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  1. Argoyle

    Change Save File Location

    You could copy the save files from the one computer onto a flash drive. Then start a new game on the other computer, so that a save folder gets created. Then you can copy the saves to that save folder. The game should see them just fine.
  2. Argoyle

    Confused with builds

    Here is an old link to an old version of the site. The goodies still appear to be working, and there is a faceset goodie that allows you to use whichever faceset you want. http://web.archive.org/web/20080428035139/http://amaranthgames.com/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?cid=14
  3. Argoyle

    day 15?

    In my post above, click and drag your mouse after the "Highlight" arrow. You'll see the hidden text.
  4. Argoyle

    Pirate ship

    There's also a port in the Witchwood Swamp area. Wherever it is, you should be able to see it on the world map.
  5. Argoyle

    Windows 10 goodie help?

    If you have those saves in the folder, choose "Return To Quest" on the title screen. I believe loading a goodie save starts the game from the beginning, but you'll automatically have whatever extras the goodie gives you.
  6. Argoyle

    Windows 10 goodie help?

    This is Windows 7, but here's a screenshot of my AP folder. The save files (.lsd) are right in the main folder, along with the maps and the game .exe
  7. Argoyle

    Super old registration keys not working

    You could try amanda@aveyond.com Not sure how often she checks that, though.
  8. Argoyle

    Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest on Android!

    It was casually mentioned here: A member did the port, not Amaranth, so I guess that's why it didn't get a big announcement.
  9. Argoyle

    Super old registration keys not working

    I'm not sure if support messages go directly to Amanda or not, so you could send a direct message to her here: https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1-amaranth/ Hopefully, she can get back to you and get your keys working.
  10. Argoyle

    Im little shy

    Devin, Talia, and Rhen?
  11. Argoyle

    Official Strategy Guide

    Hi Ariel! Along with this message, it would be a good idea to send a message directly to the admins. You can click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and/or send a message directly to Amanda: https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1-ant/ She'll help you get things sorted out
  12. Argoyle


    Haven't played this in forever, but maybe this can help:
  13. Argoyle

    Exotic animal

    I believe this is where you find it. Just south of Ingrid's sister's house in Boppity Woods. Starting north of her house, you need to wrap around clockwise to get here.
  14. Argoyle

    Learning about cultures

    Light corn syrup can be used in place of the golden syrup. The lotus seed paste is for the filling, so you could use whatever sweet filling you like. I read that in an "American-ized" version, peanut butter was used as the filling.
  15. Argoyle


    All Ahriman's Prophecy goodies are/were save files that you put in your save folder and load with "Return to Quest". Map-replacing goodies were for the Aveyond games, if I recall correctly.