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  1. I really did read this (and the chapter before it) before... School's been wiping me out lately. I don't know how many times I would have laughed during this if my family wouldn't have thought I was crazy. And it sounds really lame for me to repeat you write very well
  2. Sorry everybody... I've really had terrible writer's block. I could post what I have... But it's not very long. I've written, what, three different tries of this chapter... I'll see what I can do though. Oh, yeah, welcome to all the new readers! Hopefully I'll have something for you soon... But I wouldn't count on it. I'm trying... Sort of. I've just had a lot going on. (If you can find them, Marian, that would be great.)
  3. @Chloe: Yep, the patience of a rock. Well, actually, that's only assumed... Our mystery character has never seen Mar trying the patience of a rock. @Marian: Of course it is! Would you want someone to know your sixth cousin's best friend's aunt ? @Dark: I'm glad. I didn't edit the topic... Now it's editted. Don't ask me if the date is right... I don't know.
  4. @Chloe: Yep, terrible liar. She's great, isn't she? @Marian: Glad you enjoyed it! @Mo: I hope so. That was the point @Dark: Glad you enjoyed it! @Phoenix: Yep, she is. @Alice: We were very careful not to hint towards her being a rabbit. There were little things in the past... I know bananas were mentioned, whitelily and I learned that from a show about rabbits that they like bananas more than carrots, we just took it for fact, it may not be, and I think carrots were mentioned too in that same section... There were little things, but they weren't real obvious. @Kanami: Yes, Galahad actually got his chance to be humorous. He has a use! @Kaz: So can I (the Galahad comment). Yes, it would make things more complicated... We'll just have to see, won't we? To the new readers... Welcome! Your comments are greatly appreciated, and I would love to keep seeing them. Hope you continue to enjoy. (And if you can't think of something to say, that's fine. I know the feeling... I typically don't respond to what I've read unless I can think of something to say, and since I seem to be brain dead lately, that's rare.) Here's the next update... We just beat a month. We haven't started the next one, but hopefully with marching season winding down we'll have more time. Okay, probably a let-down after last chapter... But unless we got the climax in, I think it was bound to be. Chapter 47 After deciding to end the interrogation of the rabbit because she’d eventually tell us herself whether she meant to or not, we headed towards the Veldonian Castle. Of course, Fuzzy was with us… Rhen wouldn’t even think about leaving it behind. And honestly, I agreed with Rhen. I didn’t trust her not to tell whom she reported to something vital. Elini lead us through the doors of the castle, and it wasn’t long before we got to see the queen. Like in Veldarah, there was no king present… But it seemed like men had limited rights in Veldt. “Welcome to my kingdom. Have you seen my new lamp? My husband, Ugart brought it to me. I don’t know where that man is. The last time I saw him he was heading toward the Demon Caves.” After this monologue, she went silent, studying the lamp near her throne. We all looked at Elini. “What was the point of coming here?” Rhen asked. “Well, I thought maybe she would recognize me and offer us some assistance… But of course, she’s too focused on one of her frivolous little things again. That woman is impossible to reach sometimes.” Our group headed out of the castle, and back out into town to stock up on supplies. It wasn’t long before we were headed for the wilderness… But Fuzzy wasn’t happy when she found out. “Do you have any idea what kind of monsters are out there?” She seemed to move around more when she was nervous. “Their heads are bigger than my body! I’m not going out there!” Rhen sighed. “We can handle the monsters, Marigold. We’ve been doing this for a while now. It’s no problem for us. Hang on... Luke?” Luke kept looking over his shoulder, back at the crowd, looking nervous himself. “I don't think it's the wilderness we should be worried about... I think something may be watching us.” Rhen moaned. “I’m sure it’s not an elite sorcerer, Luke.” “I’m… not sure. But there’s something… We better stay on the lookout.” A hawk flew off into the sky. I hadn’t thought anyone would be able to tell I was there… I realized then I was wrong. Who was he exactly? Just someone whom he had ticked off, and decided to fight him? Why was he traveling with Lars? Mar was with them… She had been caught. What was I going to do? It’s not like I could go up and ask for my rabbit back… But, by that time, they probably knew my name, address, family’s name, heritage, birthday, and my sixth cousin’s best friend’s aunt. She couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it. Which I hoped it didn’t. “Do you really think someone is following us?” the teenage girl Lars had kissed before asked the one named Luke, her eyes scanning the crowd along with his. There could have been a slight tone in her voice, I wasn't sure. “Possibly. I thought I might have sensed something…” “I’m sure your senses were just messed up again. Now, let’s just keep going before you start embarrassing us once more.” Lars headed for the exit. Luke looked at Mar. “You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who might be watching us, would you?” “No, why?” “You sure the person you report to isn’t following us?” the girl asked. Her name was still escaping my mind. How much did they know!? “No. I mean, I don’t report to anyone.” Oh for the love of the earth. Like that hadn’t been one hundred percent obvious. I had to get her out of there somehow. “It’s about time you just tell us what’s going on.” Lars had turned away from the exit and was facing Mar again. “You are obviously reporting to someone, and for all we know it’s Ahriman.” Huh? “Ahriman? Who’s Ahriman?” “He’s a demon,” the girl told