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  1. I finished the game and went through all the vignettes for the characters. Ingrid got married and the others seemed to get what they wanted, too. But the text never said that Boyle became ruler of the world. Does that quest remain unresolved? After the last big battle, Ingrid tells him that he saved the world. . . is that the same thing as being ruler of the world? Just didn't want to leave any loose ends. . .
  2. Ah, I had forgotten about that place. Thanks!
  3. Where do I find the quill for Robin's shop? I've tried the shops with the odd things in each town, but have bought everything they have.
  4. Thanks for the crystal clear explanation!
  5. I'm having no luck finding the god water. The guide says something about using Ingrid's hoppify skill, but I don't understand that, either. Help!
  6. The strategy guide says I need to get ginger for the lady in Halaina who'll make ginger biscuits in order to get an attraction point for Ingrid and Boyle. The only lady in a house in Halaina just keeps asking do I have my beloved's favorite ingredient. . . no mention of ginger or anything else. The guide also says to get ginger from the Gingernut Forest Shop. I find no shop in the Gingernut Forest. Any help here?
  7. Answered my own question. . . never mind.
  8. I'm having trouble getting to the ferry from Windshire. No exit I've used leads to the east side of Windshire. Help! Found it. .
  9. I can't find the second goddess statue in Halaina. . . the one that wants the jam. Tips anyone? Never mind. . . I found it.
  10. I had to use control-alt-delete to close it and restarted. I opened the autosave file and, voila, it worked fine! Thanks so much!
  11. The Aveyond 4 game freezes about 20 minutes in from the beginning. I last played it 6 months ago, and it worked fine then. What's the problem and how do I fix it?
  12. The Aveyond 4 game freezes about 20 minutes in. What's the problem and how do I fix it?
  13. I don't think the game was bad, so much as terribly disappointing. I do appreciate the obvious amount of creativity and work put into the game, but it just never did "grab" me. While I enjoyed some of the humor, I found the storyline overly silly. The one thing that really ruined the game's enjoyment for me was getting from place to place. It was simply too complicated and burdensome. The one thing I used the strategy guide for was the world map, but even that didn't help me get from point A to point B. I'm having trouble forcing myself to finish the game and am fairly positive I won't be replaying it. I so loved all the previous Aveyond games and have replayed each of them multiple times, so this has been a major letdown for me. I'm delighted that so many people are enjoying this one. . . I guess no game is fun for everyone.
  14. I see on Phye's demon list that he has two more demons to kill. . . Crystalis and Icetooth. How do I find these?
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