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  1. - PROMO VID - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF-FM_FHn6A&feature=youtu.be - STORY - When the Kingdom of Requia fell into the hands of it’s enemies, Valledyne, the princess fortunately managed to escape with her two trusted bodyguards. Things became worse when assassin who was sent by King Armand of Valledyne to end the Khalfani bloodline once and for all finally caught up to them. The question is… will the assassin succeed? For those who haven't played Fantasia before, do not worry! This is a new game with very little connection to the old game. - CHARACTERS - Fatima Khalfani (19) : The half-navandel princess of Requia. She has superb healing capabilities, and while she cannot fight, she is extremely good-natured and strong-willed. Her sister, Salmah, is the queen of a neighboring country, Leonnara. Ash (21) : A young demon who is infamous for extremely adept fighting skills… and lack of social prowess. Ash wields twin blades and is not afraid to use it against anyone. Malik Nezzari (23) : A cocky, typical rookie navandel with a Zweihänder who disobeys his lieutenant a lot. Fatima's childhood friend, who is carefree and kind-hearted… But he seems to be hiding something… Altair Bridegard (22) : The son of a Requia nobleman and Malik's superior. Altair is a talented and powerful mage, even if sometimes he lets his emotions get in a way. Altair has a massive crush on Fatima and is doing a bad job at hiding it. Zen (21) : A one-legged demon merchant with a big personality, who is also on a journey to reopen a new shop after the war. Zen is a money-grubbing scum who will only think of the profit, but can be affectionate towards fellow demons out of solidarity. SCREENSHOTS: - FEATURES - - Will be completely free to play! But leave us a tip, pretty please? - Decide Fatima’s fate, will she avenge her parents? Will she run away from her title and live a peasant’s life with the man she loves? Will she marry a King? Or will she die and make the assassin filthy, filthy rich? - Swordfighting! Bloody Murder! Assassination! … Romance? - A very sarcastic narrator - 4 Love Interests, 3 Straight and 1 Gay - Multiple endings based on which side you pick on the war… and who you romance! - But then… why just romance people yourself? Others deserve love, too! Why not be matchmaker… or ruin other people’s relationship while you’re at it? - Demo contains 3 different endings and Multiple CGs ITCH. IO : https://azurextwilight.itch.io/fantasia-at-regimes-end-demo Also you can vote for your fave character here : https://linkto.run/p/7YI0XB2S
  2. Previous episode here : http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=22588 Genre : (Comedy/Mystery/ModernFantasy/Romance/Random(?)/RPG/VN) Rating : 15+ (Because of visible blood?) “After catching Lust, we know that Greed is after our asses. This time, our demon-hunting involves some kind of an old mansion with a creepy secret within its basement. Classic murder story ensues and we have to solve it before more people die! With the help of my schoolmates, a quirky biologist, and a creepy couple I know nothing about, I’m going to solve my first murder case! But wait, Gerald’s acting kind of weird lately. For a guy who has three different personalities, he is definitely not normal, but he's never THIS weird. I wonder if he needs laxatives…” ReSet is an episodic game consists of seven episodes where you play as both Mike and Gerald in order to retrieve all the seven demons back, and probably recover Gerald's missing memories. In this episode, they are involved in a double homicide. Can they solve it? Will they also manage to catch a demon, or be caught instead? It's all up to you! Good luck! Also watch your back most of the time, someone might put a “Kick Me” sign on your shirt without you noticing. Features: - 63,139 words, play as Mike, Gerald, and Grace - 27 unlockable cgs and sketches - Five different endings (4 Others, 1 True one), 2 different paths and a bonus path - Debate system or whatever you'd like to call it. - All the stuffs featured in the previous episode, that includes randomness. - And as all of my other games it's completely free, no profits taken. If you bought this, you’ve been scammed. DL LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/download/51z8qmp5si3qoqv/ReSet_Ep2-all.zip Mirror : http://mementomori.vnovel.com/download/reset-ep-2-remake-under-the-golden-sun/ Note : It has already been beta'd but as you know there might be some issues/bugs missed, let me know and I'll release a patch ASAP.
