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  1. - The link not work anymore! Or is not working for my laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium). I'll be very gratefully if somebody wish to send me a pm for a complete walkthrough. I'll be same gratefully to whom send me a saved file when all the crystall in Forgotten Citadell are activated, because I lost that file and I don't want to play all the game from beagining. Please, help me! Don't let me to lost all hope! :cry:
  2. Thank you very, very much. You are the best ! :thanks:
  3. I know that I post this request in the earlier post,but this was in a very very long past. Now, at this moment, I replay this game and if someone still play this game, please, help me : I played this game and I was forced to desinstall a program from my computer and so, perhaps, I deleted my saved file of this game. I saved the game progress - my saved file - after I complete The Journeyman Trial (Mount Quaf) - or something like that. Can some one have a saved file of this game ? (I prefer a saved file after The Journey trial) I will be very grateful if someone could help me. I prefer that the file upload at mediafire and the download file link to be send at pm. I know that megau
  4. I wish I could get this game to work. Unfortunately the internet does not have enough extensions, so medifire doesn't work properly. Can anyone upload this game on 4shared as I can download it? Thanks in advance. Edit : 17.05.2011 : I managed to get along otherwise this game, but now I don't like that game because I can't get over that giant scorpions. I'm in Crystal Cave after fighting with Radasol and I have no too many items, and scorpions it's too hard to beat. There is a specific strategy to defeat him? Or has anyone a saved file immediately after defeating the scorpion? Please help me. I want to advance in the game.
  5. I don't beleave that I am stuck ! :cry: I finish with that castle - I don't remember the name - in wich is Radasol. Radasol don't want to fight with my characters and say me to meet him somewhere. where I must met him ? Where can I go ? help, please ! :cry:
  6. Thank you very much. I will return to this topic if I have a new question or remain stuck in resolving it.
  7. Why I can't keep my money, weapons and experience from Chapter 3?
  8. Can I play the games if I saved chapter 3 ? Please don't close this topic because it's possible to have questions and want to put them in here. Thanks in advance !
  9. What should I find for my character could breathe under water ? I'm on Quellion Isle - I hope that I writte well the name. When can I find the necessary object or kind ?
  10. What am I supposed to do in the ruin (east of Garrison) after I lit all that thorches ?
  11. I was blocked in the Thieve caves. I could not pass after the guardian because I did not find the paper with password and I find something like swich when I must answer at some questions which says : Highlight : A sword is longer than a dagger. (true/false) A dove flies faster than a hawk (true/false) It snow in Summer and never in Winter (true/false) A harp has strings, a flute does not (true/false) I don't know how could I advanced in games. :cry:
  12. I would like to know if there is a detailed walkthrough for this game, because I was blocked and I had no time to seek answers over 15 pages. Please help me.
  13. I did it! But I'm not happy. From what I remember when I played LOT and GON I gathered a lot of money. Over 100,000 money. And now, Mel has no money, no equipment, nothing. It is not correct. I must start the game from the beginning (LOT+GON) to arrive where I was in my GON saved files. :cry: I cry for mercy. I'm still helpless ... :cry:
  14. I need help. Explain to me step by step how to play Aveyond: The Lost Orb load the GON saved files. I tried everything and I failed to solve the problem. I downloaded GON, and put the saved file provides from this forum users ... Finally, I tried everything and nothing works. Help me as soon as posible ! :cry:
  15. Not fair! I lost all saved on the Aveyond and now have to go and was looking for the quater key. There is no one to help us? :cry:
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