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  1. Argoyle

    Official Strategy Guide

    Hi Ariel! Along with this message, it would be a good idea to send a message directly to the admins. You can click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and/or send a message directly to Amanda: https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1-ant/ She'll help you get things sorted out
  2. Argoyle


    Haven't played this in forever, but maybe this can help:
  3. Argoyle

    Exotic animal

    I believe this is where you find it. Just south of Ingrid's sister's house in Boppity Woods. Starting north of her house, you need to wrap around clockwise to get here.
  4. Argoyle

    Learning about cultures

    Light corn syrup can be used in place of the golden syrup. The lotus seed paste is for the filling, so you could use whatever sweet filling you like. I read that in an "American-ized" version, peanut butter was used as the filling.
  5. Argoyle


    All Ahriman's Prophecy goodies are/were save files that you put in your save folder and load with "Return to Quest". Map-replacing goodies were for the Aveyond games, if I recall correctly.
  6. Argoyle

    What to do now?

    https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1-ant/ Here is Amanda's profile page.
  7. Argoyle

    classic rpg games

    I second Luz's recommendation of Everlong - http://www.nealien.com/Everlong/ Not sure if you can find them anymore, but a few others I really enjoyed: Ara Fell A Blurred Line Three the Hard Way
  8. Argoyle

    You lost? Here's the maps!

    Alt + Enter can toggle between full screen and windowed modes. I have noticed that older RPG Maker games are getting very touchy with new computers/operating systems. Right click on the exe file and select Properties. Then select the Compatibility tab. There are boxes for "Disable visual themes", "Disable desktop composition", and "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Checking any or all of these boxes sometimes gets the older games displaying properly.
  9. Argoyle

    Can't get the fire key

    I remember John Wizard fixing players' save files to get around this. You could try contacting him and see if he can help.
  10. I can't remember if items transfer between games, but I think it'd be in your best interest to use them in the current game. I would agree that magic users get the mana boosters and fighters get the strength boosters. I would save any level eggs until near the end of the game, so you can take advantage of skipping higher levels.
  11. Argoyle

    Link to multiple sphere Goodie

    Here you go!
  12. When transitioning from the swamp to the seafall area, see if you can go a step up or down before walking through. If the path between the two areas is more than one tile wide, maybe crossing at a different tile will help. This game can be really unstable at times, during map and scene transitions. I remember having a terrible time returning to Elden later in the game. I'd have to save every few steps and try different routes (it's like there were booby-trapped tiles).
  13. Argoyle

    Walkthough/strategy guide

    Oh, those were guides made and hosted by a member and I guess he took them down. Amaranthia has no control over fan-made stuff. A lot of the other guides at the top of the list are still up and running. As for the maps, go to page 2 of the map topic and you'll find active links.
  14. If you want to continue on a different computer, then I think you would have to install and activate the game on the second computer, and then copy the save files over from the first computer.
  15. In the Options Menu, when I set Sound Vol to 0%, the footsteps go away.