  3. Genre: (Comedy/Mystery/ModernFantasy/Romance/Random(?)/RPG/VN) Rating : 13+ "It all started thousands of years ago, when a strange man who has nothing else to do because everyone thought he's an evil wizard created seven creatures to accompany him--Nope, this is not one of these stories so get your mind out of the gutter. They looked like humans, but they grew tired of their cozy little home and decided to have some fun. However, the world is too cruel for those peeps. So they became really evil and corrupted. Cliche, right? The man was so saddened by this and sealed them in a box with the cost of his own life, and whoever managed to open the box by solving the goddamn riddle will unleash evil in the world once again! A young girl named Michelle "Mike" Vinson--the awesome me--opened the box, and the world changes in an instant. The only way for me is to trust an amnesiac young man named Gerald, who seems to have an unstable personality because he changes it often its confusing. Long story short, I have to seal all the seven demons back in the box to regain my normal life, and reset everything that has been caused by the demon's actions. And the super-awesome-misadventures begin!" ReSet is an episodic game consists of seven episodes where you play as both Mike and Gerald in order to retrieve all the seven demons back, and probably recover Gerald's missing memories. In this episode, they are involved in a case of missing people. Can they solve it? Will they also manage to catch a demon? It's all up to you! Good luck! Also watch your step when you're walking, the world is full of manholes. Features: - 36.000 words, play as girl and boy - 30 unlockable cgs and sketches - You get to kick some butt in the newest-installed RPG Battles (Thanks to Jake!) - Music room - Two endings with 6 different character epilogues (Your actions determine the fate of most people you meet! ...I think.) - Clues and Exploration scenes - Utter randomness. Sometimes. Okay, maybe most of the times. - Original OP video, music by rickioteque and vocal by KokoroHane. Because OPs are cool. - And as all of my other games it's completely free, no profits taken. If you bought this, you’ve been scammed. VbcDB5bB8-4 DL LINK : http://mementomori.vnovel.com/files/ReSetEp1Build1.0-all.zip Guide :http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=22663 Note : It has already been beta'd but as you know there might be some issues/bugs missed, let me know and I'll release a patch ASAP.
  4. Thank you! Lucia is a "personal" character where the character actually has a personality of herself, so I might not make a choice where it can contradict her personality.
  5. http://java.about.com/od/programmingconcepts/ht/32-bitor64-bit.htm
  6. Gosh, to have this released at the date of 13 january of 2013… Storyline: After her sister Bertha's death, Lucia Nicol is struggling to follow her footsteps. She becomes a self-centered person who will do anything to replace Bertha's position in her family. Her actions made her schoolmates to loathe and bully her, thus leading to an unexpected event. One by one, the schoolmates who bullied her were attacked and suddenly she became the main suspect. After those events, she found out that she was able to see people who can’t be seen by “normal” people, and uncover the dark, insane truth of an entity called “Doppelganger”. Her life is suddenly in danger, and those people she normally trusts suddenly don’t look so kind any more… Play as Lucia as you struggle to escape your fate; dying or living a life where you will certainly wish you are dead… Genre : Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, semi-GxB (the GxB part is optional in a few paths, meaning you don’t have to always get the guy in order to survive) Rating : 16+ for violence and blood Features - Over 80+ CGs + original bonus artworks - Over 260.000 words and 5+ hours of total gameplay - Three unlockable videos - Five different unlockable paths + one “final” path - 29 endings. Most endings have CGs, and the “good” or “bad”ness of the endings depends on your own interpretation, so I can’t determine. - Changing main menus depending on the endings