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  1. traviana

    4 shields

    I got 4 shields after fighting worms. I didn't find them in any chest.
  2. traviana


    use warp to moo hatchery egg from everywhere then from moo hatchery go to stormbend through MME, then continue to witchwood
  3. traviana

    how to i can get a bridge

    This game is RPG type, if you are not familiar with it. Just ask everybody that you meet. You will find the answer soon.
  4. traviana


    highlight If you played the previous chapters, you will know one item called "warp to moo hatchery" red egg that you can buy only at Moo Hatchery. From everywhere just use that egg to go to Moo Hatchery. Then from Moo Hatchery, go to Stormbend through Magic Mirror Express (MME). From stormbend, go to witchwood through MME too. If you play first time, just follow the instruction by Mopiece
  5. traviana

    the underworld

    From catacombs, south of harburg .
  6. don't give any attraction point for mel from spook. if you finish this game, you will know why.
  7. traviana


    I think Hercules said that he will wait at Crystal Caverns, so after you captured 3 pixies, you just give them to him there. I am fed up of Hercules so I ignored his request .
  8. To get candy you have to help Madhuri in Shoal Leiu.
  9. traviana

    June's 3 skills

    get skills goodie .
  10. traviana

    the dollar in tyobi?

    i think you don't need map of witchwood. it's easy to reach. just take magic mirror to stormbend, then go to witchwood through magic mirror too don't forget to buy 'warp to moo hatchery' eggs, they are very useful.
  11. traviana

    Letters to Tei'jal

    Yeah, just my idea . And don't forget that Sedona is not far from Veldarah.
  12. traviana


    you have to help Madhuri to find cure for her uncle. she will give you candy as reward.
  13. traviana

    Letters to Tei'jal

    I don't think mean reply is good for you. Because you will travel to Arista Isles, you will need help from Te'ijal and Galahad there.
  14. traviana

    where I can find the hammer and nails?

    it's in the room behind kitchen. when you save karl, you will find them.
  15. traviana

    Baby Trade Quest

    Maybe you have to wait until Lady Gwenalle wakes up .
  16. traviana

    possible bug in aveyond 3 the lost orb

    Not a bug, you should buy daggers for Mel. Only Edward can use swords. June can use staffs only and Yvette only can be equipped with bows.
  17. traviana

    I am Mel........

    ==PART ONE== What...where... I wake up on dirty ground! How could I be here? Couple minutes ago I just enjoyed grilled rat. Yuks, yes I know. Only rats are free. Some moments ago I was not far away from that deadly orphanage. Yes I am not as lucky as you, I never know my parents *sigh*. I move my right leg and then left leg and try to wake my body up. maybe too much grilled rats is not good for health. Maybe rat has more fat in it. I heard orphanage owner always complained about fatty foods. I know she will not eat grilled rat. That old man prat. I look around. There is one pouch and one box not far from me. That box look old and almost buried under falling leaves. What is inside the box? Maybe some foods inside. Suddenly I feel hungry again. One rat was not enough for my poor stomach. I try to open that box. Ugh, why somebody had to put a box and locked it here? I look around, the trees are starting to fall their leaves. Strange, it's not even early autumn now. I take that pouch near from that stupid box and open it. There is key inside it. Maybe this is key of that locked box. Then I put that key to box keyhole. It cracks loudly and the box is open. I smile when the box open. Dirty cloth? Whoever put dirty cloth locked in a box is crazy. Anyway, it's better than nothing, my only cloth is very thin and cannot fight the cold that night. I look around and then remember where I am now. I am at Harburg Cemetery. Suddenly I shiver. I have to go from this blasted place. Ouch, something bites my foot. I look down, a rat runs from my deadly stare. My food bites my foot. Not acceptable. With some stabs of my rusty dagger that blasted rat finally cannot move it's small legs. I remove it from the ground and it drops something. A chunk of cheese. Not bad, I am hungry now. Well I am Mel, I am a thief. Maybe you are wondering why I eat grilled rats, I should have some money, right? I give every cent of money I get to all beggars I found. I don't know why I have charity soul when my life is stealing something from rich people. Oh well I only steal from some proud rich people.
  18. traviana

    I am Mel........

