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  1. Talia doesn't need any new staffs, I could possibly make fairy dust as a permanent item, most likely with the affect to teleport the player to the nearest town, or the fairy village. Which would make the item a battle-use item, mainly to avoid a game over situation.
  2. What is it with you people and wanting AV stuff implemented into a prequel?
  3. Rosebroken


    I have not sent it yet, it's not even 25% done... I've had distractions, from baby-sitting, re-typing switches, variables, map names, event id's, event names, common events for ahriman's prophecy, Sven's game and many other things.
  4. I will be making new areas. But first I have to redo everything I had done previously. Which is quite time consuming.
  5. I haven't posted on here in some time, i wasn't quite sure what to say since i had made the notion the game would have been done last summer i believe. however, i had to reformat my computer and all my information i had and all the stuff i had done to the game was completely lost. if you all still want this done, i would pretty much have to start from the beginning again. I have the time to do it, however.
  6. Rosebroken


    Quite the same with me Elemental, cept I got side-tracked and haven't made as much progress in the demo as I had planned on. I will fully go through it though, Tei expect a document fairly extensive ^^
  7. Rosebroken


    Yeah, that seems to be the problem, i went through it a few times to try all the ways through the training and saying yes the very first time is the only way to be able to leave the castle.
  8. Rosebroken


    In the journal: make a map(cant recall the exact quest name atm) Kamae's book quest(again can't recall the exact quest name) Find books to fill your bookshelves. Those are the only three quests that aren't possible to complete before leaving the castle. Tei, if you don't want people to snoop through the game files, perhaps develop a way to produce the demo/updates/game without a way to access them. Even though getting around the audio problem isn't really a bad thing since the people arent using it to their advantage in anyway or whatever, and I'm assuming from what I read they didn't really know. Sorry for the double post, havent been on this site for sometime, forgot about the edit button. If anyone is still stuck trying to get out of Neras Castle, here is the problem and solution. Once you receive the two quests from Onyxia to make the map of Vanisa Elitra and train in the training room, head to the training room and train. After the second fight (the three spiders) you will be asked by Ke'maru if you would like to be healed, if you say no, then the conditional branch that has the switch thats needed to be activated to leave the castle will not. You have to choose to be healed, then after the last battle with the two snakes Ke'maru will say that he supposes your ready to leave the castle, and now you should be able to leave the castle. Also, if you accidently choose not to be healed and then after the complete training speak to the trainer again and go back through training and then choose to be healed. This will not activate the switch needed to leave the castle. Merged posts ~ Untold Reveries
  9. ((Yeah, Tei, I don't like how it gets translated though... That last long one is changed so much. Maintain my ties to the physical world, if you die so that I do. My power is too much on their body are still, after all these years ... I will give them the time, the need to use it fully without any concerns about their body being eaten... And for some reason, you gets translated to the or they... Hopefully, if you're going to try reading it, it's at least somewhat understandable.)) Myst opened her eyes, the pain in her body had suddenly subsided and her magic was flowing strongly thorugh her. "LOTUS, hvad der skete? Hvor har de? Jeg kan ikke føle Dem længere..."
  10. ((It's ok, it seems we are all a bit busy this year lol, welcome back to our crazy adventure ^.^))
  11. ((The language is Danish, and I just copied those words with teh symbols because I have no idea how to input them myself.))
  12. ((Again sorry. )) Lotus placed his hand on the front of his kimono feeling the blood soaking through. He turned to Elya and Yuya and smiled. "Not entirely..." The frozen lotus suddenly went quiet and Lotus turned around. A giant black shadow passed over them, leaving them in complete darkness. The air around them changed as the shadow lifted revealing a darkened forest. They had been taken somewhere else, but Lotus couldn't tell where. The pain in his body was now gone and the blood removed from his clothes and skin. "Hvad har De så gøre?" Lotus called out. "Bevare mit slips til den fysiske verden, hvis man dør så jeg også gør. Min magt er alt for meget om deres organ stadig efter alle disse år ... Jeg vil give Dem den tid, de behøver at bruge det fuldt ud uden nogen bekymringer over deres krop bliver spist." The shadow voice rang out hollow in the air. "Well now, this is a set back... It looks like we need to find out where exactly we are, and quite possibly when." Lotus said examining the looks on Elya and Yuya's confused faces.
  13. ((Sorry, I've been busy with stuff)) ((Oh, hope you don't mind iPink, it's what you get for wanting instantanious results)) ^.^ Myst was barely conscious as she saw Elli step to the right of her. She couldn't lift her head nor speak, Elli had the wand out and readied it towards Abel. Myst wanted to tell her to stop but nothing came out. Too late, Elli released the magic within the wand... A dark globe enveloped Elli, Myst knew that inside that globe Elli was witnessing the desired effects of her magic, but in turn it was just a hallucination slowly draining her energy and recollection of her spells. Fighting against her pain, Myst managed to snap her last remaining bracelet, "I knew you'd do something stupid girl" She thought as she broke the enchantment. A stream of light penetrated the globe around Elli and slowly engulfed it. Abel watched as the globe around the vampire changed colors and then exploded leaving the girl kneeling on the ground temporarily amnesiac. Lotus's eyes snapped open as the two stepped into the room. The frozen lotus sensed the intruders and began to slowly hum with magical energy. Shadows leapt from the center of the lotus and surrounded it. "De er ikke uvedkommende, ga tilbage." Lotus managed to say. The shadows remained silent for several seconds and then spoke in unison. "De har ladet udenforstaende i denne fristed, og de naermeste dod. De har ikke befojelse til at pakalde os som de er!" Lotus planted his palms hard onto the floor and pushed himself up. Releasing his katana he leaned on it. "Jeg sagde tilbage! Ikke sporgsmal mig selv i den medlemsstat, jeg gar!" The shadows instantly coalesced and disappeared. The frozen lotus continued to hum.
  14. ((Abel did not move, his flames are a defensive mechanism, Myst trapped him within a magic circle which nullified his powers and amplified hers and the continious winds around Abel weaken his flames a bit. Bleh unclear stuff..))
  15. ((Do you not read? Abel is already bound... And Myst is not screaming, and her pain has not stopped, her pain is not caused by Abel, it is caused from the state that Lotus is in.))
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