you picked - 21+ characters, and believe me they are all important in some ways - Completely free, no profits taken. If you bought this, you’ve been scammed. - Sh*tbrick. Really. Ask the beta-testers. May vary whether you’ve seen it coming or not. How to extract: Download WinRAR from the RAR Lab website : http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm Double-click on the downloaded file to open the WinRAR installation window. Press "Install." Select "RAR" in the Associate WinRAR With menu. Click "OK" and choose "Done" to complete the installation. Place all of your RAR files into one folder. Double-click on the RAR file with the smallest number. In most cases this will be filename0.rar or filename1.rar. All of the RAR files will merge in the extraction into a single file. Another option is to right-click the RAR file and choose either "Extract Here," which will extract the file to the folder containing the RARs or "Extract to (filename)," which will extract the merged file to a separate folder inside the folder containing the RARs. How to play in other OS: Install renpy 6.14 Put the extracted game folder in your renpy folder Launch game using renpy DL LINK: Before DLing, please note that I really, really love to have comments and feedbacks! With video patch: Part 1 Part 2
  7. Anyways, I really wanted to make short episodic games because big project tires me. So here you go, have fun and don't think too much about it. Screenshot: ReSet is a Visual Novel where you play as Miki, whose boyfriend is lost just before Valentine's day. Then, she met a self-proclaimed detective named Mike and his assistant Gerald... DL link : http://www.mediafire.com/?df4lcq5u1spjwa4
  8. Updating again Updating Oswald and Valen: Well, I'll make Oswald taller later. This is just a placeholder, you get the gist XD And also Nydia: thesimilaritywithneroisintentional
  9. Hurr, if anyone plays this game to expect Lucia looking for love and romance... THINK AGAIN.
  10. Her name is Sera, she's written Era because in Sirius' POV he knows her name is "Era"
  11. Updating new characters Sera -- A young girl who made promises with Sirius http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/310/6/5/before_requiem____young_sera_by_azurextwilight_rllz-d4f9o66.jpg[/img] http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/310/3/d/before_requiem____adult_sera_by_azurextwilight_rllz-d4f9o54.jpg[/img] Aeron -- Is Aeron. Period. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/310/d/a/before_requiem____aeron_by_azurextwilight_rllz-d4fd3bk.jpg[/img]
  12. Under The Orange Sky "Hey, Sirius." He heard someone called him from behind. Sirius turned back, revealing his face that was full of sweat and dirt. He was trying his hardest to be the best magician ever, and things didn't come instantly. It took a long, long time for him to be able to reach this point. He had to go through rejection, pain, and sadness. He had a friend though, his very first friend. He promised her that he would became stronger, and meet her at the starry night festival when they are older. Being a strong magician was a promise he kept in his heart, and he knew that it was the only thing that kept him alive until that very moment. Desperately, he clung to that promise and abandoned everyone else. He didn't even had the slightest idea about how to communicate and interact. That was why he ignored other people working at the castle, no one would talk to him or chat casually as friends. No one, until Melodia came to him one day. That day when she told him her biggest secret. "Can I talk with you for a while? Oh, and by the way... Here." She handed him a sandwich. Sirius accepted that skeptically, and bite it off without hesitation. He wondered why she did that, but then he remembered that she was supposed to be a maid. It was her job to cook for the knights and guards besides the Royal Family. However, he didn't ask for anything. She was the one with initiative to approach him, the only person who didn't belong to the castle's society. Sirius sat on a small pole nearby the training grounds, and Melodia followed him. She quietly found a place to sit beside