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  1. Meisje, I ended up just starting a new game. I did not turn on the speed crystal until after I finished the Mt. Orion part. It worked that way. So I suggest you start a new game and not turn on the speed crystal until after you finish the Mt Orion part. I hope that helps you.
  2. The first time I walked into the cave at Mt Orion I did have the Speed crystal activated. When I put the pomegranate plant on the alter, the boat goes down behind the cave walls. see screenshot below: The boat is now where the arrow is pointing Then I step outside the cave a few steps away from the cave entrance, deactivate the speed crystal and hit the space bar, as I've read to do in couple of messages below. Next I go back into the cave, the boat is now move to my side of the cave. Screenshot below Next I hit the space bar to get into the boat. A second boat shows up beside the altar. When I hit the spacebar again, the boat I'm in goes to the left instead of the right where the cave is and I'm now stuck in no man's land. Screenshot below The only thing I can do now is quit the game. I've tried to deactivate the crystal before I go into the cave but the same thing happens again. My game is saved at the save crystal in the cave. Any help given will be appreciated
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