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    KathrynMxPx reacted to shadowshed in It's here! ... almost!   
    I thought Rhen's Quest was long enough, but is this even going to be longer?! Now I'm even more excited. Can't wait to be blown away.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to wybella in It's here! ... almost!   
    Great great game - I have been testing it and you will just love the humour and  characters.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Argoyle in It's here! ... almost!   
    I believe it's also the LONGEST Aveyond game yet.  There is so much to do!
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to EsmeAmelia in Refund   
    Personally, if I were the game developers I would not give someone a refund just because they finished the game. I have plenty of games I only completed once, but I never asked for a refund on any of them. It's an unfair demand to people who work hard and long to create quality games.
    And your snippy attitude isn't helping matters either. Sorry about your health problems, but if you're really that tight on finances, perhaps you should have waited to purchase the game until your situation had improved instead of playing through the game and then expecting a refund. You got what you paid for and it's just plain rude to demand your money back for that.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Bleeding Rose in Refund   
    I am sorry about your health problems but I am with everyone else, you should have thought of what was more important to you before you brought the game.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to HunterReese in Wind Tower/Snow Cave 1st or Skull Mtn 1st?   
    Windy Tower then Snow Island and finally Skull Mountain (which does end the game).  Skull Mountain has the most difficult enemies, but they are good for leveling up as you get massive amounts of experience from them.  You'll be able to get some of the best equipment after Windy Tower which will be a big help for the other two places.
    The first blood of the ancients is from Kubaba in Shadow Isles - it's easy to miss because it's behind the torch after you defeat him.  The other two come from Wind Tower and Snow Island.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Mopiece in Saving Elizabeth   
    She is at the Crusade Grounds. You'll need to go to where the boats were and then head to the right. You should find her laying there by the tree.


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    KathrynMxPx reacted to KathrynMxPx in Saving Elizabeth   
    i have searched and have not been able to find an answer to this.
    i know that if i speak to elizabeth that boyle can go to crete street to get an anti-whatever to save her.  however, i have no idea where she is or how to get to her.  the crusaders/paladins left a LONG time ago and she is not at the Crusade Grounds, nor are any other paladins.
    my current quests are:
    demon blood
    secret recipe
    antiwere salve
    the shadow isles (which is where i am now)
    the expert tournament
    legend of crab island
    boyle's bad luck
    boyle's revenge
    i hope i didn't pass up the chance to save her!  thank you!
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Mopiece in Where to find witch in Tor?   
    She is a little bit east of the food court. If you go to Chester's Cave, then go follow the path west, you should see a girl that wants to join a coven.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to iraki in Robin's shop   
    Happy New Year everyone!! 
    Could somebody make a list of the customers' requests and the items they need from me? I have some difficulty in finding the correct items for certain requests. Thanks a lot!
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Mordicant III in Random Multiple Problems   
    Thank you so much guys, i decided to not use the strategy guide or any help for the first time who knew it could be so tiring but exciting as well at least up until the part where i finished the game prematurely because for some reason i thought Hercules was just a sub-boss *pfft*. Too bummed out and lazy for the moment for a repeat but thanks for indulging me. Now then its just the charcoal that remains a mystery.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to HunterReese in Random Multiple Problems   
    3. It's the secret ingredient for one of the love potion recipes.
    7. I never did find a way to sell that.
    8. If you mean the guy in the house in Briar Woods that you collected the supplies for, I expected to see him back in Windshire but never did.  You continue to see him and the crop destroyer if you make the choices that leave them where they started; but if you make the choices that get them to leave, you never see either of them again.  
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Mopiece in Random Multiple Problems   
    1. The chicken is part of a Coven quest. Nothing will happen unless you join the right coven.
    2. Yes, but only if you buy a certain love potion recipe.
    3. Probably quest related, but I didn't encounter the quest yet.
    4. You can purchase the love spells once you have the right attractions points. So you can only buy one love spell.
    5. Yes, just decorations.
    6. Nope. He doesn't appear.
    7. No, it doesn't have any use beside to sell it.
    8. The crop destroyed? She is in Briar Woods. You can catch her, if you want. She is North of the sign board in the woods. The old guy? Do you mean the Raven Lord? If you go all the way up, then to the right you'll find him among some ravens.