him and watched him eat. He grumbled, "What, you want some?" "No, I was just thinking..." Melodia looked above. "Maybe I could tell you something. You don't care about anything else in the world except being the strongest, so maybe I can tell you my feelings." "Your what?" Sirius stared at her again. This girl must be crazy, suddenly sprouting nonsensical things to him. The worst of all, she decided to talk to the magician who kept things to himself only. She chose a magician who didn't give a shit about other people. "My feelings. I can't keep it to myself anymore. If I talk to the maids, they'll spread rumors and I'll be disgraced. I can't talk to the knights, or else they'll tell him. The only person I can talk with right now is you." She continued, her eyes was still fixated on the orange sky. "So you chose me? Heh, wise choice. I'll probably forget it by tomorrow. Fine, I'll listen as a payment for the sandwich." Melodia finally looked at him and smiled. "I like Sir Leon." "Huh?" Sirius almost choke at his sandwich. THAT was the secret? THAT was she wanted to say to him? So ridiculous, he was the most clueless of all when it came to love. "Mel, you—" Melodia giggled upon seeing Sirius who was flustering and mumbling to himself. That was why she chose him, because he wouldn't respond with sarcastic remarks or rambled about how a maid shouldn't fall in love with the princess' fiance. "It's ridiculous, you know..." he answered her. Melodia's smile faded as he scratched his head in confusion. "You liking someone like that. It's like... I mean, heck. I know girls are into emo brooding boys, but society... everyone... It's just, well. It doesn't fit." She finally stomped her feet, making Sirius twitched. "That's not right! Everyone has the right to love! Why do you tell me this? I was expecting you to say something different! You never give a damn about regulations!" she stood up and pointed at the sky. "The gods... They created all of us equally! That was how we became like this in the first place! We're the only ones who bothers making things such as social standings and social regulations! Why can't people like us has a say!?" Sirius saw the sun slowly setting, creating a shadow right behind Melodia as she pointed to the sky. That reddish color. Exactly like her. If Era was a noble, would he dare to act like Melodia too? Sirius didn't have a clue. "Heh, you tell me about that. What are you gonna do about it, huh? It's not like that he will fall heads over heels with you, you know that? He barely notices you!" Sirius shook his head. "It's like, only the maids and maybe some people know you exist!" "That's why I wanted t ask you that, you both are the same stubborn people. Tell me what kind of girl you like!" she pointed at him, and Sirius flustered. The orange sky. Carrots. Red. Long hair. Brown eyes. Those words kept running around in his head. Sirius tilted his head before he spoke, "I like girls that has guts to stand up for beliefs. She has to stand out from everybody else in my eyes." It's her turn to tilt her head in confusion. "What do you mean by that? Some girls stood up because of their clothes and their talents... I was none of them." Sirius chuckled and mimicked how she pointed to the bright orange sky. "THIS is how you'd do it. You hear me? Just look up there and don't look at everyone else. Heck, don't follow what everyone does. So you're a maid, then what? Do your best to get him to notice you! Don't just go fussing around in the shadows, that won't do a damn thing to you." Sirius added with a grin, "That's how I roll, apparently." Melodia looked at Sirius, who was embarrassed by his own words and quickly finished his sandwich before leaving. He was right. She has to be strong. There must be a way for him to notice her. No matter what others said, she would try her best. As soon as he finished the sandwich, he returned the plate at her and readied himself for another round of training. Before Melodia turned her back, she asked him in a low voice "Her name... What was it? The girl that taught you to look forward to the future... I had to meet her to say thank you." "Era. Her name was Era."
