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  1. I received this upon doing a download for updating drivers. The icon appears with my other ones on the task bar over by the clock. I also have a desktop short cut for it. Can someone please tell me what it is and what it does. Is it using up any of my space and energy? Big thanks in advance.
  2. I just ran the dxd for the third time ...still no problem. Theme ... on my personalize tab I saw that my current theme seems to be about my background picture for my desktop? It took forever to find something suitable. I hope changing a theme doesn't mean losing that picture. When I chose the other options ... my background picture changed. Is that about theme?Adding this... I tried a different theme WOW it's different and Grimms worked better until past the 60th day.(Before it would start acting up by the 40th day) And only the sell screen in each village seemed affected. Hatching is no longer affected. I also have a question from before about what I received when I updated drivers from site bryce suggested(the one i bookmarked) and got a new icon called BDARemote. Do I need that? What is it?
  3. I apologize for making three different posts about the same problem. I'm learning. All has been tried and still I can't play this coveted game.
  4. Since the downloads I did receive a weird message in one of those boxes that pop up. Something about windows Aero turning off (that see through stuff). It came back after a shut down and boot. All my other games and programs are fine. Hello is anyone out there. Should I have a funeral for this game now?
  5. For the record I did download both drivers ... after your suggestion I downloaded the other the X1300. That installation had one variation from the other... I was asked if I wanted to uninstall it or modify so I took the modify choice incase there was an update. A catalyst installation manager program came up and the process was finished through another automatic program like wizard. I apologize to you and brycej if I've been a royal pain.
  6. Yes ... something most definitely installed (wizard helped). I have a new icon on my desktop too called BDARemote. Whatever. I will now have a funeral for my Grimms game.
  7. Rychus

    What's a URL?

    hmmm ... I'll have to try that. Thanks
  8. Rychus

    What's a URL?

    And how do I get one for an image? :help:
  9. Is it okay to download things that I might not need? For instance on that site I can choose an update for my Radeon X1300 or the X1550. There are two to choose from for the X1550 series. One is Catalyst Software Suite (89.8 MB) and the other is WDM Integrated Driver (33.8MB). I wrote that down from before. I didn't look any further into the X1300 because I don't know which thing I need. Do I do both and all the ones that might be listed for the X1300? If I'm already updated will it tell me so that I don't waste the time downloading? I can barely use e mail and this download stuff is scarier. Thank You again for your patience. Had to add this ... I got brave and did a download on the driver ... the smaller one. After reboot and playing the game again ... no difference. Must need a different driver.
  10. Hi, thank you for your patience. I visited the site that Bryce suggested and I didn't understand it at all. I bookmarked it incase I learn what to do. I bought Grimms this month. I have a four year old computer Vista with added memory but only a 2 GHz CPU. The game plays fine at first then the there is occassional cursor freezing a moment here and there while the sounds disappear but the music continues though chopping at times when I click the cursor. It's sort of playable but with little control of cursor at times things get sold or hatched that I don't want sold or hatched. I'm a fish from BFG and Dr Felix (has seen my insides) diagnosed the problem with the possibility of the game not being compatible with my stuff. Some of my drivers were updated last year following the purchase of a large file game. I've been generously compensated for my purchase of Grimms. I love the game and I'm willing to learn how to make it better or buy a version that will work. Is your version different from the one I got?
  11. I found out from the site where I purchased Grimms Hatchery that the game may not be compatible with the video card on my computer. Can I buy one ... a video card that is? I do not know thing one about computers ... can ya tell? :hammer:
  12. When I'm trying to sell or hatch eggs and also when selling pets sometimes a weird thing happens.(not every time) First the sound changes (it gets loud) and then it sounds like the selling continues though I've stopped. Then the curser freezes for a moment or two. The curser often is slow to respond during the selling and hatching. Then there is silence when selling things. Selling continues that I don't want sometimes. I did the uninstall and reinstall. Same thing happens at times. If I leave that selling screen and come back ...it's all good again ... for a while anyway. The drivers that I have that may need updates are radeon X1300/1550 series and NVIDIA nforce Serial ATA Contoller and Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller. I went to each of these on line and each one uses that deceptive company.
  13. My game only malfunctions when hatching eggs and selling eggs. I had my drivers checked for updates and let myself get ripped off for 40.00 on driver detective deceptors. Of cousre I received no updates. What next? Is there a tech support place here or is it all forums?
  14. When I'm trying to sell eggs and also when selling pets something bogus happens. First the sound changes and then it sounds like the selling continues though I've stopped. Then the curser freezes for a moment or two. Then there is silence when selling things. Is this an indication of something that I should take care of? I was thinking of uninstalling and then reinstalling. What do you think? I did the uninstall and reinstall ... I think it got worse. I noticed the same problem in hatching the eggs. Please tell me there is a way to rectify this.
  15. :hammer: Hope I did this okay ... I'm from the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania USA. There are endless little mountains all over and I live less than a mile away from stripping mines. I come from a long line of coal miners.
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