her, “A very powerful demon who’s trying to destroy the world.” Of course he is. Who else would he be? Like we needed another person who wanted to rule the world. Well, rule, destroy, same thing to me. Considering my relations with the one who wanted to rule, I would be dead anyway. “Why would I report to a demon who wants to destroy the world? That makes no sense.” “Well, I think the bunny’s statement settles that. So whom do you report to?” The speaker was a tanned woman covered in tattoos on every available space of skin. Why a person would do that to themselves, I had no idea. “I don’t report to anyone.” “You were spying on us,” the woman pointed out. “I wasn’t spying on all of you!” “You were hiding in the bushes as we walked by…” a brown haired man who needed a new haircut started. “Wait a minute, you weren’t spying on all of us?” So Lars had caught it. I realized only belatedly what she had said. “No, I was! I mean… I don’t know.” “Wouldn’t it be easier if you just told us the truth?” the girl asked. So innocent. Like the truth ever made things simpler. “No, there is no truth… I mean, I don’t know the truth… I mean, I can’t tell you…” “Will you just spit it out?” Lars asked. “I don’t think you want me to do that, I have a pretty full stomach.” Always taking things literally. The teenage girl kneeled in front of Mar. “We just want to know who is interested in us. We won’t be mad if you tell us.” Mad, maybe not. Confused, most likely. “Well… It’s not really about all of you.” “Then who is it about?” “No one… Important… I mean… I don’t know.” And of course, very articulate. “We won’t be upset, I promise.” I wondered if everybody else agreed with that assessment. She put her little paws over her eyes. “I don’t like being interrogated.” A tortured look came over the girl’s face (she obviously couldn't handle seeing an animal act like they're in pain), and she pulled Mar into her arms. Generalizing, speaking without taking others opinions into consideration... How did Lars stand her? “I’m sorry, Marigold… We just want to know. If someone’s that interested in us, don’t we have a right to know?” Right to know, possibly. Want to know is another story. Of course, they wouldn’t know they didn’t want to know until after they heard it, which sort of defeats the purpose of not wanting to know. “It… It’s just… I really don’t think I should explain…” “Will it get any of us into danger?” She seemed to think about it for a second. “I don’t think so… But it may get someone else I know in danger.” “Who? The person you report to?” “Just… Someone I know. Sa-… A friend.” Oh Mar! “Sa? Is that the beginning of his or her name?” the one with the weird haircut asked. “Huh?” “You said the syllable ‘Sa’. I was wondering if that was the beginning of the name of the person you report to.” “No.” “No? Because I believe the next demon we’re facing is Saurva.” “I don’t know a sa-ur-va.” “You sure?” “Yes.” “You think the next demon’s spy is a rabbit?” Lars asked. “What kind of self-respecting being would recruit a loose tongued bunny that eats half her own weight as a spy on the enemy?” Hey. I had no other choice. My type doesn’t have many friends. You take what you can get. Oh, yeah. And she wasn’t a spy on the enemy. She was a spy on… Well… Lars, essentially. And before you start too, it wasn’t because I was stalking him. Not that anyone should ever read this. “Is that supposed to be an insult?” Oh Mar. Dumb as fence but loveable as can be. Well, most of the time. This was not one of those times. “Lars, be nice!” It was the girl of course. What in the world was her name…? Then again, she really seemed too sweet/innocent for my tastes. It probably shouldn’t have mattered. “Why should we be nice to this thing? Apparently, it has been spying on us, and reporting to something that starts with a ‘Sa’ about something that not all of us are doing.” “I haven’t caused any of you harm!” She sounded so innocent. Then again, she was telling the truth… Her spying had not caused any of them any harm. Physically. I don’t know about mentally. I can’t read minds. Lars shook his head. “Can we just get into the desert? I’m sure she’ll say something while we’re out there.” “No, I won’t! I’ll prove to you I can keep my mouth shut!” “I guess you’re right…” The girl’s eyes scanned the crowd. Not like there was any chance she could see me. “There’s nobody there, Luke.” “Let’s be on the lookout just in case.” Luke finally turned away from the crowd. “If we say yes, will you shut up for the rest of the day?” Lars asked as he headed for the gate again. Wow. What in the world had he done to tick off Lars that badly? Considering that he put up with that girl, he must be pretty hard to tick off. That or I was missing something really big. (Mar could try the patience of a rock. I really wasn't surprised he didn't put up with her.) I didn’t even care what his response was. I guess I was just getting fed up with the day… From my sore morning, to running into that annoying white fuzz ball, then making a long trek up to the Empress of Veldt’s castle, to find out the only thing she was interested in was when her husband was going to come home with another present. Rhen caught up with me as I headed into the cave to leave Veldt. “Are you okay? You seem extra cranky today.” “Wonderful. The day is full of rainbows and sunshine.” “Good to know somebody’s day is.” I knew she couldn’t be serious. It still seemed to annoy me just as much, if not more, then if she was. “Why? Has yours been worse?” “Well, it would help if I knew why you were having such a terrible day. I can’t know if mine is worse until I know what’s wrong with yours. Got up on the wrong side of the cot?” “Yeah. It wasn’t the creaky cot that did it, it was getting up on the wrong side.” “Be glad you got a cot. I got the couch, because for some reason Dameon thought I was better off there. It’s wood with a covering.” “Why did you listen to him?” She shrugged. “Just refuse next time. Who cares what he thinks?” “He was being nice.” “How was making you sleep