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  1. Just in case anyone is still following this thread, the game is now available on here, but under the name "Twilight of the Gods" - see here: http://aveyond.com/games/twilight-of-the-gods/ Hope you all like it!
  2. Probably my final update to this thread: the game is finally finished, has been released and is available for download on http://defaultgames.de ...I have submitted it to Amaranth, I hope you'll be able to see it on here rather soon
  3. Wooo, I'm finally getting really close to releasing this game...I'm only missing two final pieces of music, apart from that I'm in the final testing phase. Expect the game to be released rather soon. This is a screenshot of the final main menu, less text clutter and more important info available at a glance:
  4. Thanks for your nice comments I hope to be finally finished around the end of April, but don't quote me on that (I will certainly need a couple weeks for betatesting, catching bugs and fixing balancing issues once I'm finished). Until then, here are a couple new screenshots:
  5. As unbeliavable as it sounds, but after almost 3 years developmet time, the game is actually nearing completion...until then, here's a new gameplay video showcasing the minigame i just finished:
  6. It's been so long since I last posted an update here that those of you who even still remember me have probably given up on this project already...well, as unbelievable as it sounds, I am still working on Götterdämmerung RPG, and I am actually getting close to releasing it. In the meantime, here's a 7 minute gameplay trailer, showcasing a number of the game's features:
  7. I was finally able to finish an updated version of the demo, it's available for download here. Version 1.4 contains lots of improvements and fixes, including: *Complete GUI facelift *Mouse support everywhere *Completely new faceset *Tons of balancing fixes and extended hints *A new boss fight *A new minigame
  8. There are about a dozen arcade consoles hidden in the Götterdämmerung game world. Most of them can be played for fun, occasionally you might find one where you'll have to beat the highscore to finish a quest. As it will be a couple more months before Götterdämmerung RPG will finally be ready for release, I decided to release one of the game consoles as a teaser. Behold: Desert Commando Desert Commando is a retro arcade-style Action RPG minigame, with authentic 1980s graphics and music. It's a rather simple game: collect bullets and either bring them to your father to increase your score, or use them to shoot enemies. It features 3 difficulty levles and Very Many Bullets!
  9. I just spent the weekend adding mouse support and completely redesigning the GUI, here's what it looks like: http://defaultgames.de/data/newgui_title.png[/img] New title screen http://defaultgames.de/data/newgui_face.png[/img] Faceset selector. Faceset 2 still needs some polishing and has a couple missing faces, that's the main reason there is no updated demo yet. I will upload an updated demo as soon as I have all the final faces for faceset 2... http://defaultgames.de/data/newgui_quests.png[/img] The new layout for the quests system http://defaultgames.de/data/newgui_load.png[/img] The save/load screen now shows a screenshot of the selected savegame in the background (plus, there's a warning now before you overwrite an existing savegame...I've lost lots of savegames because the games I played didn't have this feature, seems rather obvious to have that ) http://defaultgames.de/data/newgui_main.png[/img] The new look for the ingame menu http://defaultgames.de/data/newworldmap.png[/img] New features for the worldmap, speaking of which... http://defaultgames.de/data/worldmap.png[/img] ...this is what the world map looks like now, with clouds and a more uniform color palette.
  10. A couple new screenshots: http://defaultgames.de/data/ghehenna1.png[/img] The Underground city of Ghehenna http://defaultgames.de/data/bridge_temp.png[/img] Bridge over the city http://defaultgames.de/data/japanesevillage.png[/img] Japanese Village http://defaultgames.de/data/ghero.png[/img] A new minigame http://defaultgames.de/data/tattoo1.png[/img] Tattoo parlor At this point, it's becoming obvious that I won't be able to release the game in January, as initially planned - but the game will be released in a couple of short months, and it will be worth the wait
  11. I have uploaded yet another updated demo, available for download from http://defaultgames.de/download.html. New stuff in version 1.3 includes: Facesets, finally. A new shop dialog that shows armor stat changes at a glance. Plus tons of map fixes and small improvements here and there...
  12. The screens you don't know yet are from the latest beta version, I posted them here after uploading the last beta. I'll probably update the screenshots section on the site in the next couple of days.
  13. I just uploaded an updated version of the demo, there is now music everywhere (added music to the tutorial and the starting city). Download it here.
  14. Here are a couple new screenshots of stuff I've been building recently: http://defaultgames.de/data/cave1.png[/img] Lost in the caves http://defaultgames.de/data/screenradar.jpg[/img] Unlock the amulet's secret! http://defaultgames.de/data/underwater2.png[/img] Go diving in the ocean! http://defaultgames.de/data/junkdealer.jpg[/img] Find creative ways of fooling those pesky Marauders! http://defaultgames.de/data/lottery.png[/img] Win the lottery! http://defaultgames.de/data/withthegd.png[/img] This will most probably not appear in the game for copyright reasons, but as my main aim is to bring the spirit of Rock'n'Roll to RPGs, I had some fun with creating a couple of album covers like this
  15. Thanks, glad you liked the game's atmosphere! If you like the rock'n'roll theme, I think you will enjoy the next area after the demo once the full game is released
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