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  1. Return of the Zombie Apocalypse We once again return to our favorite mindless brain eaters for the following scenario: You'll recall having been trapped in a sporting goods store, grabbing some gear, and making your way out into the wasteland. Part two now begins. As you rush out the door with your (in some cases very heavy) gear you realize your phone is still working. You don't know it but you're just moments away from the zombies taking down the local cell network (the undead are very good about knocking out lights and communication devices). You have time to send a text message to meet with 3 people you have in your phone. Who do you text and why? Good luck survivors! Pick your zombie survival team carefully and tell your friends in real life too Words from The Fool: Earlier this month my sister told me a scary story. In the middle of the day her internet went down. She grabbed her cell phone and realized there was no reception. So she picked her land line up and it had a dialtone, but it was beeping busy any time she made a call. She quickly went outside to contact her neighbors and head to a nearby coffee shop and none of them had even realized there was a problem. According to authorities for the majority of the day all residents of a very large section of San Jose were completely cut off from each other, authorities (no 911 either), and really the rest of the world. She said the scariest thing was nobody seemed to care and she was the only one who was thinking "If there was going to be a major terrorist or military strike this would be how it would start." Turns out a single construction vehicle hitting a main fiber optic line caused the blackout. Doesn't give me warm fuzzies for our national security. No fooling.
  2. Im afraid of motorcycles. Helmet or full body armor or even a full set of magic platemail. Terrifying. Especially in Europe! People so crazy here! I saw a guy drive 2 blocks down the sidewalk last this week. It's the craziest thing I've seen this week! PS You didn't end your story with "It's the craziest thing I've seen..."
  3. And that's the craziest thing I've seen all week... Story time everyone! Gather round the ol' fool campfire. The world is a weird place, primarily because there are so many fools wandering the streets. Today our topic is for you to tell a story, preferably a true one, that ends in the sentence "And that's the craziest thing I've seen all week." I'll go first, as is my foolish right. I was in Barcelona Spain until just recently and while I have since adjusted to seeing people play a variety of instruments on trains for money something unexpected happened on the way to Sants Station. In walked a young man, probably 14, with a portable karaoke machine. You see where this is going don't you? Yeah, he was karaokeing Spanish pop tunes for cash. Actually the guy wasn't bad but I had to get off before he finished. And that is the craziest thing I've seen all week
  4. I for one love a nice tan redhead! ... no not really. I mean, I guess if she were nerdy enough I would love her. Anyway... yes Daeva, that is a lufa! Finally - I am PRETTY certain you can flush the toilet without actually turning around. Heck, I've done it while still sitting down (Don't lie to me and say you haven't). That said, it is NOT what I meant You KNOW what I meant, now fess up! One time, I built a whole PYRAMID down there... how could you not look? How could you resist, it rose from the depths like some kind of avenging Egyptian poop-angel! (Gross... ok I will stop now, haha, see how embarrassing poop is? I think it is a great mystery!)
  5. Not only do I often look, but it's been known that I drag others into the bathroom to look too. It's a matter of pride! What? Is that too much information? -Fool
  6. The bathroom is a magical place, one we tend to consciously avoid thinking about until... well, you know, ya gotta go! As the above title and incredibly awesome children's book indicates, everybody poops. However, what we don't do is all have the same habits about it. I, while in the executive office, thought about all the ways we may do things differently in the 'water closet' (as they call it here in Germany). So get ready to answer some very personal questions! 1: The classic - Do you flip the toilet paper over or under when putting in a new roll? 2: The gross - Do you wad or fold your toilet paper when wiping? 3: The wet - Do you wet your toothbrush before or after you add toothpaste? 4: The turnaround - Do you turn around after standing up? Be honest! 5: The shower - Do you check to see if the water is hot with your hand or your foot? 6: The clean - Lufa, Sponge, Towel, or the good ol' fashion "use my hand" for applying soap? And it's only fair, since I wrote this sick quiz, that I give my answers 1: Over 2: Wad 3: Before 4: You bet I do! 5: Hand 6: The good ol' fashion hand... unless someone hands me a lufa. I do love a good lufa! Words from The Fool: Don't be offended, the bathroom isn't something to be ashamed of! Not that I particularly want an audience when performing. In fact, this fool believes that the bathroom is the most intimate room in any house. You REALLY have to know and trust someone to have them walk in on you and not have BOTH of you be super embarrassed. Why? It's not like it's a secret... but that's just one of life's great mysteries. No fooling.
  7. Oh I am still here, will be here for quite a while hammering away on a variety of things. Some more recent fun things I found. sauerkraut juice and rather than gum, my local grocery has tasters of alcohol at the checkout line. Oh and try to keep mean stereotypes to a minimum people Odds are if you hear a stereotype it is 10% fact wrapped around 90% fiction.