on a wooden couch nice?” “He didn’t know,” she pointed out. We had to walk a little faster to stay ahead of everybody. “Well, just don’t listen to him next time.” “Want to tell me what’s really going on with your day? Why were you in such a bad mood this morning?” We emerged into the hot sunlight, heat rising off the sand, and stopped together, facing each other. I answered her question. “There’s nothing wrong. Like you said, I’m just in a bad mood.” “You sure?” There was genuine concern in her voice. I felt a little bad about being so short before. "Everything’s fine. Just a little... off." "Off?" "Yes." "What do you mean by 'off'"? "Not 'on'." I wasn’t feeling so bad anymore. Rhen could really do that to a person. "Very funny, but not what I meant. What is off?" "Nothing.” I tried to walk away, but her hand grabbed my arm. I definitely winced. I was never, ever going to let him help me with that spell again. A look of shock crossed her face. She had seen it, hadn't she? “Lars…” she drew me away from the cave entrance as we heard voices approaching. “You winced when I touched your shoulder a little roughly this morning. It didn’t occur to me until now… I didn’t hit that hard. And right now I barely touched you. Were you injured yesterday?” "No.” How was I going to hide it...? "Then why are you sore?" "I'm not sore." "Don't deny it. Which creature was it?" "Why do you care so much? No, it wasn't a creature." A strange look crossed her face. "Did someone hurt you?" "What?" She spoke more slowly. "Did... someone... hurt... you?" I think my mind was shocked for a second. Hurting me? "You cannot be serious." I guess something had changed in my tone. "Lars? I'm not right, am I?" No, she wasn't. She couldn't have been. He would never deliberately hurt me... Right? He had just been training me; he was always a bit rough with that… She made it sound like a crime or something. I guessed she just didn’t know… How was I going to get her to drop it? Obviously I wasn't going to explain it to her. But if she was already guessing, would it be better if she did know? What would be the harm in telling her I was getting some extra lessons in sorcery? The second I considered it, I longed to tell her. I hadn’t realized before how much keeping it secret had weighed… I had never told anyone in my life. Not my mother, my friends… No one. I had done everything I could to keep it from being exposed, let out… If someone else knew… I wouldn’t have to worry so much about hiding it anymore. But I kept it secret for a reason… Hang on… Why did I exactly? Because he asked me to? Why did he not want anyone to know? “Lars?” “No, I’m fine, Rhen, no one’s been hurting me. I guess my shoulder’s just a bit sore.” “Are you sure?” “Are we going to stand around all day?” Elini had come up without either of us noticing. “We have a demon to find. We’ve spent enough time talking.” Rhen gave me one last look. “We’ll talk later, okay?” I nodded. But I had a feeling by then there would be no words from my lips on the subject she wanted. If the mystery perspective's comment at the end of their part seems a little strange, just think about it. If it still seems odd, I'll explain. I think it should be perfectly logical, but since I wrote it, I don't know for sure.
  5. @Marian: That's okay. It's not like we had another update ready quickly anyway. @Love: You did comment... @Alice: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that it makes more sense. Hope you keep enjoying it! @Dark: I'm glad you like it! The next chap is below. Don't worry, we're not likely to stop. @Kaz: I know the feeling... It sometimes takes me a while to comment. Actually, I had Aveyond playing as we wrote it, and that's exactly how long that fight took! And don't worry... There's a rather large fight coming up in the next few chapters. And yeah, it really does sum it up. Okay... Here's the next chapter I've been talking up extremely. Hope you all enjoy it! Chapter 46 I was still sore the next day, though I was not about to complain. They would ask why, and what would I tell them? “Oh, don’t worry about me. I was just burned by a very powerful sorcerer who was trying to teach me how not to become roasted. Rhen dropped back and punched me in the arm jokingly as I trudged behind everyone else. “Someone didn’t sleep well, did they?” “I’m not in the mood.” “Aw, alright. I’ll go walk with Dameon.” I grabbed her arm, pulled her up to me and kissed her, then remembered we were on the streets of Veldt. “You know people are watching.” Elini had a slight smirk on her face. I pulled away. “I sure hope they were.” I slipped a semi-discreet glance at Dameon. He was studying clouds, or the lack thereof. She saw where my glance went. “I think everybody but him was watching.” “Can you let all the way go of me now? It’s hot out here,” Rhen murmured. I let go of her. Elini just shook her head. Rhen skipped away from me, insultingly cheery. “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?” “Beautiful,” Te’ijal muttered. “Even with sunscreen on I’m nervous.” “Why don’t you take it off?” Galahad suggested. Dameon touched Rhen’s arm. “Careful where you step. There are all sorts of cliffs around here.” She gave him a strange look. “Yeah, I’m going to skip off a cliff. I’m suicidal, can’t you tell?” I smiled. Dameon had a strange look on his face, like anyone who tried to deal with Rhen too long. She walked away from him, then twirled around in a circle, skipping. “See? I’m not in any dang…” She tripped over a rock, and tumbled into sticker bushes. There was a high-pitched scream, and Dameon ran forward to help Rhen up. “Are you alright? Here, let me help you. What hurts?” I went behind him, but I knew Rhen could help herself. Then again, I was pretty sure she didn’t yell like that… Rhen looked like she was in shock. “Nothing. I just fell.” “Then why did you scream?” He was busy trying to help her up. “I didn’t.” She pulled away, dug through the brambles, and pulled out a bur-covered… rabbit. “You poor thing! Did I land on you?” “Rhen, it’s