    9. I never thought so, but maybe others have.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Valkyriet in Robin's shop   
    I don't have all the exact dialogues but hopefully this helps.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to HunterReese in Robin's shop   
    Here's the list of items, where they're found, and some key words from what the customers ask.  
    Jade Dragon (Windy Hills) -  what dragons look like
    Piggy Bank (Briar Caves) - place to hide money
    Ghost Puppet (Windmill) - paranormal puppet show
    Vampire Fangs (Wyrmwood) - bloody good time at secret convention
    Actor's Guild Card (Wyrmwood) - best actor in city
    Vintage Doll (Tor Arena) - play with and take care of
    Handsome Quill (Halaina Treasure Key Shop) - handsome with royal tastes
    Glass Slipper (Halaina Castle) - prove she's a real princess
    Lost Sock (Halaina Armadeus HQ Night Watch) - one foot is cold
    Torture Device (Halaina Dungeon) - pure anger and frustration
    Super Balm (Tor) - regular balm is not enough
    Fan (Halaina) - stylish way to keep cool
    Ingrid's Old Hat (join a coven) - unique item for outfit
    Ship in a Bottle (End of the World) - big fish in small pond
    Shawl of Sorts (Mudsludge Swamp) - something she could have made herself
    Chateau Wine (Delamere) - diet of fermented fruit
    Orb of Prettyness (Daintree) - into orbs 
    Shell Carving (Daintree - Mystery Item) - elf artifact
    Beige Llama (Daintree) - something plain
    Fossil (Shadow Isles) - something new, something blue ...
    Weapon Blueprint (Tor - red door) - ultimate weapon
    Globe of Ai (Ulrock) - hold the world in palm
    Ruby Gem (Depths of the Fire) - tarnished by fire
    Sparkling Gem (Shadow Isles) - propose
    Red Egg (Busybeak Hills) - red bird
    Snowglobe (Snow Island) - girl from Shaenlir
    *Jinx's Dress - only if you join Jinx's coven* - needs a new dress
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to Kaitlyn in Can someone please tell me Silas Graves is in Halaina?   
    They said in the guide Silas Graves in Crete Street.  Where is that exactly?  Thank you so much in advance.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to ElizaBennet in An arrangement on Maps!   
    Well, actually I just meant using that trick to walk all the areas and make sure you've been everywhere.  But I guess you could also put screenshots together!  That would probably take a really long time and be extremely frustrating, though.
    And sorry about the incorrect information on the guide. Keep sending Tiniponi nice thoughts and I'm sure she'll recover faster 
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to KathrynMxPx in An arrangement on Maps!   
    thank you for your idea, elizabennet!  
    so what you mean is kind of....take screen shots as you go along and piece them together?
    ANYTHING would help me out a LOT right now.  the one thing i love so much about these games is having maps to be able to reference!
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    KathrynMxPx got a reaction from susieQ192 in An arrangement on Maps!   
    thank you for your idea, elizabennet!  
    so what you mean is kind of....take screen shots as you go along and piece them together?
    ANYTHING would help me out a LOT right now.  the one thing i love so much about these games is having maps to be able to reference!
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to HunterReese in Dream Realm   
    Can you get on the ship now?  I believe the dream realm sequence is supposed to happen after that rather than while in Tor.
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to KathrynMxPx in An arrangement on Maps!   
    Is there anyway for Amanda to get the maps out to us before Tiniponi can annonate them?
    One of the things I love the most about the Aveyond games is (to an extent) knowing where I'm going, and truthfully I'm getting quite frustrated at not being able to finish a quest (or side quest) because I don't know how to get to the area where I need to be.
    Even though the maps wouldn't be annotated, at least I could see how to get where I need to go, and I would enjoy the game THAT much more!!
    Thank you, Aveyonders!
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    KathrynMxPx reacted to ElizaBennet in An arrangement on Maps!   
    You could use the old maze trick until the maps come out (keep your left/right hand on the wall and go along).  You'll visit pretty much everywhere on the map using that trick.
    Edit: Or you could buy the strategy guide, I would imagine that has all the maps.
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