  8. Ok I found another fun one. I can order a beer at McDonald's
  9. A Fool Goes to Germany Guten tag! Yes, that's right, I am writing this newsletter from my bed here in Germany. I hope to drum up some business for us overseas and that means having to suffer through cake, candy, beer, and sausages. Poor me. I've been here a couple days now and I think what strikes me most is parking. Not that I am driving, but rather seeing where and how people park cars in Hamburg is something else. Earlier today I was walking along this narrow hill street and the sidewalk is covered with parked cars. I leaned over to the person I was walking with and said, "This can't be legal." No sooner than at the next car we see a sign that says parking on the sidewalk is permitted (which I wish I took a picture of because it was a funny picture of a car half on the curb). Yesterday I saw cars parked under an overpass between the pillars that hold it up. Beyond that it hasn't really felt very different to be living here. Well, I suppose it was a bit weird when a guy got onto the subway and started playing an accordion and collecting change. Very surreal. Have you been to a foreign country and remember what struck you as different that you weren't expecting? Are there things you expect to be different if you went to one? Discuss it on the forum! Words from The Fool: Jet lag isn't my problem. I adapted instantly to the timezone change. The real problem is that as I am writing this it's 7:13 AM Pacific, but 4:13 PM here. This causes some issues when people want to call me, as they either have to be up rather early or I have to be working rather late. It should be interesting to see how I hold up to a schedule that has me working mornings and nights but not during the day. Sounds foolish?
  10. Looking Back on 2011 Everyone loves a "Best of" list!" I figure here at Amaranth Games we've started doing these incredibly well written discussion topics by a super attractive newsletter writer (Also, foolish)...So, lets look back at the most talked about discussions! Possibly because I am too lazy to write something original, but mostly for my own research! Topping the list and clocking in at 122 posts (!) is our favorite Zombie Apocalypse setting that challenged you all to figure out what you'd grab at world's end if you found yourself in a sporting goods store. Arguments ranged from debating what type of store it would be to the importance of mobility. It was viewed nearly 7,000 times! http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=16783&forum=1 In second place is our Fool's Prank on Amanda, our beloved CEO, where we turned the site into my own Fool's kingdom while she was moving to California! We didn't get away with it for long, but boy was she surprised! We all had a good laugh over it and our users submitted some funny walpapers we redecorated the site with. Awesome and while it had a lower 84 replies it was viewed a whopping 7600+ times! http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=16716&forum=1 Finally, in third place, my relationship woes posted on Digital Dating. We went over the merits and problems associated with online dating websites, as well as the problems with meeting people in the 'real world.' Turns out I am not the only single person in our kingdom, but I am still on track to be the LAST single person in the kingdom! You guys managed an impressive 74 replies with 4200 views. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=17196&forum=1 I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings and especially anyone with he guts to reply! We wouldn't have such a wonderful community without your help. So, what was your favorite discussion topic of 2011? Feel free to post links to non-fool written discussions as well, I know you guys write a LOT on the general board! Words from The Fool: Happy New Year! This was an exciting year for Amaranth Games. I suppose most important was we managed to release CAT on Jan 1 of 2012, not qutie in time for 2011, but really, really close! It took a lot more work than we expected, but I think you will all enjoy the result! No fooling.
  11. If I can avoid playing an elf, I avoid playing an elf. Just something about prancing into battle that I dislike. Maybe it is having to prance everywhere I go. Silly elves and their prancing.
  12. Lika... that is ... mildly disturbing for some reason.
  13. Holy crap princess - that is the longest post I have ever seen. @KTC & Everyone else: Though nobody commented on it, there actually IS a group of people who really believe the world governments are controlled by super reptiles from outer space. No I am not joking and KTC wasn't either, this one is pure fact. Best of all, many of them believe that THEY THEMSELVES are secret reptiles disguised as humans! Here's one of the more famous figures in this movement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Icke But here's a feel good item: Long as people like that are out there you can rest easy knowing you're smarter than all of them! (Or maybe I am just an evil lizard person misdirecting you from the truth. Tough call).
  14. Internet Myths My girlfriend and I were talking over dinner and she told me something she read on the internet. Because I can't keep my mouth shut I reply, "I think you should snopes that." A smarter man would, of course, just listen and smile politely, but as we've covered: I am a fool. On the bright side it leads me to a great story that I read on the internet, and this one is possibly true! In 1993 a woman wrote an article concerning how gullible people are to believe anything they read on the internet, citing a number of circulating emails containing many false 'facts.' She then went on to give some examples of other plausible lies and at least one of them ended up doing the exact opposite of her intentions. Rather than getting people to not believe junk emails one of her examples ends up becoming one of the most widely believed internet myths of all time! Classic. The myth: You eat an average of 8 spiders a year while you sleep. (though as a note: my girlfriend said it was 4) Yeah, that's false people. Really? You think that is true? Spiders are poisonous, you'd hear about people dying from that a lot more often if it were true! Sure not every spider is going to kill you, but there are no shortage of ones that will if you eat them. So what are your favorite internet myths? Let's bust em! PS: For anyone who wants to read the full Snopes article: http://www.snopes.com/science/stats/spiders.asp Words from The Fool: My grandparents are obsessed with sending me emails containing false stuff. A lot of the success of one of these fake emails hinges on telling a story that we want to believe is true and telling it in a compelling manner. There's no shortage of them that are racist, politically motivated, and focused entirely on our distrust of fellow man. It kinda makes me sick that people are so willing to believe those kinds of emails. No fooling.
  15. Bards make my ears bleed and baby puppies cry. DEATH TO THE MUSICIANS!
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