not going to answer…” Dameon started to point out… Until he was interrupted. “You clumsy idiot! Watch where you’re going! You could have killed me!” “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Don’t worry; we have a healer with us. You’ll be okay. What’s your name?” I think the rest of us were in shock. “Ma… Nothing, let me go!” “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” She started to take stickers out of the rabbit’s fur. “Rhen,” I almost whispered. “Yeah?” she asked. “You’re talking to a rabbit.” She looked down at her handful. “Oh. I guess I am. Why?” Silence descended over everybody else in the area. She pulled herself free of the stickers and sat on the ground, still holding the talking fuzz ball. “Anything we can do for you?” “Uh… Not, not really,” it stammered, looking around at the audience, brown eyes wide. “Are you sure? Why were you hiding in the bushes?” “Well, you see…” it cut off. “Uh, it’s a long story.” “I have time. Do you want some water? Food?” “Sword Singer…” Elini had recovered enough to speak. “Well, actually I am kinda hungry…” it said. “Okay, what would you like?” “Sword Singer, it’s a rabbit…” Elini murmured. “Yeah? I noticed, Elini. What would you like to eat?” “You wouldn’t happen to have any bananas, would you?” it asked. “I love bananas.” “I’m afraid not… I’ve never even heard of bananas. Anything else? Apples? Bread?” “Uh… You wouldn’t happen to have carrots then, would you?” She looked at us. “Do we?” Nobody moved or responded. “I guess not… I’m sorry. Here, you want me to cut up this apple?” She pulled one out of her pack. “Sure, I’ll eat apples. I guess sometimes I’ll eat just about anything.” Rhen sat Fuzz Ball on the ground and drew her sword, slicing the apple into neat halves, then quarters, then eighths. “Here you go.” I had almost expected the thing to run screaming as soon as Rhen took out her sword, but it just stayed there and waited patiently for a slice of apple. When she offered it one, it sat up on its hind legs, took the piece in its two front paws, and nibbled at it. Rhen offered the rest of the pieces to us. I suddenly remembered I hadn’t had breakfast. “It talks,” Galahad whispered under his breath. “Anybody? Apple?” “Rhen?” Dameon kneeled down next to her and Fuzzy. “We don’t know anything about this creature. It could be dangerous.” Fuzzy stopped eating in mid slice, apple stuffed in its cheeks. Rhen stared at him. “I think I heard you wrong. It’s a rabbit. R-A-B-B-I-T. Rabbit.” “It could have a disease.” “Disease? Do I look sick?” it said with its mouth full, spraying apple pieces on the ground around it. “It talks,” Galahad repeated, this time louder. “It looks like a snack to me,” Te’ijal pointed out. The rabbit looked at her, then threw the half a slice of apple at her. “Who are you calling snack, fang face! I have friends in high places!” “Oh how threatening,” Elini whispered under her breath. Te’ijal had a look on her face that proved nobody had thrown an apple at her before. The slice had only reached her knees. But it proved to be enough of a blow to freeze her in place. “What’s your name?” Rhen asked, eating a slice of apple herself. “Marigold.” It finally swallowed. “Marigold huh? Nice name. I’m Rhen.” “Rhen. That’s unusual. It’s a nice name though.” “Thank you.” Fuzzy, now known as Marigold, looked around at the group. “Well, I know you. You’re Lars.” The shock I had experienced before was nothing compared to what I felt at that moment. “You… You know my… You know my name?” “Uh, no. Of course not. I just guessed. I’ve never seen you before.” It wasn’t a very good liar. “How do you know my name?” “Like I said, I just guessed. Got a problem with that, tree?” The meaning of the apparent insult was lost with me. “How do you know my name?” “Where did you come up with tree?” Rhen asked. “Well… Green hair, I figured… Never mind.” “You think I look like a tree?” “You’re about as tall as one!” “Sure, it looks like that if you’re only six inches… Never mind. I’m not going to argue with a rabbit.” “She’s obviously very intelligent for a rabbit,” Rhen pointed out. The rabbit almost looked shocked. “Thank you! I like you the best!” I shook my head. “Back to the point. How did you know who I was?” “Who you were? Did you just switch personalities in a matter of seconds?” Fuzzy asked. I smacked a hand to my forehead. “You know what? I really don’t care. Rhen, why are we talking to a rabbit?” “It talks,” Galahad said. “Uh… I accidentally fell on her, so I asked if she was all right, and the whole discussion started.” “Just out of curiosity, Sword Singer, did you have many talking animals in Clearwater?” Elini hadn’t yet taken her eyes off Marigold. “We didn’t have any.” “You just seem so comfortable talking to it.” “Well… I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.” “That’s a good philosophy to live by. Like there’s nothing wrong with expecting random strangers to know your name. It happens sometimes.” She smiled at me, showing off long buckteeth. She was a rodent after all. “I actually think it is rather interesting,” Luke added. “Are you a shape changer?” “Luke, it doesn’t have yellow eyes,” Gina pointed out. “Well, I thought eye color didn’t matter much in this world.” If he thought eye color didn’t matter, why was it that he had tried to make me miserable for the past few months? “I’m not a shape-changer, I’m just a rabbit.” “Do you know many other talking rabbits?” I couldn’t understand Luke’s fascination with her, but I really didn’t understand Luke at all. “Um… You ask a lot of questions.” “I was just trying to make conversation.” It still seemed odd to me that Luke was friendlier with a rabbit than he was with some people. “That’s okay, I just don’t like answering too many questions.” She looked next to Luke. “You must be Gina!” “What?! How do you know who I am?” “Uh, uh… really good guesser. Like I can tell Luke’s hot!” “What?” Luke asked, shocked. That didn’t make any sense either. Unless she was referring to temperature. “What… What did you say about Luke?” Gina sputtered. “Uh… Nothing. Who said we were talking about Luke?” The rabbit would make a terrible con artist. “Again, you guys ask a lot of questions. I think I’ll stay by Rhen for now.” “How do you know so much?” Thankfully, Rhen wasn’t taking the rabbit’s side. “You haven’t been spying on us, have you?” “No! Of course not! Why would you think I’ve been spying on you?” “Do you know anyone else’s names?