    In front of me stands huge castle with blue colored walls. There is red letter box with tree, crossed staff and sword symbol, under it it's written School of War and Magic. Finally I can meet Ulaf that Te'ijal mentioned when she gave me a sealed letter. When I stand in front of main gate made of fine black oak, it open itself. Showing the room behind it. There are boys and girls with green, blue and red uniforms walking to every direction. And there is tall guy with dirty blonde hair walking to me. He is very handsome with perfect face and complexion. His deep blue eyes are sparkling, he has straight nose and perfect dark pink lips. Oh my god. I feel my cheeks burn. I am blushing. Mel is blushing, that's weird. Mel never blushed before. I grin, confused what to do. Like lost child that separated from the mother. He must be one of love god. What? Mel what are you thinking about. But he is not, he is wearing fitted red uniform that shows his muscles and broad shoulders. Don't drool Mel. You don't know him. Maybe he is a noble. You hate nobles, right. Some girls with green uniforms pass by him and they giggle. He rolls his wonderful eyes. I can't blame those giggling girls, because the creature that is walking closer to me is really wonderful. "Hello", his voice is like music on my ears. Oh my god, get a grip Mel, my mind grumbles. Then he smiles, perfect smile that shows his perfect teeth and dimple on his right cheek. I turn and look to high ceilings with school symbol carving above, trying to hide my tomato red cheeks. After 10 times slow breathing finally I can control myself. "Are you new here?" he asks again full of concern. I bite my lower lip, preventing tomato red blushing on my cheeks. Damn him with his devilishly handsomeness. But he is not devil, at least that's what I think now. "I am looking for Ulaf" "Headmaster Ulaf is the man with red robe in front of library". He shows me my right side. So Ulaf is Headmaster of this school. Wow, Teijal really has high level of connections. Maybe she knows King of Thais too. "Excuse me, Master Ulaf?" I walk closer to him. He is watching students in Library. "Yes, are you new student?" "No, maybe. But I need to give you a letter from Te'ijal" Ulaf raises one brow, "Te'ijal?"
  19. traviana

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    I didn't go here first . I am Rini. Indonesian.
  20. So everybody was young? Talia was 13 or 14 yes but she graduated 3 years later, right? How about Prince Edward and Prince Zorom? I like face sets of Prince Zorom, even evil but handsome . Prince Edward of AP much more handsome and younger than Prince Edward of AV3, even they are about the same age. Vampires don't age you know. But Galahad looked older .
  21. I just downloaded Ahriman's Prophecy, if I compare faceset of AP and AV3, the later look much more older. In AP, the facesets look cute and younger.
  22. traviana

    I am Mel........

    Nope, just wait next story ^^.
  23. traviana

    I am Mel........

    Thais is a beautiful city with great archetecture. The streets in Thais are built with the best material I ever seen. Very different than Harburg. This city is well arranged. Ugh, I feel itchy now. I have to buy new clothes to replace this dirty cloth. I don't see any beggar here, so I can use this money that I got from Gyendal and all animals that disturbed me. Then I really want to stop thief life after I see Thais. And no more roast rats because I can buy some foods now. I buy some decent clothes from the cloth store in downtown of Thais. I toss that dirty cloth that makes my body itchy. I need to take shower and rest for couple hours. After that I will look for Ulaf. I see an inn not far for me. I enter that inn. I feel very tired after non stop night journey from Harburg. "Excuse me, do you have free room?" I ask the reception that standing behind long and tall desk. "Sorry, now our inn is full. Maybe you can ask Remraldt for apartment. He rents some apartments. He stays in southern Thais. Not far from Thais News" Thais is arranged city as I told you before. There are many direction arrows. So you will not be lost if you are here. I walk to southern Thais and find Remraldt Apartment Renting Agent easily, there is a board that explain it in front of a medium size house. "Yes, miss. May I help you?" a young man smiles when I enter the house. "Are you Remraldt?" "Yes, do you need something?" "Yes, I need apartment, please" "You are lucky, Miss. There is one more free apartment. The cost will be 20 gold coins. All cottages, inns and apartments are full this time. People are coming to see the graduation of 7th year students of School of War and Magic. This is they key of Apartment 2B. If you need something, don't hesitate to come here". He gives me a key, still smiling. "Thank you Mr. Remraldt", I smile to him, then give him 20 gold coins and accept the apartment key. "The location of your apartment is not far from here. About one block back side of this office". I smile and go out from Remraldt office. People of Thais are smiley and helpful. What a great Kingdom. The King and The Queen of Thais must be very good to their people. After some walks I find apartment 2B, not far from Remraldt office. I insert the key to keyhole then I open the door. Inside the apartment is clean, the room is not big, but not small either. There is small kitchen beside bedroom. The bedroom itself has single bed with blue cover and pillow. It's head attached to north wall The wall is painted with creme color. The floor is dark blue colored marble. There is blue framed mirror on east wall near from the carved oak door. The window with dark blue curtain is on west wall. On south wall, opposite from bed, there is small oak cupboard. And there is one more door near from oak cupboard. I think it leads to bathroom. I open that door. It's a bathroom with creme and brown brick wall. Time to take a bath, before I scratch all of my body.
  24. traviana