  13. Hi guys, I feel like making one-shots here. It can be about anything really! Mostly romancey stuff, but yeah... Please comment so that I can improve my writing! For the Love of Lunch Boxes "If you promised to make me something for lunch, I'll consider telling you more." Yuri's brows twitched upon hearing those words. Jun just suggested that right after he told her he was going to cook for her. He was kidding of course, because basically girls would turn and walk away the moment he said that. However, she was different. She just shrugged it off and asked for it instead. "Is she even a girl? Like, a real girl?" Yuri muttered to himself. "Nah, that was a frilly pink panty I saw when she kicked me in the curb. Definitely a girl." He gazed at those kitchen utensils laying about and started to open his recipe books one by one. He had never made a lunch for a girl before, and he couldn't help but wondering how the hell he would give the lunch box to her the next day. "I'm gonna be the loser of the day... Seriously. Why did I even say that? I was an idiot" he threw another recipe over his head and sighed. When Yuri saw Jun and she frowned, he thought it was just another girl. They always wanted the prince charming, or the cute guy next door, or... yeah, the delinquent they can reform. The real him wasn't one of those, so he would never ever show his real self in public. Jun was indifferent, she was looking at him like he was just another human being. No sight of admiration, fear, and disgust. It was only indifference. Those pair of eyes that seemed to be able to look through him froze him for a moment. Yuri tried to say a few words to her, and he didn't even remember what he said. She was frowning even more... ... And then he hit the concrete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Of course! Is that weird!?" Jun laughed, remembering how he was flushing when he tried to arrange his words. That guy didn't know how to talk to a woman, did he? If he weren't so tall, she would've shut his mouth right there. That was the worst flirting attempt she had ever seen. No one speaks like that, not even in the movies. "How is he even going to give that to me? That stupid guy. I guess he didn't mean it, who even cooks for a girl anyway? Our relationship must've been twist--Wait, relationship? We just met, for God's sake!" Jun threw herself to the bed, holding a phone near her ear. Lucia, her best friend, was still rambling how ridiculous it was. "At least I know I charmed someone! That was a good addition to my self-confidence. Now I'm kinda hoping he'll show up..." Jun paused for a while, trying to imagine how Yuri would show up at school and hand her a lunch box. He had to look for her class since she didn't even bother giving him her number... ... And then everyone would stare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Give this to—Augh, no! Do you know—Hell, this won't work!" Yuri yelped in embarrassment. The boy in front of him tilted his head. He looked behind that boy, trying to find someone else he could talk to. Maybe someone he knew so he would be less embarrassed? Where the heck was that Lee? "Where is class 2-A?" he finally asked the boy with glasses. The glasses boy pointed to a window on the second floor, where some boys were looking out from. He had been spotted. Time to finish this. Yuri walked confidently, ignoring everyone's gazes and finally reached the class. Without hesitating, he opened the door and everyone turned to him, including Jun. She looked at him with a skeptical look on her face, and he knew there was no turning back. He held out the lunch box and shoved it to her... "Here you go, as promised." He tried to ignore everyone's stares as he said those. Without waiting for her reply, he turned his back and begun to walk away. That was easy. Now all he had to do was vanish from this class, from this damned school, from these morons in blue shirts. "Hold it. How do I know these aren't poisoned?" Yuri heard a calm voice behind him, with a hint of teasing. He turned and Jun was opening the box, revealing a delicately wrapped cookies and a small box of lasagna. Everyone begun to whisper, and he could feel the heat creeping to his cheek. Why did Jun has to be so difficult? And the look of her face... It's as though she was actually enjoying it. And why do he had to just obey her like that? Then again, he didn't have the time to show other people that he cooks. No one would appreciate it, and girls would just thought he was weird. He liked that appreciation from her, maybe that was the reason he came here. "Why would I poison you? Except maybe, putting some love potion or whatnot to it. But heck,I'm not such a wuss to use that kind of trick. Now I gotta go." Yuri turned back again, but he felt a soft touch on his back. He protested without looking. "Seriously, this is embarrassing! I've done it, all right? Try... to consider something!" "I can't believe you really came. Thanks. I love lasagna." He felt her tapping on his back twice. "Now, off you go. Don't be late to school." Jun pushed him forward slightly, and he couldn't help turning back again. All those whispers and weird faces had disappeared from his view. All he could see was Jun smiling at him, waving the lunch box as though as it's a toy. "So, what do I get in return? Can I walk ya to school or something? 'Coz it'll be easier for me to give you another one tomorrow. You like pasta?" he begun to walk away, waving his hand. The surge of self-confidence burst into him. He didn't care anymore. A long as she appreciated it, nothing else mattered. Someone finally acknowledged him, and that was enough. "Mmmm... No. I guess not." He stopped for a while. Now he wanted to run as fast as possible. "I'll see you after school. I'm not washing this lunch box, you know. Besides, I like a particular brand of ice cream, if I buy you some, think you can make the same flavor?" Jun waved the lunch box again with a huge grin. Lucia chuckled upon seeing his embarrassed face. As he walked, he heard himself said, "I'll see you later then." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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