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  1. KathrynMxPx

    similar games

    i can't find eternal eden by itself anywhere.
  2. KathrynMxPx

    MAPS, GUIDES, ETC - The Lost Orb

    i'm sorry and i love you guys AND these games...but the map links STILL haven't been fixed? it's been years! sorry tiniponi, just saw your post. i'm just frustrated
  3. KathrynMxPx

    Wind Tower/Snow Cave 1st or Skull Mtn 1st?

    ahh okay thank you, i missed the one from kubaba, hope it's still there thank you for your help!
  4. i'm not sure which ones we are intended to travel to first. i have 0/3 blood of ancients and the mobs at all 3 places are hard. in the strategy guide it seems that once you are done with skull mountain the game is done, but obviously i still need to go to the wind tower and snow cave. i just don't know in what order. thank you!
  5. KathrynMxPx

    Saving Elizabeth

    thank you so much mopiece, you have been SO helpful with all the gamers enjoying aveyond 4!
  6. KathrynMxPx

    Saving Elizabeth

    i have searched and have not been able to find an answer to this. i know that if i speak to elizabeth that boyle can go to crete street to get an anti-whatever to save her. however, i have no idea where she is or how to get to her. the crusaders/paladins left a LONG time ago and she is not at the Crusade Grounds, nor are any other paladins. my current quests are: demon blood secret recipe antiwere salve the shadow isles (which is where i am now) the expert tournament legend of crab island boyle's bad luck boyle's revenge i hope i didn't pass up the chance to save her! thank you!
  7. KathrynMxPx

    Dream Realm

    you are exactly correct Hunterreese, it just seems to happen a bit out of order than it says in the strategy guide. and holy xp! thank you hunterreese!
  8. KathrynMxPx

    Dream Realm

    I downloaded the game from bigfishgames.com and when it comes to boyle having his dream sequence in the dream realm (in the inn in tor) it just shows him sleeping, and then morning comes and he says "That was a good sleep." There was no dream realm fighting at alll :< edit: I now see that unlike in the strategy guide, the dream sequence comes AFTER they are all on board the ship, not whilst they are sleeping in the inn, as it says. Thank you!
  9. Hello! Is there anyway for Amanda to get the maps out to us before Tiniponi can annonate them? One of the things I love the most about the Aveyond games is (to an extent) knowing where I'm going, and truthfully I'm getting quite frustrated at not being able to finish a quest (or side quest) because I don't know how to get to the area where I need to be. Even though the maps wouldn't be annotated, at least I could see how to get where I need to go, and I would enjoy the game THAT much more!! Thank you, Aveyonders! Aislar
  10. KathrynMxPx

    An arrangement on Maps!

    thank you for your idea, elizabennet! so what you mean is kind of....take screen shots as you go along and piece them together? ANYTHING would help me out a LOT right now. the one thing i love so much about these games is having maps to be able to reference!
  11. ...I really need maps to play this game, even if they aren't annotated any help would be very greatly appreciated!
  12. KathrynMxPx

    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    it makes me feel bad to agree with everyone here about the strategy guide not having maps and how disappointing that is, because i know how hard everyone at aveyond.com works on the games. maybe next time have the maps done when the game is released? i'm sure many would appreciate it. otherwise, it's a great game, and thank you!
  13. KathrynMxPx

    MAPS, GUIDES, ETC - The Lost Orb

    tiniponi, thank you SO very much for giving attention to the updating of the map links! this is something i've looked for for awhile
  14. Hey! I absolutely love these games, all of them, so thank you very much! I had purchased AV2 and d/led it onto my desktop puter. However, as of now (weeks later) I'd much prefer to play it on my laptop...(I've beat v2 on my desktop already). When I d/l v2 on my laptop I can not use the same activation code I got when I purchased it and used it on my desktop puter. Is there anything anyone can do about this? I'd really like to play v2 on my laptop...I have v1 on it but they are so different! Thank you very much in advance!
  15. KathrynMxPx

    Installing AV2 on other puter

    Yea, I purchased it from amaranthia.com. Thank you for your help, Bryce!