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    Argoyle reacted to BentoKami in Playing on Windows 10 Laptop   
    I went to my Norton app, excluded the folder, then downloaded the files again and it worked. Thank you so much!
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    Argoyle reacted to summer104 in Yummy Drink Factory Black Screen   
    I was able to get it to work by changing my display resolution to a much smaller size
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    Argoyle reacted to KTC in Revamped Ahriman Prophecy - Updated 3/11/2020   
    Thanks! Dragon's just about done. I caved and did a somewhat easy fetch quest though I limited it to you can't get him until you beat the Dragon King. After wrestling with so many hard stuff and frustrating bugs, I took a break and coded some easy casino stuff. Also I needed gold and didn't feel like fighting monsters. Introducing functional slot machines, dart game, and shell game. Dunno about the balance of them since I just used random numbers. I don't plan to touch the other two tables since I have no idea how to play the real life equivalent games. Onward to the repeatable coliseum fights cuz that sounds fun. 
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    Argoyle got a reaction from hsmane in Dirtpile and Locked chest boxes   
    The X's are not dirt piles. Those are just important places that get marked on your map. One just happens to be a dirt pile.
    Dirt Pile locations:
    Shadow Woods North
    Phyree Jungle
    Sinoa Plains
    Whisper Woods
    Rose Forest
    Hmmmm....any more?
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    Argoyle reacted to KTC in Revamped Ahriman Prophecy - Updated 3/11/2020   
    I had a light bulb moment with the invisible barrier bug:
    See, it happens when a switch activates erroneously since that's what prevents you from fleeing a boss fight. But if it turns on too early, than it creates an invisible barrier surrounding the boss preventing you from going forward.
    So, if you make the switch first check that you are located at X spot before turning on, it should theoretically fix the random invisible barrier bug on it's own rather than having to manually edit the save file. More testing required, but it should be relatively easy to program.
    Unfortunately, for the "event not implemented" bug, I still cannot locate the cause.
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    Argoyle reacted to Danin in You can dance if you want to [Ending Spoilers]   
    Show yourself if you want to, you can leave your friends behind
    'Cause your name ain't Spook and since it ain't Spook, then

    fire me
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    Argoyle reacted to KTC in What type of cheats/goodies would you like in AP?   
    It's okay if I double post? I'm updating with info I found while scrounging around the code with fresh rusty eyes.
    *bursts laughing for 30 minutes*
    Okay, so you know how fairy fury wasn't in the 2.xx game and everyone including me thought it would be hella hard to put back in the game?
    On closer inspection, it's due to a TYPO.
    Yes that's right, the most powerful spell in the game was nixed because of ONE. SINGLE. DARN. TYPO.
    A variable was set to 9 instead of 8!
    THAT'S IT!
    I'm crying. 😂
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    Argoyle got a reaction from lovely-girl in Hi! Again!   
    Hi KTC! *hugs*
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    Argoyle reacted to KTC in Hi! Again!   
    Wow it's been a while. Hi! I'm KTC. I was around a long (long) time ago, like Ahriman prophecy v1.5 ago lol.
    I'm actually surprised I remembered my password.
    Just dropping in randomly. Place looks a lot different from what I remembered.
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    Argoyle got a reaction from kittyclaw in downloadable goodies   
    All the goodies can be found in their own section HERE

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    Argoyle reacted to Amaranth in Older version of Ahriman's Prophecy   
    I love that old screenshot! 
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    Argoyle got a reaction from lovely-girl in How does Amaranth survive?   
    I don't think PC gaming will disappear for quite some time. I can't see playing the FPS's, RTS's and RPG's I like on a small touchscreen. I need a keyboard, mouse and big screen to get the full effect.
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    Argoyle reacted to Amaranth in Upgraded MySQL   
    If anyone notices there are issues with posting, editing, reading, let me know. Everything should be fine... 🙂
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    Argoyle got a reaction from tiniponi in Confused with builds   
    Here is an old link to an old version of the site.  The goodies still appear to be working, and there is a faceset goodie that allows you to use whichever faceset you want.
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    Argoyle got a reaction from Hitarla in Super old registration keys not working   
    I'm not sure if support messages go directly to Amanda or not, so you could send a direct message to her here:
    Hopefully, she can get back to you and get your keys working.
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    Argoyle reacted to Specter in Aveyond is on Android   
    I've got a treat for you guys! Demo for Aveyond 1 is on Google Play :D
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]   
    A small additional cutscene I added into the reboot to make it a bit more interesting.
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    Argoyle reacted to Kaiso in Im little shy   
    @Argoyle Correct!! when i was drawing those Talia when pretty well but when it comes to Deviin my hands messed up haha. I am genuinely surprise you can guess Devin.
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    Argoyle got a reaction from Kaiso in Learning about cultures   
    Light corn syrup can be used in place of the golden syrup.

    The lotus seed paste is for the filling, so you could use whatever sweet filling you like.  I read that in an "American-ized" version, peanut butter was used as the filling.
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    Argoyle got a reaction from Kaiso in Im little shy   
    Devin, Talia, and Rhen?
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    Argoyle reacted to ZooCide in Greetings echo through the mountains ...   
    Brief intro and awkward handshakes all round. I am new to Unity, stumbled across the HeroKit and found myself entangled with sparkly knowledge beams emanating from this site. I'm from the primarily dried, arid plains of Australia, now surrounded by concrete and metal towers in the city of Sydney. Helluuuuuuuuu everyone.
    I have little to next to nothing experience, and am 2 steps back from ground zero level of talent in gaming, but here I am. I want to give this a go, it looks fun and the people here look to be toxic, radiation and zombie-free! ... so please excuse my ignorance if I ask lots of silly question.
    Hope I can bring some measure of insight into someones journey.
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    Argoyle reacted to daeva_agas in agas draws things (fanart/original/everything)   
    After a long time I'm beginning to miss drawing Aveyond stuff again... 
    Here's Agas. 
    As of AV1 (too lazy to draw armour):

    Agas is half-human half-hellhound-shapeshifter-something demon (I should come up with a species name at some point...)
    The demon half being Saurva. Complicated father-son thing. 
    As of AV3: 

    Long story, it was meant to be a fanfic, but I never got around to writing. But basically the daeva were just manipulated by Ahriman and once Ahriman is gone, they're let go. So they're just minding their own business off-screen in the Demon Realm during AV3 😁
    I dunno if there's still old members who still remember the Old Old Old version of the daevas that I used to make... uh... around 2010-ish?

    I don't know I ever got around to posting this Te'ijal. It's old, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the thread (or I just skipped past it somehow):

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    Argoyle reacted to Amaranth in Dear Aveyond, I will never forget you !   
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support.  I look forward to being inspired again. it was so much fun!
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    Argoyle reacted to princessbinas in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT) [FROZEN]   
    I finally got to the end of the demo in the latest release and I have to say that I am impressed. It is definitely an accurate remake. Graphics are pristine and add a new flavor to an old classic. The music is perfect. The animated battles are really nice and blend the APv2 and early Aveyond battle systems perfectly.
    As I said earlier, overall, this is a high quality remake and it is enjoyable. I look forward to the full release.
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    Argoyle got a reaction from Kaiso in AMARANTHIANS' BIRTHDATES   

    01st - boardingXbaby, bacman136
    02nd - shani97, An.
    05th - Gamelover12345
    07th - shayri29
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    18th - Eveleny
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    04th - Chiisai, Lyra
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    10th – BadMagick, aqua_princess
    13th - Amaterasu
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    16th - gunmis
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