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  1. I got 4 shields after fighting worms. I didn't find them in any chest.
  2. use warp to moo hatchery egg from everywhere then from moo hatchery go to stormbend through MME, then continue to witchwood
  3. This game is RPG type, if you are not familiar with it. Just ask everybody that you meet. You will find the answer soon.
  4. highlight If you played the previous chapters, you will know one item called "warp to moo hatchery" red egg that you can buy only at Moo Hatchery. From everywhere just use that egg to go to Moo Hatchery. Then from Moo Hatchery, go to Stormbend through Magic Mirror Express (MME). From stormbend, go to witchwood through MME too. If you play first time, just follow the instruction by Mopiece
  5. From catacombs, south of harburg .
  6. don't give any attraction point for mel from spook. if you finish this game, you will know why.
  7. I think Hercules said that he will wait at Crystal Caverns, so after you captured 3 pixies, you just give them to him there. I am fed up of Hercules so I ignored his request .
  8. i think you don't need map of witchwood. it's easy to reach. just take magic mirror to stormbend, then go to witchwood through magic mirror too don't forget to buy 'warp to moo hatchery' eggs, they are very useful.
  9. Yeah, just my idea . And don't forget that Sedona is not far from Veldarah.
  10. you have to help Madhuri to find cure for her uncle. she will give you candy as reward.
  11. I don't think mean reply is good for you. Because you will travel to Arista Isles, you will need help from Te'ijal and Galahad there.
  12. it's in the room behind kitchen. when you save karl, you will find them.
  13. Maybe you have to wait until Lady Gwenalle wakes up .
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