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “Yes!” “Well, this is Dameon, that’s Te’ijal, that’s Galahad, and that’s Elini. I think you know everybody else. Now, how did you know so much about us?” “Rhen, you just told it more about us.” I didn’t trust it. “I told it names. How did you know so much?” “Why does it matter?” “Do you report to somebody?” “No.” “Then why were you out here when we were?” “I like the sun.” “Really? In that nice warm coat of fur?” “I get cold easily.” “Marigold, you’re not a very good liar.” “I can be!” Rhen was stifiling laughter. “But you’re not right now.” “Well, I’m trying.” If it wasn’t so serious, I would have been laughing. “So you’re lying to me?” Rhen asked. “No!” “You just admitted it!” “No, I didn’t!” “Yes, you did. You said you were trying not to be a bad liar.” “I meant most of the time!” “You really are a terrible liar.” “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I just can’t explain. It’s a really long story.” “We have time.” “No, I mean, I really can’t explain.” “Why not? Will we be mad at you?” “I… I don’t know if you would…” Her eyes turned towards me. “It doesn’t have much to do with you.” “It has to do with Lars?” Rhen looked over at me too. “No!” She quickly looked away from me. “Why are you spying on Lars?” “I haven’t been spying on Lars! I’ve been spying on Te… Tea… Tay… Uh… The red haired one!” “You don’t know her name, yet you’ve been spying on her?” “No… I mean… Fine, I’ll tell the truth. I’ve been spying on Dameon. Someone said he’s a general, so they want him dead.” “What?!” Dameon looked more shocked than everyone else. “General?! I’m a druid!” “I wasn’t talking about you… Oh, are you Dameon? I thought Dameon was the one in the armor.” “That’s Galahad,” Te’ijal said. “It talks.” “Oh for the love of the sun,” Dameon muttered. “Are you looking for a warlock?” “Huh? A what?” “I guess not.” “Why would I be looking for a ward lock?” “Warlock. Male witch?” “There’s such thing?” “I guess you’re not.” “Since you’re obviously not spying on Dameon or Galahad…” Rhen was on the verge of laughter now. “Who are you spying on?” “I’m not spying on anyone.” Rhen finally burst out laughing uncontrollably. I paced relentlessly. Mar should have returned by now… I had told her to find them, then return to me with the affirmative that they were really in Veldt. She hadn’t returned. Was she just having difficulty finding them? Had she run into trouble? … Had he caught her? I turned myself invisible and went in after her. So... What do you all think of Marigold?
  6. Sorry I haven't responded to you before, Nick... I've had time issues. I think Moona is talking about the born alive act. When it was presented to the Illinois senate, Obama voted present, and then no. I gave a link to the act earlier, and Nick said it was unclear, vague, worded horribly, something like that, I don't remember. Here's another link: http://www.nrlc.org/obamaBAIPA/ObamaCoverup.html This one says it was nearly identical to one that passed in Washington not too long after, so Obama definately could have voted for a bill that was constitutionally sound. It passed in Washington, but lost in Illinois. Obama was one of the few who didn't vote for it in Washington. Only fifteen people voted no, and Obama was among them. The infant born alive act says that a child that survives an abortion has to recieve care and not just be left to die as it is without the bill. It has a clause in it that says that it is not an undercut for Roe V. Wade (even though I don't agree with that ruling at all, I guess that matters to some people), so Obama doesn't have that reason to fall back on. So pretty much, if we elect Obama, we let a man into the presidential office who is okay with allowing babies to just die.
  7. Poor Rhen... She's got a lot on her hands, doesn't she? Sorry I didn't read this earlier... My schedule's insane at the moment. I think you did very well, but that's a given. I understand the homework thing... I should be doing homework now myself.
  8. Sorry Nick, I was rushing. Here: Born Alive act http://www.nrlc.org/federal/born_alive_infants/BAIPLaw0405.html Article on Obama voting against bill. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=18647#continueA Not a pro-life website, so I'm not exagerating here. Like I said, at the moment, I am not talking about abortion, I am talking about children surving abortions. Obama's reasons (not all given at the same time, but all referring to the act) http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2008/01/top-10-reasons.html I'll debate you on abortion any time, but this isn't the right topic for that. I think, even if we oppose on that, we can agree a child, once they are out of the womb, can be granted the right to life. I'm having trouble proving the view one, only because I can't find the right quotes/speeches, and I don't have the time to keep looking. I'll work on it though... I will have something concrete for you. I happen to disagree with you on the majority of us being fat and lazy. Frankly, the majority of America must be hard working, otherwise how in the world are we where we are today? Luck? I don't honestly think so. It's a slap in the face for him to generalize the whole country and call us all fat and lazy, because we're not. Sure, some of us are... I won't deny that. But not everyone is. Most of the adults I know work incredibly hard, and I know they found it incredibly insulting for him to tell them he was going to fix them. That's not the job of the president of the US... It's not in the constitution, and it hasn't been in any legislation since.
