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  1. Eminem is derived from Marshall Mathers, i think. his initials. that's why M2M didn't use it(M&M), to avoid confusion. i already said M2M so i'd go for TLC.
  2. @TheFool: lol hmmn... does Eminem count? Marshall Mathers iii then there's his "band" D12.
  3. i prefer keyboard over mouse as well. i use the mousepad on laptop as an added challenge(ever tried playing DOTA on a 10-incher netbook/umpc with the pad? it's a challenge. XD) though now that the keyboard of my netbook is dead, i have to master using mouse for gaming 'til i find spare parts for it.
  4. Loved your effects; the timing where you put them. I do not usually fall victim to those kind of scare-tactics but when you are focused on the game you can't help but jump. Hahaha! add to that the fact that i was playing with the lights out and sometime past midnight. Good choice of music too.
  5. wow. this is still on-going. haha! As i'm not on the violent edge anymore, i'll post again. hope this is fine. to klaus: as i said at the last part of my first post, just let those people who can't accept your art be. as an artist you have to learn how to accept all comments, good and bad, and use them to either improve your work or improve your self. if you don't accept the fact that not everybody likes your art, you'll just drive yourself crazy. there's no pleasing EVERYBODY. remember that. as a side note, i don't think catwoman is an anthro... she was catwoman because her abilities are like that of a cat.
  6. Personally, i don't think your art is creepy. you have a great drawing talent that i don't have. anyway, for your bullies, ask them if they haven't heard of or read OR watched fables their entire life(where the heck did they grow up?) then ask them if they haven't watched a cartoons as a kid. They're lying if they answer no to both. tell them your art is just an illustration that is somewhat similar to the concept of fables. if they still don't accept you, punch the lights out of 'em! [gah. i'm getting way too violent. Logging off... XD) Nah. seriously leave 'em. they're not worth your time if they can't appreciate what you do.
  7. Wow. Nice graphics. I'll try this. ~~~ edit: Tried it! well, the demo version anyway. As i said, it has nice graphics and it is well made. The grammar is a bit off though; there were several typos in the game. Overall, this is a good game. 8)
  8. Hey! Love your music. Of course a lot of people tell you that. Heh. But I really do. It's amazing how many you've done. Me, I usually think of 20-second bits of melody then I'm lost. Haha! (Though there are a few that made it into a full song.) Carmen Sandiego! Wow. I remember playing that as a kid in DOS. Haha.
  9. lol. that was fun. sword made out of grandmothers. i wonder what attributes it has... i remember the first time i played an rpg... i was so happy i found items in somebody else's home but then i realized, hey i'm the hero! am i supposed to do this? but then there're no options to actually return the item. i guess that's why i like thief jobs, it kinda makes sense when i'm looting the town.
  10. When in a dungeon/ before boss fights/ i usually kill everything in my path to tip my scales for the boss fight. but when travelling towards a new town/new map, it's either dodge-and-run or fight as little as possible. if there are new equips to be bought, then i'll return to the fields to earn money(if i'm not stinkin' rich just yet). XD
  11. i've reread your parody from start to end and i still enjoy it. i still sing the dora reference when i get to that part... it's automatic! argh. Anyway, nice to see you continuing this again after a long break.
  12. @kirara it's a cello not violin. @d_a kanon did sing still doll. And she played the wicked cello part. hehe.
  13. A/N: Just a little background of how this came to be... Harhar... :evil: Back in our 3rd yr. HS Literature class, we were required by our prof. to memorize several Shakespeare pieces then recite it in front of the class. Those who was able to declaim beautifully was chosen to compete with the representatives of the other sections. But for those of us who were not good memorizing and couldn't care less in a declaiming competition... well, see what happened when 4 of us(Will, Yam, Shake, and Spear) got bored... Hehehe... :evil::evil::evil: These are Shakespeare's words, I(we) do not own them. We just tweaked them a bit. Read Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice, and Hamlet. ~o~o~o~o~ NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: This is the product of four minds bordering Insanity. Listeners(Readers) have the right to sue us. (DON'T! Please? ) Read it with emotion, FEEL it. :evil: PoHaRoShyPoJu by Will Yam Shake Spear? To be or not to be, my blessing with thee O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou a Jew? That is the question. It is the east, hath not a Jew eyes? It droppeth as the slings and arrows of outrageous revenge The pangs of Juliet! To die, to sleep, But soft! If you prick us, do we not laugh? If you tickle us, do we not die? If you poison us, do we not revenge? And if you wrong us, do we not bleed? But mercy is above this sceptered sway. For who would fardels bear the whips and scorns of time Thus conscience does make cowards of us all Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon! 'Tis but thy flesh that is my enemy! Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel Farewell but I will better the instruction. 'Tis not to me she speaks that which we call a rose This above all, their currents turn awry And lose the name of action. My bounty is too bold and hindered me half a million 'Tis mightiest in the mightiest It becomes the enterprises of great pitch and moment That I may touch that cheek Farewell, my blessing season's justice. Makes sense? Nah...
  14. CiDvonBlaud

    World Cup

    I'm a fan of soccer as i used to play it. I still do when i have others to play with. Haha. But for some reason, i haven't been able to watch a single game of the world cup. Huh. I'm getting weird again. @mizzou i understand what you're saying about the video replay. but then again, cameramen sometimes get lucky in capturing a foul that a referee didn't see. You're right, the refs are humans so they're entitled to make mistakes. it just gets ugly when rabid fans, sometimes players too, start making noises and thus challenge the authority of the ref. but for me that's part of the game and the series. It an additional excitement to just watching "22 men chasing after a football," as aisling said. ;D
  15. @dA Hoorah for more fanvids! Haha. I just realized the bgm was 'For Real' by the time i saw the credits. i smacked my forehead, litereally when i saw it and it was an "Oh, yeah, now i remember!" moment for me. as for the vid dL, my brother installed Download Manager in my other laptop so i can actually dL vids from youtube if i want to.
  16. Hey. I enjoyed your fan-vid(?). A lot. I agree that the texts are a bit fast so I had to watch it twice (but really, that was because i was distracted by your bgm. i can't place it when i know for a fact i was listening to it only a few hours earlier...) but overall, it was nicely made. And wow, i commend the effort you made in making the "others"/loiterers move around (i'm too lazy to do something like that if it was me). Too bad you aren't going to make other vids like this. I want a copy (just because...). Haha! Well anyway, i'm not making sense anymore so i'll stop.
  17. Hmmn... this looks interesting. I'll dL it.
  18. This looks interesting. I love the artwork.
  19. Oh, man. I haven't been around for a while. Love your updates! Hahaha! You did it hooray! Love the Dora reference. Keep it up.
  20. cliffhangers... tsk. Haha!
  21. wow. (can't think of anything else. oh. my mind works again... somewhat... haha. where's the next chappie? oh, not yet posted... too bad. i'll just wait again. speaking of waiting, will there be a continuation for that? ) wow.
  22. beautifully made... you supplied the words that were simply implied in the game. nice.
  23. very well said, for the creatures of the night. i like it. (don't ask why, i just do. )
  24. hey, i just found your story and i liked reading it. i'll definitely keep a tab on your story. good plot. keep it up. ;p --> oh man i've double posted! sorry about that... i am using a mobile phone right now... kindly delete my first one... -.-' -cid
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