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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)   
    I have some updates for you guys and I also want to answer the questions some people asked me.
    - Keep all characters in the party
    - Turn-based battle system
    - New side quests
    - New areas to explore
    - Some minor additions to the story
    Next, please welcome our heroes back!

    Finally, I've been working on this project for a quite long time and I know that some people are very excited for it. But it would take some times to get this reboot done and also to make it as perfect as possible and I'm also busy with my real life. So, I have thought about making a short demo for it, then you guys can try demo while I'm finishing the whole game. But I'm not sure if I should create it or not. So, I will let you guys decide it. (Vote here: https://tinyurl.com/apredemo )
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    Argoyle reacted to richmond in Exotic animal   
    Thank you so much for replying so quickly and with the screen shot to boot!. Now I can go forward. x 
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)   
    Some new update for you:
    - We're having some new maps that didn't appear in the original game. I have done those new ones.
    - I'm currently fixing the old maps that are too big, too ugly and too different from the original game.
    - And another screenshot: Queen Vlissre of Venwood

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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)   
    @Mayflower I don't want to give any estimate because things don't go as what I expect it to be  But a new screenshot is okay.
    Here's the lastest scene I've done: Venwood Library

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    Argoyle reacted to Danin in Danin's Castle of Strangery (Art!)   
    Hey everybody, I got inspired and did some more sketches!
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    Argoyle reacted to darwin in seaglass - rmxp   
    Hey all! I finished a short and sweet RPG maker XP game called seaglass a couple months ago, and figured I'd share it here!

    The player controls Eliot, a young adult who has never met their closest friend, Loren, in person before. The two have conversed exclusively through messages in bottles tossed back and forth at sea. After seven years, Loren is coming to visit Eliot, and they want to commemorate the occasion with a special and suitable gift.
    They decide on a seaglass necklace, and it's up to the player to obtain it! Explore town, collect sea glass and sea shells, and help out townspeople in an item collection, sidequest driven game perfect for summer. Or wanting it to be summer.

    The game can be downloaded here!
    Credits are in the game, but I'll put them under the spoiler cut, too!
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    Argoyle got a reaction from lovely-girl in The Mystery Of A lifetime   
    Please refer to this topic, when posting info about an in-progress game.
    You need to give us more information about the game and your progress.
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Forum changes coming!   
    Hi @Ant,
    It's been a year since the forum updated, but... well, I made some Rhen emoticons 
    Here's the demo  and individual icons link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oTTTal6zIkTfHxLxHhBsRfXd6lyT6IAh
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)   
    Because I'm too slow, so... here's another spoiler for you guys. Duyti Shrine in Candar kingdom.

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    Argoyle got a reaction from tuskel in How do I bring Princess Alicia to her mother and father in the castle? (There seems to be a glitch)   
    I do recall that sometimes the "boss" fights can get glitchy, and the story won't continue.
    Always save when you reach a new area and keep multiple save files, just in case these issues pop up again.
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    Argoyle reacted to Isabelle in You lost? Here's the maps!   
    Here are my anotated maps for Ahriman's Prophecy.
    World map