    Te'ijal sighs and caress her big stomach. She is 5 months pregnant. Who knows if Te'ijal will have baby inside her body? Before, Te'ijal known as vampress who was avoided like a plague by everybody. With red eyes and fangs, she was very scary. She likes to see the view of twilight in Thais. Her husband bought one manor in Thais and working as paladin, the job he likes too much. For him, protecting people is a noble work. Te'ijal sighs. One hand caresses her stomach. She looks at the hand owner. In front of her, one handsome face smiles lovingly to her. "Never dreamt to have Galahad junior before my love" Te'ijal caresses her husband hand softly. She smiles. The smiles without fangs that attract all her opposite sex. She is very beautiful young woman with marble colored skin. Galahad have been loving his wife since Orb of Life freed him and his wife from a thing that he called vampiric curse. "You will be wonderful mother Te'i" Galahad put his other hand to her stomach and kisses her right cheek. "You are wonderful wife for me. Now I feel how lucky I am to have you dear. Even before I had to be very patient to wait this moment" Te'ijal smiles, showing her perfect white teeth without fangs, then turns her body to face her husband. "Now you say that crumpet", her deep blue eyes now are looking deep to Galahad's light brown eyes. Before her eyes were scary red, now they are cool blue. A couple eyes that make Galahad relaxed, even he has difficult tasks to do. Galahad smiles to hear his nickname. "Do you miss drinking blood, my dear?" teases Galahad still smiling. She looks at her husband. "Now I feel sick everytime I remember that" her eyes move to a child that walk with her mother on the street. That child looks happy holding his mother's hand. "If I didn't meet you maybe I will not feel this peace, crumpet"
  25. traviana

    I am Mel........

    Thial Mountain stands in front of me. It looks proud and high scraping the sky above. Night sky color looks very contrast with grey whitish color of Thial Mountain. No time to adore the good view in front of me. I have to go to Thais before dawn. Or I will be dead tonight. Alone in strange open area is something that I never imagined before, moreover at night. Well it's early morning actually after midnight. I head to west where one mouth of cave is open not very far from me. But before I enter that cave, a big chicken runs toward me. Why I have to fight chicken in early morning? What else will wait for me inside that cave? I have to be brave, it's only chicken. I fight the chicken, but this chicken is not ordinary chicken. This dagger doesn't help me to fight that chicken. What will I do now? I am tired fighting that chicken with this dagger. It's useless. Panting I lean on one of mountain rock wall. And I scream when my body sucked by rock wall where I lean on. What's wrong? First chicken, now sucking wall. What else will I face inside the cave? I open my eyes, that cave is not dark. A tiny human walks among some chests. He realize me there and he walks closer to me. He smiles to me. "Welcome visitor. This is weapon goodie cave. You can find the best weapons here. This cave is hidden from outside" The chests there look expensive and new. There are wood chests and some blue metal chests. I open the chest near from me. Inside it I find very light blue black dagger with dragon carving on the holder. It looks expensive and carefully designed. "What is this?" I take the light dagger from its place. "It's dagger made from osmium. The osmium dagger is hundred until thousand times more powerful than ordinary iron dagger" he explains while he eats something from the plate in front of him. "Roasted wild chicken, do you want to taste it?" He offers me some chunks of meat. I take one chunk. I am hungry after fighting that wild chicken. This chicken tastes better than roasted rats. "All of the chests are yours, because you have found this cave". I open one more chest and there is bright yellow diamond inside. "That's sun diamond. If you couple it with the right weapon, that weapon will be very powerful than its original state" I open another chest. That tiny human explains that inside is powerful sword of god called Thor. I get one staff with diamond attached on its head with bluish grey color that called Staff of Light from the next chest. From the last wood chest I find arrow and bow that called Crusher. The best set of arrow and bow on earth ever made. I remember Te'ijal. This crusher will be the right weapon for her. Now I feel full and ready to go. After thanking that tiny human, I walk outside from the hidden cave. That crazy wild chicken still waiting outside that cave when I step my feet outside. It tries to attack me, but with one swing of osmium dagger, that chicken finally lies lifeless on the ground. Under its carcass I find some golden coins. Uh, oh. I forgot to give Lord Boden 10 gold coins. never mind. He is rich enough without 10 golden coins from me. I grin when remember that. I breath couple times before entering the cave in front of me. Thanks god, no more wild chicken inside cave. Only some rats that I avoid to save my time. Finally I see another opening of cave in front of me. I walk outside that cave. After walking for sometime and turning left, I find another cave. No more chicken, but some giant dragonflies slower my walks to the cave entrance. I don't have another way except swinging my new osmium dagger to them. This time I don't get some gold coins. No problem, I have enough gold coins for now. I enter the cave, there are rats sound, but I don't see any rat there. This cave is much more shorter that first cave. When I see the exit, it's already bright outside. Then I see the direction board of Thais and Harburg not far from the exit. The direction of Thais is north. I see some wolves there, but this is not the right time to play with wolves, so I avoid wolves and walk north. There is a river on my left side and suddenly I remember if I didn't take a bath since yesterday. Not far from that river there is big road, some horses and caravans are passing on it. There is a caravan waiting for passenger. "Excuse me, how far Thais from here?" "About 1 hour from here" he answers when checking the horse. "Thanks" At least I am safe for now. No vampires hunt me in the day with bright sun. I walk north to Thais. After one hour walking I see Thais gate. Great, I just need to find Uthar in School of War and Magic of Thais.