  9. @Nick: This isn't just about abortion. I was very careful to not say I wouldn't vote for him because of abortion. He had eleven different reasons at different times... He never had them all at once. He kept changing his mind. It's a perfectly valid reason not to want him for president... And trust me, I wouldn't just send you to some site on Abortion kills or something, even though I could (because it's true). The act Obama voted against said hostiptals could kill (or let die, I'm not positive which it is) children that survived abortions. Children who are already in the hospital would recieve no medical care, or would be killed then. You can't tell me you support that. Obama did. And when one reason didn't fly, he came up with another one. I can get you the list from somewhere other than a pro-life website. Trust me, we don't hear about it because it would hurt Obama... I don't see how it is blown out of proportion in any way. As for the ecomony... That's another whole story. I assume you're liberal... I think I've heard you are. I don't believe the government can't fix the ecomony... I think it would fix itself if the government would stop taking some people's money and giving it to others (that's technically what the tax system does). I'm not saying no taxes... They are necessary for some things, but not all. It's why I don't believe in National Health Care Insurance... It is essentially just heavily taxing people to give the money to others. And do we really want the people in charge of drvers licesnes running our health care? Yes, some people are displeased with America. But Obama seems to be more than displeased. In his whole auto-biography, he did not give one completely positive comment about America at any point in about a 450 page book. Maybe it's not so important. I just don't see why we should elect somebody who thinks we're all a bunch of lazy people the government needs to fix. (He did say something to that effect once.) He literally has no solid positions. I'm not just throwing around insults. Have you ever heard him talk? Nothing is just one way. At least McCain will stick with what he says... Obama won't. Like the eleven different reasons... They weren't all at the same time. One week he's saying one thing, the next another. Hope it made more sense this time. I seriously am not throwing around insults. After school, I'll dig up some of his quotes, and show you what I mean.
  10. McCain. I can't vote yet, but I'd vote for him if I could. Obama doesn't like America... He says he wants to make a America a place the world can look up to again. I missed where we went downhill. Anyone who supports the murder of babies, especially after they are out of the womb, doesn't deserve to be president. This isn't just an abortion thing... Obama has had eleven, if I'm not mistaken, different reasons for why he voted against the born alive act, which would have given the right to life to babies outside the womb who survived an abortion. He can't even make up his mind on why he voted against a law that would save babies lives, and we'd trust him to run our government!? He pretty much said it was alright to murder babies once they leave their mother's wombs... I can get sources if you want them. I wonder why we don't see this on the news :roll: . And then there is the fact that Obama barely has any experience... And the fact he thinks America needs to be fixed, and that the government can do it... And he has no solid positions. If you've ever heard him speak, he tries to please everybody, which is impossible... He contradicts almost, if not completely, everything he says.
  11. @Chimera: Yep, it seems Luke has lost his touch. He's rather desperate to find an elite sorcerer. Actually, I should amend that... They haven't had a very major part in Lars's view. They have yet to show in black. They will next chapter. Eh, guess he didn't think of that. He does have a plan though. Then again, it's just in my mind... I really should run it by Whitelily... @Love: The next part is finished, and probably will be posted soon, probably next week.
  12. Finally finished reading this... Takes me a while to read your updates. Lots of romance in this one... Those are both Raine's characters, right? Just curiousity. So Zen isn't very strong yet? He really didn't appreciate being told that, did he? I wonder exactly what it means...