    Elden   Ferry
    Devinshire Providence   Devinshire  Wild Dog Cave
    Thial Mountains Pass   Thial Mountains
    Thais Kingdom   Thais  Grunwich Vineyard  Wyrmwood/Haunted Forest   Wyrmwood/Haunted Forest Tree
    Glass Key Cave  Animalville  Wyrmwood Pass
    Candar Kingdom   Candar  Dyuti Shrine  Dwarf Mines
    Bleached Tooth Desert (Circus)
    Witchwood Swamp & Village
    Glenvale Providence  Glenvale          Ice Caves (Sleeping Princess)  Enchanted Castle
    Mysten Far  Monster Hideout
    Southern Peninsula  Underworld 1  Underworld 2  Underworld 3
    Old Man  Treasure Hunter
    Tar Vedron Desert  Tar Vedron  Dragon Cave
    Fedir Forest & Venwood  Fruit Market  Water Cave 1  Water Cave 2
    Whisper Woods/Faiara Providence  Faiara  Dreamer's Cave  Dreamworld
    Zorom's Dungeon
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    Argoyle reacted to Isabelle in MAPS, GUIDES ETC - The Darkthrop Prophecy   
    Here are the maps for The Darkthrop Prophecy I had on my computer. They are not my work. I hope they help you.
    Almirk Jungle
    Ashera's Tomb
    Blueleaf Forest
    Darkling Hall
    Demon Caves
    Demon Plains
    Dire Woods
    Marauder's Cave
    Marauder's Cave to Ashera's Tomb
    Mount Orion
    Mount Orion Cave System
    Mysten Far
    Riven Forest
    Shadow Aveyond
    Shadowwood Academy
    Sheian Lyr
    Thais Castle
    Thieves Cave
    Thornkeep Well 1
    Thornkeep Well 2
    World Map
    Wyrm Forest East
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    Argoyle reacted to Isabelle in MAPS, GUIDES, WALKTHROUGHS, etc - AV3.1 - Lord of Twilight   
    Here are the maps I had on my computer for Aveyond Lord of Twilight. I hope these help you. They are in no way my work.
    Brightwood Forest
    Chateau Lenore
    Darkthrop Keep Puzzle Rooms
    Dwarf Mines
    Ice Caverns
    Istir Forest
    Mire Woods
    Moo Hatchery
    Naylith Summit
    Red Rock Pass
    Shadow Woods North
    Shadow Woods South
    Sinoa Plains
    Spider Den
    Thial Mountains Cave System
    Thial Mountains North
    Thial Mountains North with paths
    Thial Mountains South
    World Map
    Wyrm Forest East
    Wyrm Forest West
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    Argoyle reacted to Mu11berry in Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things   
    Weelllll hello there fandom~ I'm back again.
    I forgot to share the thing I made for @Queen-of-Ice101 here so hi, I will do that now
    Inspired by Shattered Truths by Queen. The description of the armor near the end was A++++++, highly recommend, would read again
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    Argoyle reacted to Specter in MAPS, GUIDES, WALKTHROUGHS, ETC (AV3-2 - GoN)   
    Some salvaged links:
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ - GAME issues - GoN)(Av3.2)(tiniponi)
    FAQ for Lord of Twilight
    FAQs - Technical Issues
    Hints and Tips for LoT
    Walkthrough for GoN (over_cloud9)
    Walkthrough (theone)
    Checklist for GoN
    Level Guide
    GROUPED MAPS (annotated - each group on one post)
    - Dragkthor Kingdom (Dragkthor, Mali Desert, Mount Drake, and Mount Drake Caves)
    - Faery Kingdom (Faiara, Mirror Cavern, and Whisper Woods)
    - Gheledon Kingdom - GoN (Gheledon, Thial Mtns North, Naylith Summit, Dwarf Mine, TMN paths)
    - Harburg Kingdom (Darkthrop Keep, Harburg, Shadow Woods north, Shadow Woods south, Thial Mountain Cave System, Thial Mountain south)
    - Naylith Kingdom (Naylith, Rose Forest, Seers Cavern, Sky Garden)
    - Orc Empire (Orc Empire, Wasted Lands)
    - Quin Kingdom (Ice Caverns, Istir Forest)
    - Stormbend Kingdom (Sinoa Plains, Stormbend, Mire Woods, Witchwood, Spider Den)
    - Tar Vedron Kingdom (Phyree Jungle, Tar Vedron, Unnamed Islands)
    - Thais Kingdom (Brightwood Forest, Chateau Lenore, Moo Hatchery, Red Rock Pass, Ruins, Thais)
    - Underworld (Ghed'ahre, Memory Cave, Wyrm Forest east, Wyrm Forest west, Memory Cave)
    - Venwood Kingdom (Fedir Forest, Venwood, Waterways)
    Long live the Wayback Machine! @tiniponi or any other mod, it'll be great if this gets merged into the first post
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    Argoyle reacted to Specter in Old Guild Outlines   
    Witches and Warlocks Guild Outline (by @Argoyle, posted 07-Feb-2008) The Witches & Warlocks Guild

    Enter of your own will
    To a place
    Of magic and sorcery
    Of charm and trickery

    Come embrace the darkness
    Be part of us...

