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  1. Thanks! I heard about the second crusade ground cheeki the way you mentioned (Night Watch), but it was too late to get it to verify, & I missed the second Ulrock one you mentioned. I didn't put specific locations because I'd gotten the impression that it wasn't allowed. I appreciate the update, thanks. :)

  2. Thank you to HunterReese and LisaRae for this list and the additions to it! I'm (very) late coming to this party, but I have the locations of the three extra Cheekis that LisaRae found. I've edited the above quote to give the exact locations of those 3 extra cheekis. Someone in the Night Watch will actually tell you about the extra cheeki at the Crusade Grounds, but it's after you've solved all the Night Watch quests and long after you gained access to the Crusade Grounds and have joined the crusade. So, I missed out on that one, but that's why I started checking every cheeki location twice in a row and how I found the secret one in Ulrock.
  3. I'll second that! Please repost the link somewhere. Anywhere. How about just a permanent home on a page at Aveyond.com for all the maps, guides, walkthroughs, etc.? Thanks.
  4. M.C. - Yep, that one. allets5 & aislingyngaio - OK, good. I don't have to spend the next week looking for the other skills. Also, thanks for the info about the white dresses. I didn't want Mel to have nothing to wear for her "special day". It would be just like Lydia to try to ruin the "special day" by buying up all the available dresses for the event...
  5. Hi. I hope this is not a duplicate question, but all my searching has produced nothing, so here goes... Having played LOT and nearly done with GON, I only JUST discovered a third battle skill for Mel (other than Steal or Trip). Now that I found it, I'm wondering if there are other skills in either game that I could have stumbled across, like I did this one. I don't want to give any spoilers, so I won't mention the skill or where I found it (but it works way better than either of the others!). I just want to know if there are others I missed. How many she can get up to this point would be good to know, too, so I can stop searching when I find them all. No spoilers, please, just how many new skills Mel can learn in LOT or GON. Also, one quick question about Lydia's dresses: Are the WHITE dresses in the Aveyond shop anything *special* or do I just add them to Lydia's closet, as usual? (In other words can anyone but Lydia buy one for a special occasion...?) Thanks to all!
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