, because perhaps when I first played Aveyond 1, it could have made it easier. I think difficulty levels is good for the reason that it changes up the game so you can play it once, and then play it in expert, and so forth. Bold=shortened version of likes/pros Underlined=cons/dislikes
  3. love it ◕‿◕ plzzzzzz update soon so funny i almost fell outta my seat...
  4. :offtopic: The reason movie producers made 2012 is because they knew fear would sell, they advertised it a lot and then they knew people would come to see it, bringing them lots of money and having people be fearful of the destruction of the world, supposedly said to be in 2012. And now a new movie about the world ending is coming out and I really hope this doesn't become a trend, because before the 2000s everyone was afraid the world would end, or all the technology would come to an end. Seriously, the ONLY THING THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 2012 IS THAT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THESE SCARY WORLD COMING TO AN END MOVIES WILL BE RICHER. Sorry blabbing on and on it's just that I think that's its sick for people to try to make money by scaring people and making everyone panic. ◕‿◕
  5. I like your avvie and siggie pinkygirl! Oh and like yours too allets, the avvie is my fav ◕‿◕
  6. Yay! No stealing souls Welcome ◕‿◕
  7. LOVE it. Keep writing and don't forget to update - regularly!
  8. Am I the only one from Cali? *tucks under blanket of embarrassment*
  9. Well I don't mind much now that older people are playing, but, at one time, it was kind of weird at first, kind of like, playing and talking/chatting with adults/elders. At first I didn't know so I think it should be made obvious so it doesn't freak people out
  10. I know, right? I completely agree - it would be sooo awesome! I would buy Lars everything... ---------- Edited: Actually, I WOULD BUY everything! Not just Lars everything, even though my credit cards would be quite faithful to him
  11. Nice pics with your friends! Where do you live...? xD
  12. Never noticed that. Hmm, maybe it's just some schools. It's easy, ignore them, pretend like you don't care what they do, think or feel and the "cold ones" don't interfere with you. And kids who are popular are not always cold, so I am not taking about populars, I am talking about people in general who are cold/mean. Sometimes you have to give them a cold shoulder for them to leave you alone. I know it sounds mean, but, it's better than for them to disrespect you like they do everyone else.
  13. OoOHHHH! Okay, so I was really far into the game and I was on an Isle and forgot where I put my boat - totally freaked out and was afraid I would have to restart the game because I couldn't find my boat anywhere!!!!!!
  14. Did I miss the festival? Is it still up? xD
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