  13. @Marian: Yeah, I should know that, shouldn't I? I think I'm brain dead lately... Can't believe school starts in a week. Update! It's not my favorite... But whitelily and I are cracking up over the chapter that comes after this. That one is mostly written too... And it has a lot of a certain character whom has only had relatively short parts in the past... Chapter 45 We arrived at the Southern Isle the next day. Dameon was not in the front lines… It was still Rhen, Elini, Te’ijal, and myself, of course. And, if I may say, we did extremely well against the hyenas and scorpions. We barely even needed Dameon’s little healing spells. The Southern Isle was a desert (if you thought otherwise, think again) with sand that got up in your boots if you fell, and cacti that wanted nothing more than to stick to you. Hard. And no matter what Elini claimed about you being able to get liquid out of them, I was not sticking my hand in-between the needles. Though it was slightly amusing when Galahad attempted to be tough and tried. “You know, it wouldn’t bug you so much if you were a vampire, my succulent dumpling.” “Stay away from me.” We arrived at the town, Elini leading the way. It was burning hot… But that was no shock. We were all already sweating. She started pointing at buildings the second we exited the cool cave into the blinding sunlight and searing heat. “That first building over there is where an experienced alchemist lives. Next-door is an inn. The tent is a combination of an armory and weaponry.” We approached a woman while walking. Galahad gasped, and averted his eyes. I probably should have done the same, but mine just widened. Her top barely concealed anything… Pretty much it only covered what was necessary and a strap held it on. The majority of her chest was exposed. Someone’s elbow jabbed hard into my stomach. I gasped. “What…? Oh.” “Stop staring,” Rhen hissed in my ear. She didn’t sound happy. My eyes instantly traveled towards the sky. “Countless artifacts have been found in the demon caves to the west,” the woman said in a silky voice, laughing under her breath. Why was I thinking it had to do with Rhen and me? “You find me beautiful, boy?” “Huh? Uh, no.” I really wasn’t lying… It was mostly shock. At least, I was pretty sure… Bad direction for my thoughts. “Really? Too bad. You’re not all that bad looking yourself,” she said, smiling. “Er… Whatever.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Elini roll hers. “Come now. Why stand so far away? You were staring at me for at least a minute.” “Leave him alone, Tola, we weren’t even standing here for a minute,” Elini pointed out. “Is he your new husband, Elini?” The woman, obviously named Tola, was moving closer to me. “No.” Elini grabbed my arm and pulled me back some. “He’s really not my type.” “Well, if he’s not yours…” “Back off,” Rhen snapped, grabbing my arm, attempting to sever it with her nails alone. “Oh dear, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware he was yours.” “Seriously?” I murmured, detaching Rhen’s hand from my arm. Elini was laughing. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Sorcerer.” “Oh, he’s a sorcerer! Elini, why didn’t you say that in the first place? That makes him all the more desirable!” Tola sounded thrilled. “Is he hot-blooded too?” My blood felt very hot at that moment… But then again, standing in the direct sunlight in a cloak, my feet did too. I’m not an idiot, I knew what she meant. But I wasn’t in the mood at that time. “He’s already taken. Sword Singer, you better make a bigger show of your claim on him.” Elini seemed to find the whole situation insultingly amusing. “I think I can handle a few women coming after me.” “What do you mean by ‘bigger show’?” Rhen asked, “Am I supposed to kiss him in public or something?” “No, but I doubt holding hands would kill you two. Oh, as for the rest of you single men, you might want to at least pretend you’re paired with someone.” “Don’t worry, I have Galahad,” Te’ijal said with a sly smile. “Stay away from me, dark creature! Not that I would want to be around any of these disgraceful…” “Luke, you can pretend to be my husband.” Elini gave him a smile. The mouse that had been scampering at Luke’s side transformed. “Luke can stay with me,” Gina stated. “Fine then.” Elini turned away, obviously disappointed. Dameon cleared his throat. “Oh.” Elini turned around, looked him over. “You’ll be okay.” Dameon looked like he had swallowed his tongue. Not that I know what that looks like. “I’m just joking. You can pretend to be the Sword Singer’s second husband.” “No, he can’t!” I snapped, taking a tighter grip on Rhen’s arm. “Besides, am I even going to pretend to be her husband?” “Lars, do you want Dameon to be dragged off by some Veldonian woman?” Rhen asked. I wondered if she really wanted me to answer that truthfully. “Elini, can you pretend Dameon’s your husband? I don’t think Lars is going to back down.” Elini glanced back over at him and made a slight face. “I guess so.” The group began to move again, and Te’ijal moved up behind me. “So… Hot-blooded?” I rushed forward to the front of the group. Elini took us on a tour of the town, and eventually we stopped in the home of one of her friends. “Everyone, this is Ilya. Ilya, Rhen, Lars, Te’ijal, Luke, Gina, Galahad, and Dameon.” Her eyes drifted over the group, and then seemed to stop at me. “Sorcerer, you are far from home. I sense you are without a guild.” “Hey! How did you know?” “Only an Annihliator would know. It is one of our… tricks.” Annihliator? That was one of the other Arishtan guilds! “Would you like to join us? We could use a hot-blooded young man in our ranks.” I had liked her up until that moment. By this time, I was very sick of hearing women calling me that. Tola, Te’ijal, other women Elini had introduced us to… What was it with women!? “How dare you say I’m hot-blooded?! I don’t get angry! Do I look angry!?” Rhen rolled her eyes. He would never have trusted Lars to be fine on his own in Veldt. It was the first town since the quest began that he had actively followed Lars through… With Luke on the loose, he hadn’t liked taking the chance following him. Too easy to get caught. But he didn’t trust Lars around women. And, of course, Lars was no good at controlling emotions. He really had to work on that. “Mmm. Have you a wife, young man? Fiesty husbands are always in demand.” No. He was not going to let him into that culture. “Ugh! I’m not getting married to anyone!” That was the other comment I was sick and tired of hearing. I backed away a slight