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  1. When transitioning from the swamp to the seafall area, see if you can go a step up or down before walking through. If the path between the two areas is more than one tile wide, maybe crossing at a different tile will help. This game can be really unstable at times, during map and scene transitions. I remember having a terrible time returning to Elden later in the game. I'd have to save every few steps and try different routes (it's like there were booby-trapped tiles).
  2. Walkthough/strategy guide

    Oh, those were guides made and hosted by a member and I guess he took them down. Amaranthia has no control over fan-made stuff. A lot of the other guides at the top of the list are still up and running. As for the maps, go to page 2 of the map topic and you'll find active links.
  3. If you want to continue on a different computer, then I think you would have to install and activate the game on the second computer, and then copy the save files over from the first computer.
  4. In the Options Menu, when I set Sound Vol to 0%, the footsteps go away.
  5. Save game file

    The usual place to find your save files is: C:\Users\computer user name here\AppData\Roaming\ Each game will have a folder in here that holds the save files.
  6. Sphere Goodie

    I would reinstall to see if that fixes the map. Your save files should remain untouched.
  7. I do recall that sometimes the "boss" fights can get glitchy, and the story won't continue. Always save when you reach a new area and keep multiple save files, just in case these issues pop up again.
  8. Forum changes coming!

    "Reputation" appears to be the number of Likes you have received from others.
  9. Moonpeace's edits/aesthetics/art

    There's been a lot of Trolls watching in my house lately
  10. Chloe's Edits and Art!

    If you still need to edit the topic title, click Edit on your first post. Then click the "Use Full Editor" button. There you can change the topic title.
  11. Nothing happens when you press ESC?
  12. busybeak

    You can't kill the werebear in Gingernut Forest. Was it daytime? What you killed was probably the normal bear in the upper right part of the map.
  13. These special goodies KTC made may not work anymore, but the standard AP goodies still appear to be working. Just look down the main index here: http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/forum/92-goodies/ Most of the AP ones are at the bottom of the list.
  14. kobold camp

    When you enter the Dragon Wasteland from Tor, head south. One of the caves down there has a large square switch on the floor (it can be confused for a rug or table). When you hit that switch, the bone-blocked cave will open.

    If you turn off the speed crystal and then enter and exit a town, it should reset the world map so that you can't walk all over the place. Do you remember where the boat is docked?