    Welcome to the Witches and Warlocks of Amaranthia!

    We thank you all beforehand for taking the time to hear what we have to say.

    Call it W&W; in short, it is established in a time long forgotten with its history stretches far beyond the Dark Ages. It is hard to tell how we came about or exactly who founded it. Our present leader is as mysterious as the Guild itself – we know he is there among us, yet we couldn’t know where.

    As time passes, so does our Guild grow and thrive with new members bringing in novel ideas and customs. We are unique individuals; but one thing being common in us is our legendary forthrightness. For we see the truth. And the truth is anything but pretty. As the saying goes, there are things in life that we have to deal with that is not always easy.

    Now, let’s move on to the significance of W&W;:

    A Witch is a female practitioner in the field of Dark Arts. Rulers of Fate and Weavers of Dark Magic, they bind the will of the ever growing number of lost souls and bid them into serving their mistresses. They are also seen riding on broomsticks, for recreational purposes, accompanied with a black cat or a green toad. Hear their crackling laughter as they go, and cower in fear.

    A Warlock is a male Black Mage. Masters at the art of Deception and Traps, they ensnare those who dare infiltrate their domain. A spell book and a wand may often be seen among them, but some might prefer having a blade as a weapon, a dagger or a rapier for example, and have the tendency of stealing and assassinating. Nothing feels as trilling and as satisfying as to have a sharp metal slicing through the soft skin of those who cross their path.

    Let’s not be frightened by us. We may be cruel and unforgiving from the outside, but we are gentle and loving from the inside. With this said, allow us to conclude this overture with yet another warm welcome to you all to the Guild of Witches and Warlocks.

    Rest in Peace

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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in You lost? Here's the maps!   
    Here's the maps (UPDATED) (with area name updated that I collect in the game).
    You can also download them here.
    1. Elden
    2. Devenshire Providence
    3. Thais Kingdom
    4. Animalville
    5. Candar Kingdom
    6. Witchwood Swamp
    7. Bleached Tooth Desert (Circus)
    8. Glenvale Providence
    9. Mysten Far & Monster Hideout
    10. Southern Peninsula & Underworld
    11. Venwood Kingdom
    12. Tar Vedron
    13. Faiara Kingdom
    14. World Map
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in DAN's Art (Art?! ROLF) & Resources   
    A remastered version of "trollenchanted" or "enchanted" (I don't know why they have different title but the same content ). It was used for the haunted village map in Ahriman's Prophecy and maybe few more maps.
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    Argoyle reacted to Aquamarine in Post art and resources here!   
    Big art, but I drew Rhen (using her more realistic art as a reference) a few days ago!
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    Argoyle reacted to Ant in GUIDES, MAPS, WALKTHROUGHS, GOODIES, ETC   
    Some of the links weren't working. They've been updated. Simplified description since I doubt anyone is using V1 anymore.
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    Argoyle reacted to MarianFrae in I'm Back?   
    Hey guys!
    It's been a couple of years, but I'm popping my head in again to say hello and check how things are going with you all. Anyone still around from my days? I miss the community. My time will be split between this and my branded account: JadedPhoenixStudios.
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    Argoyle reacted to Ant in Forum changes coming!   
    I'm adding emoticons to the site today. If anyone has specific ones they want to see on the site, send me links.
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    Argoyle reacted to MarianFrae in Cry of the Dead   
    I created a new account for branding purposes, but this is my game and company, guys! I know I've been gone for quite a while, but I hope some of you still remember me.
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    Argoyle reacted to callmedan in Ahriman's Prophecy (REBOOT)   
    Faiara interior screenshots  I added graphic effects in this reboot.

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    Argoyle got a reaction from Rodania in Forum changes coming!   
    "Reputation" appears to be the number of Likes you have received from others.