distance from her to the rest of the group. “What’s an Annilator?” Rhen asked, botching the pronunciation completely in her country accent. “Annihliator. It is another guild. They’re supposed to be really powerful…” “Annihliator sounds like a cult! What color were her eyes again?” “Luke!” Rhen moaned, “Number one, they’re blue. Number two… Give it up.” “Well how am I supposed to know how many of you here are allied with him?” Luke had no idea. “Wow, I knew she was a sorceress, but… You’d think throughout all this time she would have told me,” Elini said, watching Ilya. “I think I’ll join.” Rhen smiled. “Finally! You’ll be useful again!” I glared at her. “Very funny.” He guessed this one wasn’t too bad… The necromancer could have been a disaster, but he didn’t know about the other two. Oh well. I walked up to her again, making sure I kept straight contact with her eyes. She wasn’t dressed any better than Tola. “I want to become an Annihliator.” “Very well, let’s see if your blood is hot enough. You may pick three of your friends to fight with you… I’d rather not kill you on accident.” Not likely. She’d be dead first. He wasn’t going to lose Lars. I turned to the group. “So who’s going to help?” Rhen walked over and kissed my cheek, then patted it. “Good luck. I’ll watch.” “What?!” She laughed. “I’m just kidding. I can’t watch that lady Annilate you without doing something.” “I’m sure I could fight her on my own. And it’s annihilate.” “Whatever.” Elini sighed. “I guess I’ll help too.” Te’ijal strung an arrow. “Why not? Target practice.” Ilya looked us over. “Is this your party?” “Yes, it is.” Rhen and Elini moved to my left, and Te’ijal strung an arrow on my right. He moved around to the side. It wasn’t that he was really worried Lars would lose… But there was no reason to take a risk. The magical barriers were set. Any attack would take down a number of hit points… Don’t ask me how it works. “Tawrich!” Elini yelled. A shadow of the skeletal demon formed, and lightening blasted towards our opponent. Te’ijal’s arrow slipped free. “Firefly!” Golden dots of light formed a cloud beginning from my fingertips, then escaped all at once to rush towards the enemy. She made them vanish with a slight turn of her fingers. “Nice,” Rhen muttered in my ear. “Windwatcher’s song!” I felt the wind gather from her sword, fly across the room. It did more damage than my spell. “Healing.” Some of Ilya’s hit points returned. “Tawrich!” Ilya fell, and the barriers with her. “Very good, young man.” There was a slight amount of ridicule in her voice. “You are accepted into the Annihliators Guild. Take this spell book with you. It contains the secrets of our guild. Remember, you must equip the book to learn the spells. Only with study can you master them.” I felt my cheeks turn slightly red as I took the book. I had barely done anything. We headed back outside, Rhen still laughing. “You have to admit that was funny.” “No, it wasn’t. I could have defeated her on my own.” I was flipping through the spell book she had given me. I would go over them with my instructor when I saw him. There was no way I was spending the night around everybody else after that fight. I slipped out of Elini’s house that night to meet with him, book under my arm. At least it was cool at night in the desert. “You were on the ship again?” “For a little bit. How do you keep up with me like this?” “I have my ways. So, where are all of you headed tomorrow?” “Elini wanted us to talk to the empress here, I’m not sure why, but she said it might help.” “And then?” “On our way to find the next demon.” “How soon do you think you’ll find hi-, it?” I gave him a look, but didn’t question the matter. “I have no idea. I actually have no clue where it is.” “Alright then. You have some time? How are you on fire shields?” “I’ve gotten better.” I really hadn’t worked with them much, but if possible I didn’t want him to burn me to a crisp. “Really?” “Some.” He knew me too well. He stared at me. I sighed. “I guess not, do I really need them?” “Ever heard of Ustulo Extore, or as you call it, Scorch Extora?” I never really had heard of it, but I might as well impress him. “A very powerful fire spell?” “Yes. Terribly powerful. Any sorcerer who’s over a certain strength works to learn it… I’d bet you’ll be facing it in the final battle of this. But anyone who is proficient in fire spells would make that one a top priority, such as the demon you are most likely going to face.” “You know what demon I’m most likely going to face?” “These caverns are fire caverns, aren’t they? Isn’t the demon typically the same element as the caves?” “I guess so, though not all the demons are elementalists.” “Aren’t most things here?” “Maybe… I guess so.” “The demon you found in the ice caverns was an ice demon, wasn’t it?” “Yes…” “Wouldn’t it make sense that you would face a fire demon next?” “Yeah, I guess it does.” “Alright. How is your fire shield? You can focus on Annihliator spells once you’ve perfected that.” I knew I was in for a rough night. “I’m perfectly serious. Go in there and find him.” Mar was looking past the entrance of the town. “Nuh-uh, no way.” “Please? What’s so different about this town?” “No grass. Nowhere to hide. And haven’t you been watching them? The women are vicious, and they keep tigers as pets! I think I saw one of his friends buy one!” “Is it traveling with them?” “I… I don’t think so.” “You’re very resourceful, Mar. I believe in you. You’ll find somewhere to hide.” “No.” “Please?” She moaned. “You owe me for this.” I hugged her so hard she squeaked. “Thank you! You’re the best friend anyone could ask for!” “Yeah, and probably the stupidest too, I shouldn’t be doing this.” “You’re smart. I know you are. You’re the smartest of your species.” “Yeah, that’s saying a lot.” She crept into the town.
  14. Okay... Sorry for how long it took me to read this. Yes, very violent, but not violent enough to stop the fifteen year old from reading it. I'm hoping you won't go that far (I'm not sure how far that is, but...) I think it's safe to guess the baby born is one of the daevas. (At least, I think...) I think I know which it is, but it only comes from name similarity.
  15. Basset

    The Agas Saga

    A lot going on there... I'm beginning to have guesses about the people in red, but I'm afraid to say because I'm probably one hundred percent off the mark. For a moment I almost forgot who Aravis was... But I remember now. And I'm pretty sure I know where Saurva is sending those dragons...
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